4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 4 – Stopover @ YOYO 特产专卖店 On Our Road Back Home

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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We didn’t have a decent breakfast. D and the others watch Mid-night movie the night before, so most of us stay at our room to have bread and milk & instant coffee before we embarked our journey back home.

Driving down Genting H. is a breeze for the driver.


The spirit of Yvette was high despite we were heading home.



Since we didn’t have really good meal in the morning, everyone was famished as we travelled and decided to stop over for meal. Unfortunately we did not tell the driver earlier, so we ended up at A&W.

One thing we notice in Malaysia, we tend to find a lot of houseflies at the eatery. So it really not very hygiene to eat in Malaysia in my perspective.


After our meal, we stopped over at store to collect our Otah and then the driver also brought us to this YOYO 特产专卖店.

This is the most stylish snack shop I ever been in Malaysia.


There are so many choices open to us and this store accept SGD too. But of course the rate is not very good. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop us from buying. We brought several snacks back home and some sauce. Unfortunately I have forgotten to take picture of the items purchase and now was no where to be found at home.

Overall, i think Cameron H. is a place more for relaxing. I love the weather there..We definitely enjoy this trip and hope we can make arrangement to go on another trip together again!

On side note, I regret letting Yvette wear diaper to travel such a long journey. She got nappy rush when she was back. I guess more toilet break for Yvette is needed and I should let her wear cloth diaper instead.


4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 3 – First World Theme Park & Our Dinner

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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To our horror surprise, Yvette was not interested in taking any rides after we purchase the ticket. We don’t why the staff insisted us to pay as Yvette is yet 90 cm.

The ticket is a tag that need to be worn at our arm and it is waterproof.


After much coaxing, she finally sat on the carousel. Seriously, she wasn’t very keen. It’s us who pressed on.

Sometimes she really make me wonder how come she has more mood swing than me. So unpredicted!!!


Then she agreed to take the Venice Gondola ride because she like water.


She is only interested in these machines and made us running after her.


Since we have not check into our room, we decided to leave this Theme Park where supposed to bring so much fun for Yvette but it didn’t. We went up to our room to catch some rest.

After catching some rest in the room, I check out the guidebook of the Theme Park on where to entertain my child before dinner. I found out there is actually an indoor heated pool in Theme Park.

We first check out the activity outdoor but none interest Yvette. And moreover she refused to wear the additional jacket when we were out, we decided to call it a quit and make our trip to the pool. (This make me feel like we had wasted our money spent on the ticket without catching any rides!!!) And this is also my regret of not able to capture any picture of us in the Outdoor Theme Park.

Nevertheless, the trip to the pool is finally a success plan.


She had so much fun in the pool till she didn’t want to leave.

CH & GH - The Theme Park and Dinner

Again after much coaxing, she finally waved goodbye to the pool.

We went back to our room to bathe Yvette. After cleaning ourselves, we decided to head for Dinner.

Not knowing where to eat, we decided to have a very simple meal in this Theme Park. We headed food court and ordered a plate of Chicken Rice for Yvette and myself. (Chicken Rice is one of Yvette’s favourite food) and a plate of noodles for D.



Honestly the food in the Food court is good enough to fill up the stomach. But at least we did not pay a premium for it. My SIL’s family had 3 plates of rice in one eatery and that cost them RM64.40!


After our meal, we decided to shop around the Theme park in group. (Yes we have spitted into 3 groups in the afternoon.) And then I came across the Fish Spa. My SIL’s family persuaded me to give it a try and eventually I got addicted to it now.

We brought a short pant for Yvette from one of the retail shop. This pant was chosen by Yvette herself and the shop assistant was really impressed Yvette could make “this decision”!!!


We finally went back to our room and rest at around 11 plus. Yvette dozed off shortly and D went out in the middle of the night to catch movies with the rest.

To be continued…

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4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 3 – Travelling to Genting H. & Our Lunch

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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After breakfast, we hop on our vehicle. It’s time to say bye bye to Cameron H. (we will come again) and travel to Genting H.

I then realised the road to Cameron H. did pass by Ipoh (Yes, I never do any homework for this trip this round.) so I miss eating the Bean sprout and the chicken rice where the driver could take us there.

Our journey to Genting H is more interesting & definitely shorter than we travelled to Cameron H. But unbearable. All of us feel like vomiting as the driver drove our way down the slope.

When the car stopped for our toilet break, we noticed this waterfall which some of us came down to take photo. But Yvette missed it because she was in her slumber.


When we reached the bottom of Genting H., we decided to take the cable car up the mountain. Unfortunately, my mum who didn’t inform was feeling really upset when we were taking this ride up. (Miscommunication!)


Yvette was having fun!

Fun on Cable Car

I am sure most of us know to check in to the Hotel First World in Genting takes a lot of time. We are lucky to have our driver to check in for all of us and we headed for lunch instead of waiting to be check-in.

CH & GH - Travelling to GH

This was the most expensive meal we ever had. It cost us more than RM200 and my sister was the one footing the meal. –.-!

To be continued…

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4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 2 – Time for Some Spa & Dinner

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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It was still early for dinner after we finish all the farms & valley we wanted to visit. So we decided to have some Foot Reflexology & Body Massage to relax our body and our leg.


The price for the service is reasonable but then again I have forgotten how much we have paid for it. (Haha.. yeah I know I take too long to update my trip!)

All of us enjoy the service except for D. He didn’t want so he is the one look after Yvette while we enjoy. Fortunately, Yvette was too tired to roam around anymore and wanted to be nursed. Soon she actually dozed off. And D get to rest on the sofa while waiting for us.

As we stay there for about 2 over hours and this timing is just nice for dinner. I can’t remember how much we paid for this meal but it was cheapest among all. (Think is around RM100 to RM120.)

CH & GH - Day 2 Rest & Relax

And while everyone is busying eating, Yvette had quickly finished her meal and started to roam around. And she also started to read alphabets on the ice cream box.


After dinner we continued to indulged ourselves with snacks and durian in the hotel!!!

To be continued…

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4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 2 – Cactus Valley & Strawberry Farm

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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The driver took brought us to Cactus Valley after our lunch. We have to pay  entrance fee to enter this Valley which I have forgotten how much is it.


This is the overview of the valley.


We saw lot of lot of cactus in many shapes and size. And many I have not seen them in real life before. And some with flower.






And this cactus in the middle is already 70 years old.


There is a big cactus statue in the valley and we took a nice family photos with it using our own tripod. Our Yvette was having fun with my niece sunglasses after the shooting.




And beside Cactus, we found some nice and weird flowers in this valley too.





We walked to Strawberry Farm that is one stone away from this valley.

This farm not only grows strawberry, they have organic vegetable too. Really tempted to buy some back to eat in he hotel. They look so fresh!

page veg

The vegetable is not expensive but the strawberry is. The cost of strawberry cost us RM20 for half a kg and RM40 for one kg. But still, we still pay for it because we never pluck strawberry for our entire life before.




Yvette sure have fun plucking her favourite fruit off the pot.  Yvette also have fun on the Kiddy rides and playing some games at the backyard of this Farm. How serious she was when playing the game? And she was really happy to get ride after ride. (It only cost us RM0.50 for a ride.)



To be continued…

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4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 2 – Bee Farm & Our Lunch

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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We did a very quick tour at the Bee Farm before our lunch.


Besides putting ourselves at risk, there is really nothing to see.



The slope is really steep and uneven. My sister got to hold my mum’s hand as we walked to avoid her falling down.


And honestly I can’t wait to leave this place. We were there for only 20 mins.


The uncle brought us to this nearby restaurant call Strawberry View. The sumptuous lunch further brighten up our day. (Actually all food there is cheap and good.)

CH & GH - Bees & Our Lunch Day 2

And our tour continue after lunch…

To be continued…

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4D3N Cameron H. & Genting H. Day 2 – BOH Plantation

Period of Travel: 31st March to 3rd Apr 2010

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After breakfast, our driver took us to the Tea Grower of Cameron Highlands – BoH Plantation. Cameron Highlands is the ideal environment for growing superb teas of distinctive flavour and aroma. Tea is very much like wine, its final character is largely influenced by the conditions in which it is grown. Hence, with its high altitude, low temperatures and slightly acidic soil, this place makes a perfect environment for Tea growing.

The weather is cooler here and we were greeted by turquoise blue sky surrounded by patches of green tea plantation as we travelled up to the factory.


At the Tea Factory, we were allowed to view the tea processing process. There are 7 stages of Tea making and they are all documented down as a “sign” board at the top wall along the Tea Factory.

After viewing the tea making process, we moved on for some photograph taking at their backyard.



There is another definitely must on the list of things to do in Cameron Highlands is a visit to Sungei Palas. Sungei Palas is home of BOH’s newly built Tea Centre which features an exhibition hall, a souvenir and tea shop and the Tea’ria.

Love their interior. It looks very classic to me.

CH & GH - BOH Plantations1

In this souvenir shop, we found many many difference types of tea again! But this time, they are much more innovative.


And Yvette tried some of their tea but I can’t remember which type of tea she had tried. Verdict? She absolutely loving it!


Although Yvette seemed to like the Mr. BOH but after we repeating asking her many times and we got inconsistency answer from her, we decided to give it a miss. We did get the story book and the colouring book for her.


After we were done with our shopping, we headed for another session of photo-taking again. (How can we not take more pictures with such nice scenery?)



I definitely love this picture of Yvette and my sister. (I was trying to take picture of my sister with this background but Yvette die die didn’t let us to do so.)


P/S: In fact we have another session of photo-taking. The driver took us to another side of the plantation. But well, let me not flood everyone with more photos, so I shall sign off here!

To be continued…

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