Teacher’s Day 2011

Honestly, I am a little upset over Yvette’s English Teacher in CC. She been absent to due her weak health and constantly she will take leave to go back to Philippine too.

However no matter what, she did put in her effort in taking care of Yvette when she was around. (Example: There was a period of time, Yvette always wet her pant at around evening and she finally found out why and solved this problem for Yvette.)

As for the Chinese Teacher, I am pleased. She is really full of energy when come to teaching the tots. Yvette has also benefited from her teaching. At home we often heard Yvette reciting Chinese Poem, nursery rhymes and even part of stories she learnt in school from her.

Anyway, no matter what I am still thankful that all these teachers put in their effort to teach and take good care of Yvette. As such, we did get a little gifts for them and as well as Yvette did make them cards. (Forgotten to take picture of the cards. It was really a last minutes job.)


Besides gifts and cards, I also made them some salad for the celebration in school.


I got Yvette to peel the potato; (she didn’t like it. To her it’s just too “hard”). I also asked her to shred the chicken breast meat into pieces. She find too “tough to do it. In the end, she only helped me to peel eggs and enjoy eating those ingredients I have prepared for the salad.



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