37 mths Yvette Reading Chinese Reader Book

Her love in this language amazes me. I thought I will never manage to make her love Chinese because it really took us a long time on this subject.

However, she has proven me wrong.

Now she loves reading Chinese Book as much as English although she speaks English most of the time. And her ability on recognizing them had prompted us to work harder in this area.

Here are the two latest clips that I have recorded for her learning journey.


13 Timetable

Fundamentally, she has strong concept for multiplication now. In fact, she had mastered the division all by herself by reading the equation. (A picture to upload on where to learn her division table from.)

So teaching her timetable is a breeze for me now. And this is how we learn. We did the addition together and Yvette will translate that into the multiplication equation by herself.

13x _ IMG_0999

No sweat.

Spot The Difference

I brought her two copies of “Go Spy” upon her request before she turned two (2 days after her third birthday). I feel it is about time to train her observation skill. Strangely, her enthusiasm dies off when we played together at home. (Perhaps due to she still can’t spot the item asked on the book.) So ultimately, it got landed on her shelves.

Edited pic

She picks up the books recently and now was a hit to her. She loves spying those objects on the book with me now and she will want to play with them every day.

I then introduced her Spot The Difference games on iPad/iPhone, and she loves it. Since then we also notice she is really a very observant child who will be able to spot some of the “difficult” spot.

We feel it is now the right time to “drill” her on this – a life skill that she will definitely benefit in long run!