Term 5 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 4 Make up & Lesson 7

Yes we went for swimming for two consecutive days. Now, being in Weekend class has more disadvantages. Finding the “right” date for replacement class is never easy at all.

After swimming for two days, we concluded Yvette actually doesn’t mind to swim but then her mood must be right to swimming.

On Saturday, her mood was fantastic, so the swimming lesson was fun, enjoyable and we could see she could do a lot of things requested by Wendy.

However on Sunday, her mood was really bad. Spending good 10 mins on crying and keep rejecting requests!

Awwwww… this is not the way to learn my girl!


Term 5 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 6

Look at all these pictures taken by D.




She was totally very difference from last week! She was so H.A.P.P.Y to swim today!!! Even instructor Wendy could tell me she’s so much ready today!


I have been discussing with D whether should I withdraw Yvette. Think my worry was uncalled for! Still, I need ensure she don’t regress anymore. This term ends after next week and I need to make effort to bring her to the pool.

I better make effort.

I also received second certificate from this school. Perhaps, changing of instructor and missing one term do have a big impact on Yvette. She doesn’t seem to pick up more skill after learning for a year!

Hmmm, Hmmmm

Term 5 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 5

Before the lesson starts, Yvette was sitting on the wood plank observing the swimming lesson before her slot. I thought she will be happily enjoying the lesson but then I was wrong.


In the midst of the lesson, when was about her turn to swim to Wendy, she was crying furiously and helplessly. She didn’t want to swim at all. I couldn’t stop her crying too. For the next 10 mins, she just sat near the pool without doing anything.


This wasn’t a good sign. I will let her stay on for one more term to decide whether I want to stop her swimming lesson till she is much older.

Term 5 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 3

D needs to work today. So I am the one that bring Yvette for her swimming lesson.

Yvette displayed apprehension today. Everything that she was asked to do, she kept telling Wendy she didn’t want to. And there was a point of time, she even almost tear she need to swim from me to Wendy and from Wendy to Me again. To encourage her, we shorten the distance that she needed to swim and this made the tension much softer.

Now I know she had already regress a lot after missing out one term of swimming lesson. It’s like we are starting all the basic all over again. The only blessing was, luckily she was just a toddler.

Things will be in place once she build up her confidence again….

Term 5 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 2

I received an email from the school informing the following changes and the term and condition again.

From Term 1, 2011, half-hour classes will be S$28 per class and squad fees S$33 per week (this entitles the squad swimmer to up to three sessions a week). Our 10% discount for families with three or more children still applies.

1. Next term’s dates are:

Turf City: January 10 – April 3, 2011;

Holland Road: January 10 – April 2, 2011;

Tuesday & Thursday Squad & Half-hour Classes at Queenstown: January 11 – April 3, 2011;

After-school Classes at AISS: January 24 – March 30, 2011;

Sunday Squad & Half-hour Classes at AISS: January 30 – April 3, 2011.

2. Please let us know this term if you are returning next term. We can deduct up to two classes/sessions off your next invoice if you let us know this term when you are away next term. HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT DEDUCT YOUR OWN HOLIDAY DATES FROM YOUR INVOICE ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT. THE FULL AMOUNT WILL NEED TO BE PAID, AND THEN UP TO TWO MAKE-UPS PER TERM CAN BE ARRANGED.

3. Two make-ups are allowed each term, if you let us know in advance if your child is not coming to the class.

4. Please read the Terms & Conditions on the website once again.

I didn’t know we are only allowed to to only 2 make-ups. I always thought they are highly flexible.


Yvette is waiting patiently for her turn to swim. Honestly, she has regressed but then it is normal as per her swimming instructor. As far as I am concern, I know she still loves this activity a lot and we are going to continue despite the fee increase.

Term 5 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 1

Yes! We are back! According to Wendy  (swimming instructor) of Marsden, they has long wait list and we are in the priority wait list due to ex-student.

I am always question by most people around us when they found out Yvette has been in the swimming class for a year and still couldn’t really swim well. My reply is always standard. We don’t practice. To go public pool with Yvette is never an easy task. Without D’s help, it is very challenging!

And so are we not wasting our money?

No! Learning to swim is a process not a rat race. I don’t need her to master fast. I just want her to enjoy! And been in pool to help her in learning how to swim is a pleasure!

Today it’s her first lesson after a term break! It was so fun! During the mat time, there was a tot stood on the mat and danced instead of walking toward the end of the mat and jumped down!

As for Yvette I know she was having great fun too!


Term 4 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 9 (Last)

Another last day of her learning curriculum. And I still didn’t manage to secure her a space on the weekend.

I received an email from Happy Fish Swimming  and here the extract of the mail:

Young Toddler Swimming Lessons (Premier Group)
Location: Toa Payoh Swimming Complex
Timing: Monday 6pm
Fee: SGD160 per month
Promotion: Register 2 months and get 2 months FREE
Duration: 30 minutes

Currently, Toa Payoh Swimming Complex is closed for the Youth Olympic Games. The class will resume in mid September.

I guess most likely I am going to send Yvette there after I check out some of their T&C.