The Rash Never Go Away

Ever since we were back from our last trip, Yvette has been suffering from rash attack and apparently these rashes never seem wanted to go away.


It has been with Yvette for around 2 months. And during these periods, I tried using various types of cream on the affected area and the result was not disappointing.


I started off with Gentrisone Cream – which suitable for Allergic and inflammatory dermatitis (eczema), first-degree burn, insect-bitten lesion, secondary bacterial infected dermatitis, dermatomycosis.

I switched to Egocort Cream (after seeking help) – this cream is for relief of skin irritations, itching and rashes due to eczema, dermatitis, sunburn, cosmetics and jewllery.

At the same time, I bathe Yvette with Balneum. It’s a bathing oil that is clinically proven for bathing dry, itchy skin conditions. However, when we went back to Guardian to buy for another bottle, we were told they don’t carry this product anymore. Anyone knows where to get this?


After using Egocort Cream for 3 weeks when this cream no longer worked on Yvette, I switched to Dektarin for a few days before we visited the doctor.

We went for doctor on 09/05/10 for first review as this affects Yvette a lot and she did, wake up in the middle of the night and cry over the itchiness.

She was prescribed with Adezio (cetirizine) – For relief of itch and Prednisolone – To decrease Skin Allergy/Rash. It doesn’t seem to improve the situation as well.

I also switched Hydrocortisone as advised by the doctor – Relief for insect bites, rashes, skin allergies and irritations. And we have been using it for about 3 weeks too.

This is disturbing.

As of todate, our GP has never confirmed it eczema. What we were told it’s fungal infection that associated with inflammation. We were prescribed Zaricort and given a letter to see the skin specialist at end of this month. (We wanted to observe for one more month on this situation.)


P/S: We do make sure Yvette receive all the duty care in term of keeping her skin clean. I never let her sit on the public bowl without cleaning them. I always carry her to pee over the bowl when using the public toilet in the market, coffee shop and hawker centre. I always wash her bottom even we are in the public. And I’ve been bathing her using Burt’s Bee since she was a baby.


23 thoughts on “The Rash Never Go Away

  1. My boy had bad eczema rashes on his face from about 6 to 13 months old. We tried so many things and can imagine your frustration. Finally, we realized that he has soy allergy, so I stopped eating soy as well since I am still breastfeeding him.

    – At the first sign of rash, apply Elomet (steroidal cream prescibed by paed).
    – Recognise traits of fungal infection: start with small circular bubbles and grow in circular patches. Once confirmed, use anti-fungal cream prescibed by paed
    – Steroidal cream may lead to skin thinning and dryness. In the day, moisturise dry patches with Physiogel AI (anti-inflammation) recommeded by dermatologist
    – In the day, apply pure paraffin wax over dry patches to protect it from external environment. Recommended by paed and dermatologist.
    Finally, we have kept the rashes at bay and my boy sleeps better. All the best!

  2. Oh dear… hope it clears up soon! Yes, perhaps you might want to think of eczema, and think of reviewing the foods that you are her are eating, since some food may be triggering it off…

    • Yeah, perhaps I should separate her food for now but she is so used eating all our food now. I already make some changes to our food… But I guess it is not enough. Maybe I have to switch all the seasoning to organic first and see how it goes.

        • Jus,

          Honestly, I am quite taken back Yvette’s body start to react differently after eating all the food you stated in the comment for a year.

          Surely I need to remove every single them to see if the rash will go away.

          Thanks for providing me the article.

  3. It might be some food which triggers this rashes. Last time, whenever Jayden eat food that cooked with dried scallop, he would have red rahes on his body. But once we omit this food from his diet, no more rahes pop out. But once he is older, when we reintroduce it to me, he is fine with it.

  4. I already removed dried scallop. So now I think switching the soya sauce to organic. Perhaps I should switch her milk as well. But I need to find alternative first.

  5. hi. maybe u can try cutting out mushrooms as well (assuming yvette has been taking them). i had such rashes before and it went off the moment i stopped taking them.

    hope the rashes go away soon!

      • i had mushrooms for almost everyday every meal that time and the rashes just refuse to go away. i watched a bbc documentary about mushrooms promoting fungal growth and thus heeded their advice. and it works! the rashes went away completely. i do still take mushrooms now but the rashes never came back.

        juz try eliminating them from yvette’s diet first and determine if it’s the cause. subsequently when the rashes cleared then maybe start re-introducing them in small amounts.

  6. Food allergy needs to be professionally tested and this can be done painlessly. Continously applying different steriods and creams on her will lead to immunity and complicate her rash. It will temporarily be better but aggravated when it returns. I hope she is better now and if not, get a food allergy test because it works 80% of the time. And its related to food. As kids grow, their allergic reactions to certain foods will decrease and you can then introduce it back again. This test can be repeated every 2 years.

  7. Yvette should not be using the commercial creams in the market. You should apply natural herbs – Neem leaves. Pluck Neem leaves and blend them into a paste. Apply the Neem paste on the infected parts. You can also add the Neem paste into a pail of warm water and bathe her daily. Avoid seafood for the time being

  8. Zaricort cream contains mild steroid. It is unwise to use it for more than 7 days especially so on such a young child. The doctor should not have prescribed this cream.

    • Jolene,

      Thanks for your advice. Yvette is so much better now. I am using another cream on much daily when I see some rashes on her. It is called Pot of Gold. It is made from Guilt-free organic Colombian palm oil, pine tree rosin, raw organic beeswax , grapefruit peel oil.

      So far so good. Hardly see rashes now.

  9. Hi Sunflower,

    My baby has been diagnosed with Eczema when he was about 3 months old & he has been on Zarin & Egocort ever since… He is 18 months old now & I can understand what bad effect Egocort is having on him as his skin is thinning from day to day… 😦
    We recently went to the Paed & was told to bathe him with Oats (used as an alternative to soap), but I dun see much of an improvement.
    I would appreciate if you can tell me where I can get this “Pot of Gold”, so that I can try it on my poor baby…
    I am currently just applying physiogel cream to ease the dryness.

    • Hi Nora,

      I am sorry I couldn’t find the thread selling this in Singapore Motherhood Forum anymore. If I ever to see it again. I will email you as I want to buy again.

      Maybe you can try Burt Bee or California Baby. I heard they are good too. I used Burt Bee personally. They are organic product and very rich in moisturizing.

  10. Hi Dear,

    Thanks for sharing. Maybe I will try them. Are these moisturising cream or bath cream? By the way, can I get them from any pharmacies? ie. Guardian?

    • Yes, some of them you can get from Guardian or even some store out in town. But try Singapore Motherhood forum. They have a lot spree and they introduce many products. I can’t say all is good. All by try and error. The pot of Gold is recommended to me by one reader. I read and think it should be good then I buy.

      No guarantee but then there are really a lot of choices there.

  11. Hi, I want to buy a zaricort cream. Last time my mom apply this cream for rash (v itchy), this cream relief and feel better for her. What should I do? Should I buy online? Please advise me.

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