Happy 3.5 yo Yvette

We love Polar cake. Simple and nice so this morning after seeing Yu Ren Sheng, I brought her to get a cake.


It’s her half birthday and our customary anniversary but too bad the daddy not in town and neither we can join him at Perth.

I brought this cake to mum’s place to cut. It will be boring to cut just with me, I guess.


She was thrilled. (Can you see the yellow candles is half of those on the cake? I cut the yellow into an half to represent half.)


Happy Half Birthday Yvette. Mama & Papa love you!.

(P/S: She has changed so much since she was three. There will be a post of her detail developments coming up.)


The Secret Of My Cupcake

I will give the credit for my success of my cupcake to JJ Mummy. Although she was not the first mummy who inspired me to bake cake for my child, but her “easy made” cup cake set off my desire. And definitely with her help, that made this uphill task much easier.

She sent me her recipe (see below) and she shared her tips with me on how to deal with fondant.

Ingredients (approximately for 15 cupcakes):
Butter: 250gm
Sugar: 250gm
Self Raising Flour: 250gm
Eggs: 5pcs
Baking Powder: 1/4 tsp
Milk: 20gm (normally I use my boy milk powder)

1) Preheat the oven at 170degree
2) Sift the flour
3) Beat the butter and sugar
4) Add in egg one at a time
5) Next add in the sifted flour
6) Lastly add in the milk powder
7) Bake at 170degree for 30mins

She also shared with me where to get fondant. And this is the address given by her (below):

33 Seah Street,
Singapore 188389

I didn’t get the fondant from the shop. I got it from Phoon Huat. But I still make a trip to the shop with D. And so glad that I did.

There was a need to get the letter cutter for this trip but in the end I decided to get the alternative. I am not too sure I will be continue making cupcake after her birthday thus decided not to make investment for this letter cutter.

Cupcake making - IMG_0194

As I have already “played” with the fondant before I went down to this shop. I know my weakness and hence, the ready made fondant came in handy.

Cupcake making - IMG_0193

Cupcake making - IMG_0195

So it is not exactly pure luck. But still, I know I am lucky to get all the help I need from JJ Mummy and putting in my constant effort to bake the cupcake for Yvette’s birthday possible.

Our Very First Icing Experience

While waiting for my SIL to come, we waited outside the Icing Room at J8. Yvette was really captivated by the scene inside the shop. Everyone was so busy decorating their cake and suddenly D pop out an idea asking Yvette: “Do you want to decorate the cake?”

And the answer for his question was actually “Yes”!

Awwww… I don’t agree.

First we never do anything like this before.

Second, it’s not cheap. $11.80 for the very small cake. I can’t remember how “expensive” is the big one.

Cake - IMG_0711

She was really enjoy playing with the icing and enjoy eating them too.

Cake - IMG_0713

Cake - IMG_0714

Here’s our one and only cake!

Cake - IMG_0722

A Belated Birthday Present from my SIL to Yvette.

Cake - IMG_0725

Another Celebration With Velda & Zac

P/S: This outing took place on last Friday (13th May 2011) afternoon & evening.

After the celebration in school, we headed back home to rest and waited a call from Stella. We wanted to go zoo but the weather turned against us. So we waited and waited and waited finally around 2 plus, Mr Sun decided to come out and work again.

We wanted to travel to Zoo by cab but somehow, we didn’t manage to get one and then we decided to take public transport instead. We took train to Ang Mo Kio and then waited Bus 138 which took forever to come. And the “best” outcome arising due to the wait was and must be due to missing her nap, Yvette throw tantrum without any warning given. Luckily the bus came in time and I could nurse her on the bus and that stopped her tantrum and sent her to her slumber land.

Phew. And it was a smooth ride as there was no traffic on our way there.

We decided to sign up for a year Zoo membership after some consideration for S$173.34 after 10% discount. (10% discount was given either using OCBC credit card or SAF 11B.) And luckily, D brought along his card. So men, don’t ask your maid to carry your backpack ok. After all you should be proud you are serving the national!)

Zoo - IMG_0270

I checked and ensure Yvette was still sleeping when we moved into the Zoo but suddenly we heard her voice when we passed by Flamingo. “Mummy, I wanted to see Flamingo!” @_@ Good timing. Flamingo is her favorite bird.

We didn’t spend much time looking at the animal because I need to catch up with Stella’s family who already at the water play.

Zoo - IMG_0260

As I thought Yvette will key up after seeing how happy Velda and Zac were –  playing the water, surprise kicked in. She didn’t want to get wet at all!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoo - IMG_0261

She complained and fussed over after Velda carried her into the water play….. Awwwww…….. strange little girl I have here!!!!!! Anyway, since she didn’t want to play at all and Velda and Zac had played for more than 30 mins, we decided to quit and left the place. We took the tram to the exit and  had some snacks in KFC before we drove off by Stella to her place.

Then on the car on their way back to Stella’s house and of course, so much fun playing together. Again, Yvette only want to play with Velda and Zac was forever being forgotten. In the end, D started to play with Zac and read him story book.

Zoo - IMG_0268

We have dinner at the nearby coffee shop before we proceeded to my sister’s place. (My sister stay with her MIL now as they are still waiting for their flat. And this flat is just 5 mins drive away.) The only regret was, we forgotten to buy another cake for Yvette so that she can have another round of candle blowing.

P/S: Read Stella’s entry about the outing too!

The Celebration In School

P/S: This celebration took place on last Friday – 13th May 2011.

School Celebration

My expressive Yvette! (I gathered her expression together during the set up for the cake and cake cutting.)

The celebration in school is simple yet a meaningful event. This is something Yvette looks very forward into. Celebrating birthday isn’t about us anymore. It is more about Yvette and how Yvette want to carry them out.

School - IMG_0229

This cake chosen by Yvette!

I woke up very early in the morning (about 5 am) to bake those lovely cupcakes for her. (Haha.. don’t be fooled by me. There are many tricks  I have taken to make these cupcakes lovely!!!! (will share soon.)) I also prepared some hotdog, corn and brought some drinks for the celebration. And luckily, my niece and nephew came over to our place to help to carry those food to school. However, since this was the first time we celebrate Yvette’s birthday in school, there are things we have forgotten to bring along. Items like plastic plate, fork were missed out.

The school had fire drill in the morning so the timing for celebration was schedule an hour later (at 11.00 am). When we reached school, the teachers gathered the students in front of the board and helped to set up the table for us. D was a little nervous… (so funny) having so many little eyes (20 over students from Yvette’s class and the class beside their class – N1B & N1C) staring at us while we set up the cake with the teachers. Yvette on the other hand, was waiting very patiently.

School - IMG_0235

During the cake cutting, we didn’t turn off the light to sing the song because there was one little boy who was really afraid of dark and he had started to cry before we agreed with the arrangement. We were fine with the light on actually. (Not to frighten the boy too.) They sang her a English and as well as Chinese Birthday song and that made my little Yvette very very happy.

School - IMG_0242

After all the candles were blown off

The teachers helped us to distribute the cake and  got the children sat on the table. Most tots could wait for everyone, a handful was too eager to eat the cake and the snack we brought to school. As for Yvette, she also waited patiently with her best friend, Crystal sitting right beside her.

School - IMG_0251

Her best friend in school - Crystal Tan!

It was really heartwarming to witness and involve this meaningful event. (Some of my friend’s children were born in the month end and they will normally miss the celebration in school due to closing in the end of the month.) I wonder if I can be involved if I work full time. Again I was reminded how lucky I was….

School - IMG_0250

Yvette couldn't take her eyes off the cake!

Once again I will like to shout – Happy Birthday My Girl!!! Papa and Mama love you!

It’s About Another 2 Weeks….

Oh this entry will not be about Polling days… it’s about Yvette’s birthday. She is turning to 3 in another 2 weeks. For this round, we are not going to throw any party for her. Although her cousins, my SIL, even my brother and sister asking me what Yvette needs for this birthday, I told them to save money. She really has too many toys, books, clothing and nothing less.

We have ordered cake for her and even brought her her birthday present months ago. I have gotten her goodies bag really but yet to be wrapped up by me. We only want to celebrate her birthday in school with her friends where she is looking very very forward to and bring her out in the afternoon with Stella. (Hopefully no change for this outing.)

Another 2 weeks - IMG_1303

The goodies bag!

My sister who loves her too much had brought up her birthday present for her a week back and now sitting in the room waiting to be opened.

Another 2 weeks - IMG_0144

As for us, we had brought her birthday present so many months back. We are very sure she will love it very very much.

Another 2 weeks - IMG_0145

We hope she will enjoy this birthday with us and now it is time for us to count down for it!

A Day Full of Celebrations

Today  is our 8th years Customary Wedding Anniversary, Yvette Turned 2.5 yo and ……..

We didn’t have a very special celebration. In fact we were at home most of the time. We only went out around 5 plus in the evening.

We were supposed to meet our SIL for dinner but then the timing is hard to compromise. So instead of meeting them, we told them we shall get them food instead.

(Oh well, it is a free stay and we feel they shouldn’t spend so much money on food there. The meal there for each person is around or more than 50 bucks from breakfast to supper!)

We have our simple meal that sum up a simple celebration just 3 of us at Soup Spoon. My comfort food. Yvette had soup and some sushi, her comfort food we brought along.


After our simple meal, we headed to Metro to find Sea Animals Figurine but then I couldn’t find any.

It was getting late, we decided D should go and get food for my SIL’s family and I should head Taka to get the Fire Engine for Yvette. Ever since we gotten the Tomy car track, and got her 5 vehicles  (A Purple Bus, A Green Car, An Ambulance, A Police Car & A Taxi); it trigged her learning interest on transportation system. Now she started to point the road sign, the truck, and many other moving vehicles on the road to us. And from Starfall, she knows the fire engine is missing in her collection and been asking us to buy for her.

So I went to the Children Department in Taka to get her that and then moved to The Better Toys Store.

At The Better Toys Store, I really did find some Sea Animals Figurine but then they are expensive as expected. So after roaming around the store, I finally get a toy for motor skill. This toy is just plainly too cute for me not to buy!


As for Yvette, she was so busy with this Bead toy where she neglected her back at home.


She didn’t want to leave. But after much coaxing, she finally agreed to head Kino.

After an hour, this is what I manage to get for Yvette. More presents for Half Birthday? Hehe… excuse to get stuffs.


As for D, he gotten food and as well as a pastry cake and it really look impressive! And it taste delicious too. We are going to have another celebration!


We quickly left Orchard and make our way to MBS . It’s drizzling when we marched out of MRT station. Luckily we did bring along our umbrella.

I am so glad that we took public transport and this gave me a chance to view the amazing night view of Singapore River. I don’t think anywhere else in Singapore can we find this view. Its really awesome.

029 (2)

030 (2)

P/S: The above two pictures were taken by D’s iPhone yesterday.

From there we entered the third floor of the shopping mall. We removed the wet plastic cover away the stroller so that Yvette could sit on it again.

After 10 mins walk, we finally reached our destination and met the birthday Boy! Today we were back here again  to celebrate my nephew’s 23 birthday. Sometimes it’s so amaze that I have witness their growth. From a little girls & boy, (we are very close to my SIL’s family and her family was once living just opposite of us for more than 5 good years.) and now they are promising young adult!

Yvette was excited over the cake cutting “ceremony”. Perhaps my niece was right. She had attended several birthday celebration, she is more or less able to anticipate what is going to happen. Look at this video clip, it is so hilarious! I don’t expect she could do it honestly!


Lastly, here a nice picture of Yvette and her favourite (male) cousin! We have great fun in the hotel room!