Simplicity #3


Food 7

Yvette’s classmate mum in JGC taught me this. Simple, not much effort at all. Most importantly, Yvette loves this a lot. We call this Sweet Sweet Meat!

P/S: I cooked this last Thursday.


Finally PoP


I Thank everyone for the care and concern shown to me.


Thanks A Lot.


Today is a week after Yvette was born. She was born on 13/05/08, at 1117hr in Glen E. Very little baby weighting at 2780g. And she is 49 cm long in length.


Labour is nothing BUT pain! Very pain! L Although I had my epidural, I still think it is painful. But for first baby, my labour was considered fast. I was induced at 9pm on 12/05/08. NOTHING really happened in that night after. Water bag burst on 5.45 am on 13/05/08. And contraction came. I had my epidural, an hour plus later cos the anesthetist came from home. And SO… I STILL can FEEL the contraction pain….ouch!


After I had my epidural, the pain still there… wah… imagine how painful it is… L so the nurse increased the dosage of epidural for me. I am examined by the mid-wife, confirmed that my cervix was only dilated at 1.5cm at around 7 plus near 8. And luckily, after 3 hrs, at 10.45 am, I am fully dilated. Yeah… can push liao…. 😀


Yvette was out at 1117hr, with the help of 2 mid-wives and my hubby. Fast, I will consider. My pregnancy journey finally ended and the journey of motherhood started.  


We were discharged on Thursday and my confinement Auntie joined us on the same day. Everything sails very smoothly.


I Enjoy her company day by day… Feeding her, cleaning her, hugging her… she fills my life with lots of happiness… And of course… I do anticipate more challenges ahead spending my life with my little precious.