The Fever Never Wants To Go Away

Yes, the fever never wants to come down.

Hubby was on leave today to take care of her and I went back to work. Seriously, this is a bad timing. I need to be in office for closing. Luckily I do have a hubby who is very hand on.

According to Hubby, Yvette was really lethargic and hardly moved around at home. She will quietly sit there and rest. As usual, I will cook all the meals for them in the morning before I left for work. That will definitely help hubby in managing Yvette. But Yvette still never wish to eat much. Apple is something  she wants to eat for dinner. She almost skipped the breakfast and lunch.

Sick 26.07_IMG_0762

Since the fever was still in a rocket high position, I decided to let her drink Ling Yang. There are two different types of Ling Yang from Zheng Zhong Ping. The one one the left, is much cheaper, this is to drink every other day.  (Plan to let Yvette drink after she recovers.) The other one that is much expensive, it will help bringing Yvette’s fever down.  (According to the shop assistant.)

07_July 2011 Everyday

I tired giving to her but she rejected after drinking half a cup.

Her fever went down slightly in the evening. We could tell she was much lively and happier. She was in the mood for reading at night when D was trying to catch up his work by working at home.

Sick 26.07_IMG_0768

Post updated on 31/10/2011. I can remember so clearly what had happened because the whole episode last us for 5 solid days. (The above post is the second day.)


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