Yvette Learning & Having Fun – Lesson 2 (Dec 7 to Dec 13)

English - Letter B

After reading with Yvette for two consecutive weeks, I realized, she did develop certain liking for books. She particularly like flap book and her favorite character is Spot. And Yes, I have been reading Spot with her; we have 13 of them at home. No wonder she developed special liking for him. -__-

SO my task now is to help her to expand her liking besides Spot. Sadly, she still didn’t like the book chosen by me for this week. But Yvette could keep uttering the word “Bear” when I show her the book.

Plenty of activities going on for the week including two crafts we did at home. But I have accidentally left Maths for this session. The science we went thru brought our some fear out of Yvette. And we have one field trip for learning too.

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琬文学华文周记 – 第二课 (7 Dec – 13 Dec )

IMG_3665 - Edited 1

Yvette enjoy the book I made for her and she picked up word like 大伯, 舅舅 & 舅母。I would say this is a “good” book to have especially when we only meet some of the relatives once or twice a year. I am pretty sure the relatives will be surprised if our child could greet them well even when hardly meet up.

I had chosen the same serial of Chinese book to read to Yvette again. Again, she didn’t like it. Luckily I do have back-up plan. I read another book as well.

Knowing she likes the Fruit of the week taught last week, I made another book for her. This round she likes the book I used and the Animal I taught using Rhymes and keep uttering the sound produced by the animal when I sang the song and read the book to her.

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Yvette Learning & Having Fun – Lesson 1 (Nov 30 to Dec 6)


JGC did offer 3 weeks of holiday programme after the term ended. I didn’t sign Yvette for the programme mainly I feel holiday should be holiday. It shouldn’t be incorporated with too many programmes. I feel my kid deserves a well break during her holiday.

So I decided to surf around in this wonderful blog sphere to find out what Yvette could learn at home while still having fun.

Thanks to all mummies out there who so willing to share what they did with their child and this benefits me so much. I adopted some of the activities they did with their child and incorporated some of my own ideas too. I need to read up more about Learning Childhood Learning and yet have much time to do so.

Anyway, I manage to plan the lesson adopting A Letter A week, A Word A Day. I also included craft, Maths (or I should say number), Science (Experiencing and Experimenting) & motor skill activities to do in the entire week. (Depending on the time I have with Yvette. I try but we don’t do A Word A Day faithfully.)

I did not start immediately after she turned 18 mths mainly due to her class with JGC was still on and we going away for about a week holiday. I didn’t want to start and couldn’t get the momentum going. So it was delay till last week and finally I can kick off the first lesson.

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琬文学华文周记 – 第一课 (30 Nov – 6 Dec)

Chinese - Lesson 1

This is the First Chinese Lesson I have designed for my child.

She likes me reading those dates, greeting to her. Some mornings, she will walk to the board and point to the board and make sure I will read it to her. Perhaps due to her name is there too.

Yvette didn’t really like the book chosen but she like the idea of reading the word from the word card. And this was the first time I have shown her these cards. She love reading aloud with me if she could pronounce those words.

She didn’t show much interest on the animal I taught using Rhymes. She likes the fruit of the week. She loves the book I make for her about our family.

Tongue Twister (绕口令) is incorporated as part of the curriculum. We chosen Tongue Twister over Poetry because, we find Tongue Twister livelier, much easy to learn. I just don’t have a feel for Poetry!

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