Some Help For Children

Seriously I can’t write well on such post. As well as honestly, I don’t make any monthly donation to Charity Organization after the NKF saga. Since then I started to lost faith. But I still donate to those “Flag” fund donation activities in Singapore.

Our recent donation often goes to The Haemophilia Society of Singapore

A brief introduction of what Haemophilia is:

Haemophilia is a lifelong bleeding disorder that prevents blood from clotting properly. Unlike a normal person, if a Haemophiliac gets a cut, he will not stop bleeding easily. The main problems face by a Haemophiliac is the bleeding and swelling in joints, especially in the ankles, knees and elbows. He will need to inject himself with Clotting Factors (very expensive drug) to ease the pain and stop the bleedings.

Our donations often go to friends or blogger I know in this blogging sphere. I have participated many and I believe there are more to come because in this world here, there are many kind souls who are more willing to help. (More importantly, due diligent work on checking the Charity Organization is done.) Still I will also check their accountability before donation is done by myself.

A group of mommy bloggers are coming together to create awareness for this dire situation and raise funds to help hungry kids around the world.  They have this organization Children’s Hunger Fund which we can help to raise some funds for.

If you would like to help you can do the following:

1. Crop and paste any of this above information or pictures on your blog site, together with this logo (just right click and save image in your hard drive or copy the html for this to add as a widget to your site)

<a href=”;flypage=flypage-ask.tpl&amp;product_id=92&amp;option=com_virtuemart”><img src=””width=”250″ height=”87″ alt=”CHF”></a>

2. Appeal for friends and readers on your site to go directly to this page to make direct contributions. All it takes is US $5.00 for 100 meals for the children. Of course, it will be great if you can contribute more. You can also go to this page to make a direct contribution to areas that are most needed; like disaster relief.

3. If you have a preschooler or a child who has learnt to save some money, talk to him/her to see if he can give a little of his money to help to feed hungry children.

Again I have done my due diligent checking their site for accountability. You can read more here.

I have decided to donate and this has reminded me to forget what had happened in the past and I am going to donate to the Children’s Cancer Foundation in Singapore now as well!


How I spent my 33rd Birthday?

A back-dated post for 16th Jan 2011 (PM)

The morning was well spent.

We stay at home for about 2 hours for some activity – reading, doing activity book (Our learning activity now at home is all about activity book I brought from various store. I have yet got time to do anything like what I have done in the past.), played toys with Yvette before we went out again.

16th Jan PM - IMG_0255

We were heading to B’s Baby Boy Russell full month. It’s one weekend earlier than his supposed to be full month day. His dad is flying off and will be away for 9 days thus, they have to bring forward the full month.


16th Jan PM - IMG_0257

The full month celebration was held in the church and we didn’t stay for too ong mainly because Yvette was giving out signs that she was tired and ready for nap.

I took a bus to my SIL from Hougang. It’s a long ride but then Yvette managed to doze off and remained in deep sleep even I have placed her on my SIL’s bed. The next two hours were relax for me. (I have taken care of FIL back home.)

We went back to Watami at J8 for dinner (We have $65 worth of voucher.) to celebrate my birthday again. During our meal, I persuaded Yvette to cut her hair knowing there is Junior League at J8. (CNY is coming, we wish to cut Yvette’s hair for this.)

She agreed.

We went up to Junior League (think at 3rd floor), that hairdresser told me she was done for the day. Yvette insisted she needed a cut to day so I popped into Ec House for cut. (I couldn’t believe I dare to make such decision.)

To cut hair in this place is pretty easy. You just need to slot in 10 bucks into this machine. The machine will dispense a card and pass the card to the hair dresser will do.

16th Jan PM - IMG_0262


Surprisingly Yvette was pretty excited. She climbed up the chair all by herself and even posed for us before the cut.

16th Jan PM - IMG_0260

16th Jan PM - IMG_0261

During the cut, there was some apprehension but my niece manage to distract her. Every moment did sail on smooth during the cut.


Happily, she announced to everyone she had her very much needed cut!

Did I ever mentioned Yvette is a very random person? She does everything base on her immediately feel and gut. She does not give up so easily if she really wants it!

She wanted to do the art at very last minutes before we wanted to left the mall. Arrr… because it was my birthday, I didn’t wish to manage meltdown, I obliged!

16th Jan PM - IMG_0264

This art was completed with the help of us because it was really very late, closed to 9.30 when we left the mall.

16th Jan PM - IMG_0367

Although, this is the first birthday without D, I still spend it with my family member and at the end of the day, I know Yvette was as happy as me!

Everyone Is Talking About Happee Day; And We Were There Too!

To be honest, we been up at 6-7 plus everyday for the past one week and were getting worn out to get up from the bed this morning. Worst, Yvette slept at near 12 midnight for the past 3 nights which I have no idea what is the root cause to the change. However, we know this is an event of the year we shouldn’t miss, we were up and ready to leave house by 9 am this morning. We headed Macdonald for breakfast, favourite pancakes before we took a cab there.


My little monkey in the lift!

It started to drizzle when we were there. To my surprise I saw Yvette classmate from JG and was so happy to see her granny again. (Her granny went back to Huston and was back in Singapore now.) We have a good chat while D took good care of Yvette.

Yvette wasn’t at the right mood and seriously again; we didn’t know what had caused it. She was fine in the morning when we were having breakfast. The light rain wet the bouncing castle and Yvette couldn’t have fun. But then when Mr. Sun was out, she only wants to see other kids to have fun and refused to go in because D couldn’t join her.

page 1

So she was playing with the bubbles we brought along instead.

Happee Day

We did some craft too. This is the only craft we visited. I find it is easy to make and the material is easily found in Daiso too. I will go and get these for Yvette and hopefully I could slot in time for it.

Happee Day (2)

How can I miss asking Stella to join me for this meaningful event? Here is Velda, our beautiful princess!


I thought Yvette would be totally out of mood to socialise, (because she refused to let Zac held her hand to take picture. hahahaa… read the funny situation here…) I saw her playing with Zac and as well as Sonya’s son with the ball. Oh yes, she loves ball, train and car… sometimes I feel she is like a boy.


Where is Zac?


Ball Fun with Sonya's son & a little girl

I love these two picture taken on the field. She looks all grown up in my eye.



We left early so that I could cook lunch for my FIL and took the cake home to decorate but then the journey back home disfigure the cake.



It was fun to get together and all credit to Daphne and the sponsors!!!


An Meaningful Event NOT to Miss – Make it a Happee Day for Children with Cancer


Hello World!

Me as a parent, I always want my child to be happy and healthy. But I know some are not as fortunate as Yvette. It is getting more and more common learning young tots at my child’s age are fighting with cancer. At this tender age, they need more tender loving care not only from their parents also from us public! I am glad I can even be a part of it.

“Happee Day”, is a mini-carnival held on the 31 Oct at the Hort Park organised for children with cancer.  This event is organised by Mummy Daphne together with her husband working with Children’s Cancer Foundation are putting in extra mile to give these little tots another reason to smile!

And how we could help by:

  • Spread the world (by blogging, Thru Facebook, Twitter)
  • Be There
  • Donate

My family will be there, hope to see everyone there!

Read more  –>
or you can write in –> daphne [at] motherinc [dot] org