Our trip in KL (10th Apr to 12th Apr)

The last trip we walked a lot. This trip we took a lot of car ride. Both trips I ended up with backache. L But this trip we were with the local, moving around and looking for nice food is definitely much easier.

This time our accommodation was arranged by my future sis in law’s family. We reached KL in the afternoon and took an hour ride to our resort. The excitement over our accommodation dies off once I saw the place we will be staying for the next 2 days. I miss Berjaya Times Square. Anyway now, this is history.

The last trip (3D2N); we have visited places like Sungei Wang, Lot 10, Berjaya Times Square, KLCC, Central market and Chinatown. This round we don’t have a lot of time to shop. We only got a half a day on the second day of our trip for shopping, thus my future SIL brought us to MidValley, the mega mall in KL.

I like this mall as compared to all the malls I have shopped during my last trip. This mall is the largest mega mall in KL. As I said we don’t have much time to shop, I headed Jusco Baby dept to get something for Yvette. Jusco is just like all shopping dept where you can find in Singapore. But there is one section really catches one attention. There is an edutainment centre, Megakidz inside the mall. COOL!

After getting what I need for Yvette, 5 adults and a baby went ahead to have fun in this edutainment centre. We (I and hubby) took ride with Yvette. Yes Yes YES. Adult is able to sit with baby, toddler inside the rides. This is not possible in Singapore. (I always have the wish for to take ride with Yvette whenever we pass by any.) And my wish is realized in KL. MALAYSIA BOLEH!  

Yvette having fun on the rides

Yvette having fun on the rides

 The nursing room in this mall is “unique” too. A cot is attached to the room. Hmmm, well thought.

Baby room in Jusco

Baby room in Jusco

We had seafood for dinner after our R&R. But getting there, the place for our dinner is really a distance. No wonder ppl in Malaysia need a car. :S This make me like Singapore (SG). :S:S:S Yvette was very cranky during the car ride. Baby really can’t stay in a car for too long.

On coming back from KL, clearing Malaysia custom is a nightmare. This is the first time; we nearly “missed” our flight. The queue for the foreign passport is OMG. And there were only 6 counters open for service. Let me not go into details on this. Not a pleasant experience. Fortunately the plane was late, if not… =.=!


P/S: If yr baby is taking Nestle Gold Oats with prune, it worthwhile to buy a few boxes back to SG. It only cost RM 7.20 in KL (S$3 using 2.4 exchange rate.) SG is selling at S$4.30 to S$5 in all supermarkets.


Our First KL Trip 3D2N

I spent 3D2N in KL from 09th Dec to 11th Dec and another 3D2N in TMC (Thomson Medical Center) from 16th Dec to 18th Dec.

It is an “unpredictable happenings” for me as I really never expect this chain of events will happen. :S
KL wasn’t interesting as I expected. Nothing interests me, not even the shopping mall. We stayed in Berjaya Times Square, a suite with two connecting rooms. (I guess this is the only highlight I have for my trip.)

1st Bed

1st Bed

2nd Bed
2nd Bed


We shopped around the malls around the hotel. Places like Sungei Wang, Lot 10, Berjaya Times Square. We also went to the Chinatown (this place we too super long to find), KLCC to see Petronas Twin Towers and the Central Market. We did not visit any heartland mall cos we were there as tourist.   

Petronas Twin Towers

Yvette was well behaved during the trip. She was not cranky nor cried much during the trip. But something strikes her when she was back in sg. She was admitted to TMC due to mild bronchiolitis. Yvette was running high fever on Monday. Her temperature was never down. I kept seeing her temperature at 39.x and even at 40.6 degree. My tears welled up and my nose became stuffy when I sponged her. She was crying badly and I cried with her. I felt so lousy as a mum. I wiped away my tears in minute telling myself I need to be strong so that I can take care of Yvette. We went to see doctor on Tuesday morning and the GP referred us to PD at TMC as Yvette had some breathing difficulty. We headed to TMC without further delay.

I shouldn’t bring her to KL

I shouldn’t bring her to hospital. (She was there in the hospital on the very night when my dad was admitted due to my both my bro and sis lost their HP. TMD, so suay… such a coincident.  :S) 

She needs to be nebulised. But she did not cry.

She needs to be admitted. But she seems to be strong… cos she did know what is happening?

However when she is due for medicine, she will cry and struggle. Poor Ger…. Mama is sorry.

God bless.

She is doing well. She had discharged and she is much better now. She can smile, play and even yell.