Simplicity #3


Food 7

Yvette’s classmate mum in JGC taught me this. Simple, not much effort at all. Most importantly, Yvette loves this a lot. We call this Sweet Sweet Meat!

P/S: I cooked this last Thursday.


Simplicity #2



This is a dish that “trick” the tot or adult to eat vegetable. Marinate with soya sauce, sesame oil and some pepper, you can’t even tell there is carrot. Unless the child is really picky, if not, this is a good dish to cook for them.

P/S: I cooked this last Tuesday.


Apart from rice, noodles & bread; carrot is something we eat almost every day.

From Black bean, Peanut to Soya Bean.

From Shark-Fin Melon, Green Melon, to Winter Melon.

From Radish, Lotus Root, Old Cucumber to Potato.

Carrot goes so well with everything I listed above.

We have soup every day and carrot is one of the ingredients. And Yvette simply loves it.


The nutritional benefits from carrot are marvellous! It contains more than 490 phytochemicals (plant, or fruit derived chemical compounds). Beta-carotene is one of the most antioxidants in the carrot, and helps the immune system to target and destroy cancer cells in the body. It also prevents DNA variation and fat oxidation, and protects cells against free radicals.

However there are some myths about if we eat too many carrots, our skin will turn orange. I did a google on this topic, a lot of information provided over the World Wide Web and I found this person doing something really interesting. (Note: One pound equals approximately 0.454 kilograms.)

Anyway we (4 of us in the family including my sister) are only eating about 2 carrots daily and I don’t think it will bring us any harm, eg turning ourselves into orange. In fact I think we’re actually benefited from it.

Good Deal – Vitakids


Yvette doesn’t drink formula milk. She doesn’t like the taste. So I finally sort out the milk for her and she been drinking this soya milk for several months. I always stock up the milk when they are on sales.

Natura is currently selling at 3 for the price of 2 for the month of March.

P/S: They are having some other promotion too. Do check out the store if you are fan of Vitakids.

Food I introduced to Yvette @ 16mths onward

If you will like to introduce Bun to your child, try this. The red bean paste is not sweet at all and most importantly, it is multi grain.



I have been using this seasoning since Yvette was 14 mths. Bragg Liquid Aminos All Natural (All purpose seasoning) for her lunch and our dishes for dinner. This is a Soy Protein contains no preservatives and Gluten Free.


Both can be found in NTUC.

Food I introduced to Yvette @ 15mths onward

This month I focus on giving Yvette noodles. She tried two types of noodles this month. Brown Rice Mee Soya and Organic Soba. I stir-fry them. I only manage to cook the soba in the way I wanted to be. The Brown Rice Mee Soya was a fail attempt.


Here is a simple recipe if you want to try cooking the Soba.

15 mth


  • Carrot
  • Some leafy vegetable (I used Xiao Bai Cai)
  • Cucumber
  • Minced meat


  1. Soften the noodles in boiling water. Remove.
  2. Fried all ingredients together.
  3. Add noodles.
  4. Add minced meat, Herbes de Provence & Salt.
  5. Serve
Stir-fried Soba

Stir-fried Soba

After introducing noodles to Yvette, now she like noodles a lot and always want to have a share of it when we are eating.