Borlotti beans (花豆) Soup & Activity for Tot

Every time when I go to the market, I cannot resist the temptation to take a few close-up looks at these beautiful borlotti/ cranberry beans. But I didn’t buy any because I had no clue on how to cook it.

Only recently, 2-3 months ago, my mum started to cook them for us when we are there for dinner every Sunday and I really find the soup very tasty.

Her recipe is really simple.

100g to 150g of  borlotti/ cranberry beans
Can either use Pork rib or chicken bone. It taste as nice.
2 Large Carrot, 2 Large Potato, 10-15 red dates.
1500ml water

Salt to taste


  1. Blanch Pork rib or chicken bone in boiling water for a short while. Dish and set aside.
  2. Steam the bean till soft. (I never steam them. I throw everything inside. Lazy.)
  3. Bring water to boil. Put all ingredients inside. Bring the water to boiling again and switch to low fire.
  4. Boil for 2 hours. Turn off the heat. Salt to taste and serve.

P/S: I cook them today but forgotten to take picture.

Besides the soup, I find Borlotti Bean could keep Yvette real busy too. I will normally buy those beans with skin so that I can get Yvette practice her peeling skill. So (yes, I love it so much now and I cook every week.) after the market trip, I will get Yvette to help me in the kitchen. And this can keep her very occupied for half an hour without me supervising her!

She peels.


She scoops.


She counts. (She will count number of beans she could scoop up each time.)


Do try and let me know your experience and whether the soup suit your taste!


Pumpkin & Apple Soup



3 Apples

½ Butternut Pumpkin

10 red dates

Half Chicken


  1. Boil the chicken for about half an hour and remove the excess oil.
  2. Throw in all the rest of ingredients. Boil for another 1 ½ hour.
  3. Serve. (You might want to add some salt.)

I learnt this soup from a variety show. This is a very famous soup in Taiwan. I think this is one of the best soups for baby below 1 to try. (If you mind adding scallop into the soup. This might be a good option for you.) It is sweet and clear.

Winter Melon & Pearl Barley Soup

The weather is hot recently. I decide to cook something cooling today to boost up our immunity system.



Winter Melon (Half) (Remove the skin and seed)

50g Pearl Barley (is cooling. Promotes dieresis, strengthen the Spleen, clears heat. Blend barley and water, boil and drink the liquid. Or cook soupy barley and eat as porridge.)

Carrot (peel the skin)

6 Scallops (soak)

10 red dates (soak)

Big bone and pork rib


  1. Boil the big bone for half an hour and remove the impurities.
  2. Scald the pork rib and wash them thoroughly.
  3. Add the pork rib and the pearl barley to cook for 15mins
  4. Add all other ingredients and boil for another 1 hour.

Black Bean Soup

This soup is I took a lot during my confinement. I like the taste and it is very nourishing. 


1. Black Bean (soak overnight to soften the bean)

2. Dried oyster

3. Pork rib and big bone

4. Carrot

5. Red dates


1. Boil black bean and big bone for an hour.

2. Scald the pork rib.

3. Dump all other ingredients into the soup and cook for another one and a half hour.


P/S: Forgotten to take pic as I was busy preparing dinner for my hubby when he is back home from work and class.

Shark Fin Melon Soup with chicken

This soup, I never try cooking before. After watching 三菜一汤, a cooking show,  inspired me wanting to try cooking soup using this ingredient.


1. Half shark fin melon

2. 2 chicken drumsticks

3. 2 pieces of chicken bones

4. 1 carrot

5. 1 bulb garlic

6.  Dried osyter (soak)

7. 10 red dates


1. Boil the chicken bone for half an hour. Remove the oil that float on the surface of the boiling water.

2. Scald the chicken.

3. Dump all the above ingredient to boil for an hour.

4. Add chicken to boil for another hour.


Lotus Root soup with Huai Shan

Hubby has started a specialist IT dipolma with NYP today. That make the dinner preparation easier. I only need to prepare 3 soups and 2 full meals during the weekday.

I love to make soup and love to drink soup. Making soup is one of the easiest dish to cook and the most nutrtious food to eat during meal. Since my hubby day will be longer as compare to the past, I guess he need to be pampered with good soup. 😀

Today i am going to cook the Lotus Root soup with Huai Shan. You can actually mix a lot of different ingredients beside Huai Shan with Lotus Root. Eg. like red bean, peanut, lotus seed, etc. All will taste different but for sure, it will be nice.


1. Lotus Root

2. Huai Shan

3. Pork rib

4. Big bone

5. Carrot

6. Red dates

7. Dried octopus


1. Bring the big bone to boil for half an hour.

2. Scald the pork rib and wash them throughly.

3. BBQ the octopus.

4. Dump all ingredients into the (boiled bone water) and boil for another 2 hrs.


P/S: I forgotten to take pic :s next round will post together with pics 😀