A Very Good Friday

Today is a planned outing with G. I woke Yvette up without much problem and she got herself change, fast. We headed down to Safra TP MacDonald for breakfast. While we were eating our breakfast, G came with her mummy.

Without much delay, we checked into Kids Amaze. We brought the family package S$26.75 (2kids with 2 adult) and paid S$2.15 for another adult to follow. Our kids really have ample of energy. They really can run, jump climb around fast. I love this ball collector.



The slides are thrilling. I love this shot I have taken from the top. I have capture D, Yvette, G and her mummy.


Needless to say…. Yvette and G love it all!



We had lunch using our Safra voucher at the Korean-style grilled meats at Kkongdon Barbeque. It is really affordable. 6 of us dined for S$63 +.


And after our lunch, we went back to indoor playground for another hour before we headed down to Low Pierce Reservoir for some nature walk.



It is really a enjoyable day with great company!


Happy New Year & 2013 Resolution

Hello everyone, as usual.. I am always late in posting!

Looking back, I do have simple resolution in 2012.

This year, I do have more details one to follow. I have pen them down on my this little notebook I got from opening sales of Uniqlo (a brand I like it so much after my Japan trip) in Plaza Sing.

Literally, I took this picture in a distance so not to expose my messy handwriting that I can type it here. In fact, I have discussed with Yvette when I was penning it down too. I want her to be involved in my plan. However, sadly, she didn’t provide much input!



So my plan goes on….

1. Bring Yvette to see a dentist. (I have been procrastinating to do so… it been more than a year in my mind!!!)

2. Do Staycation again.

3. I want Yvette to do sport. She has chosen gym. I have called up Prime Gymnastics Club. Their wait list is long, about 6-7 children ahead of us. I also enquired Junior Gym at Hwa Chong Institution. I think we might go there to start the ball rolling.

4. More travelling! We have grounded due to our FIL. He passed on last year and I guess now we have more freedom to do so. Thinking of doing 1 trip every 3-4 months.

5. Keep fit and losing weight! I lost weight. I lost inches around my waistline. I wish I could lose more. I think I found a timeslot that I could go gym. I will try. And I want to thank Felicia gotten my a Squeem. I been wearing it. I want to invest more if it works!

Again… 5 is a lot for me to achieve! I shall end my post here.

New Routine For 2012

I am still not going to cook on Friday.We will continue to eat out on Friday but we will be doing our grocery shopping on Friday instead of Sat or Sun. One reason is Hubby has started his MBA programme and he will be extremely busy for these two years. I will also incorporate library time for Yvette on Friday before we head to the supermarket too.

New routine_P1020396

Hubby doing his revision while Yvette is playing with her toys

Market trip will be the same on Saturday and I am very happy I have moved Yvette’s Chinese Class from Sunday to Saturday. But we will have to keep some time check on Saturday morning so that Yvette will have sufficient time to eat and some playground fun before she goes to class.

Music Class will be on Saturday afternoon. So after the Chinese class in the morning, she will have lunch and then I have to force her to nap. One week went by and I manage to keep this routine fit.

We went to library on last Friday and Yvette was really thrilled. Library is usually quiet on weekday and Yvette could roam around freely. Other than making library her “home”, we love to see her picking up to read by herself in the library.

New routine_IMG_0208

Yvette will have two classes on Saturday and our Sunday is free. We could sleep up to 10 plus in the morning and then decide what to do next. My temp help will come every week instead of twice a week now. That will free up more time for us especially the hubby. We will still head mum’s place for dinner to kick start the new week!

Happy New Year & Resolution 2012

Well, as always I am late. (And I am going to back date this post on 1st Jan 2012.)

We stay up for fireworks at home. Yes, Yvette was awake. She taken a power nap after our dinner with my SIL on our way home. There was no way to get her to sleep anymore.


In this coming year, I wish for health. I also hope that I could keep up with momentum – to continue to blog. Plenty of posts needed to fill in this site but I have no time. Still I wish to fill up the gap. Wait till Feb when the contract end. In the meantime, I will try hard.

Nevertheless, in this coming year, I hope and wish for many many happiness and little trouble for everyone out there.

Sum up 2011


Picture Credit: Google

Finally again, the last day of the year.

Looking back the resolutions that I have set last year, I feel I could have done more with better health.

3 Resolutions for me and Yvette and 3 for myself. I didn’t fulfill much actually.

  1. I didn’t manage to give Yvette a brother or a sister. The worst, I ended up with molar pregnancy. As such due to poor health, the possibility of just having one child getting more and more strong. My health status didn’t improve and somehow the cough is not under control too. I have called up my oncologist to refer me to see Lung doctor next year and hopefully I get my lung clear from infection. The latest blood test for my lung is still not good.)
  2. Yes, I am able to get Yvette to learn without pressure. In our report book, I will grade her a A-. In term of learning, she has done well. But her learning attitude, that need fine tuning. She has shorter attention span as compare to her classmate. (Feed back from her new teacher. Probably because she already knows the stuff as such, she is not showing much interest. To me, whether she knows or not, she need to have good learning attitude, such as paying attention in class.  That I got to work harder with her teacher.)
  3. Work life balance. I have done well. Not choosing a permanent job, indeed has given me more time for the family. However, sometimes due to aspiration and work satisfaction, getting a permanent role is inevitable. Well, for this, I will usually work on project/job that comes along. I wish I could find a company who really values work life balance. If not, I guess, I will have to take up contract job when my current contract ends in mid Feb.

As for myself, I manage to drink more water. I manage to lose weight. 4 kg down from my current weight. However, that not due to exercising. It is due to period when my hubby was out of town and by eating more healthy. (Been eating oat for breakfast for 1.5 months.)


I did brought a new camera and Photoshop CS5 to try to improve my picture taking skill. I believe with more effort I am going to put in, I will eventually be better. No time for course, perhaps I should read more magazine and books about photography.

2011 is not a good year for me. We didn’t make any trip out of Singapore. No one could help me to take care of my FIL. And I couldn’t find any solution too. I feel bad that I couldn’t bring Yvette out but I hope as Yvette grows older, she could understand. Although she never complain now, I do hope to find a solution next year.

In another few hours, 2011 will be over. A Happy New Year to all of you and a fruitful 2012!!!

Our Christmas Tree 2011

Yes, Orchard has light up with many Christmas tress and you know The Season of Joy is coming.

Ever since we set up our tree last year, we determine to set it up every year. As we have a small tree, a box of ornament will more of less enough to fill up the tree.


Little girl helped Papa but that didn’t last for long.


Finally it is up – our simple xmas tree!



The spring cleaning is needed because our tree has “moved house”!