Bilingual PlayClub @ Evans – Lesson 15 (Make- up Class)

Theme: Travel & Transport (2hr lesson)

Topic for Lesson 15: Train; 火车

A week ago, Hubby informed me he will be working on today and so I arranged the long overdue make-up class for Yvette. Usually when we have make-up class to attend, I will arrange in Evans to enjoy something “new” for Yvette.

We were early today. So I let Yvette to have some fun in the playground before the class starts. With such a big playground and she is the only kid there, she indeed have plenty of room to roam around.


After playing there for about 10 mins, I decided to go in the class and we were happy to meet Little Kai Kai and his parents. I have been reading their blog but recently, his mum started to work and lack of time updating the blog. I love her sewing project. It always never fails to capture my heart for her work done.

Anyway, I expected a big class but never expect to be such a BIG class. I think there were around more than 15 toddlers around. So with 15 toddlers and 15 adults plus another 4 teachers…. Hmmmm… I never attend such a big class before. (Even Playnest that I have attended with Yvette when she was younger, was not as big as what this class.)

The class started with Free Play as usual and then Saying Hello both in English and Mandarin. Then it will follow by Craft Time Demo for both in English and Mandarin too. Today, she did a Train wheel and a train using paper cup.



The Magic Box Time is in Mandarin and the Drama Town is in English. I find both sessions is so short (as compared to the time duration we have in the normal class) that the kid kindly have the time to appreciate what is being taught. Before Drama Time, they have Story-Telling in English for today lesson.

Before Snack Time, the kids got to crawl thru the tunnel as it was part of the Drama Activity. I think Yvette is the 5th Child to crawl thru the tunnel. Then I brought her to wash her hand.


Today, they have papaya, cheese and biscuit. Little Kai Kai was just sitting beside Yvette. I have a nice chat with his mum during their snack time.


After snack, they have fun in Outdoor Play. Yvette loves playing the sand and she never stops until I have asked her so.

JGC - Play club T18

I realised they have longer outdoor play time and shorter Song and Movement. But well, the attraction point in Evans is their outdoor playground. It isn’t surprising if the lesson is arranged in such manner.

I am very thankful the kindness given by Little Kai Kai’s parent. They gave us a ride home after class despite this is the first time we met in real life.


P/S: In the car, Yvette kept utter “Kai Kai”. Now she is so into “Kai Kai” nowadays after meeting Baby Jacob. On coming back home after visiting my mum, we bumped into one neighbour with a toddler boy, Yvette kept uttering “Kai Kai”.

Hmmmm.. so now to her.. every little boy is “Kai Kai”?


A Make-Up Class @ Evan

We have two make-up classes from last term. We did one before the last school term ended and I opted for a make-up today after Teacher Winnie informed me I could do a make-up class at Evan. It has been my wish to go to Evan to take a look at the set up for their outdoor play and their water play. And finally we were here at Evan.

The location was not easily accessed by public transport, so we took a cab there. The first impression I have for this school was small and cozy. (I think JGC in Forum is bigger.)

As we were early, it gave us a chance to visit their library where I yet to do so in Forum. I realized they had a good collection of books for our little one and it is time for me to visit the library in Forum too. After visiting the library we went to the backyard to peep at the outdoor playground and the water play.


The class started at 11 pm and we were welcomed by two Chinese Teachers. They were so friendly. I like the class room set up mainly due to there were a source of natural sunbeam thru the window.

The flow of their Mandarin lesson is different from what we have been doing in Forum.

While having their free play, the babies have to take turn to do craft. After the craft, then will be good morning song, followed by story-telling. Their story telling was so interesting. Instead of reading aloud from book, they acted.

Free Play - Found a toy I like but it was brought 10 years ago

Free Play - Found a toy I like but it was brought 10 years ago

Craft Time - The lighting effect in the school create a different colour on the paper.

Craft Time - The lighting effect in the school create a different colour on the paper.

Story Time

Story Time

After the “show”, it’s snack time then followed by outdoor play. Their outdoor playground was much bigger than what Forum has. While watching over Yvette enjoying her play, another group of Playnest was having their outdoor water play. Lastly, we moved back to the class for with Music and Movement.

Yvette in the House

Yvette in the House

Water Play by another PlayNest Group

Water Play by another PlayNest Group

As far as I like the concept of their playground, but still the transportation will be a problem for me. We took a cab to and fro and it cost me S$11. Thus, it will be more cost efficient for me to stay at Forum.