Term 3: Lesson 12 with Little Neuro Tree (TPY) (Mandarin)

As much as I wanted to be punctual for the last lesson, I failed badly today.

I was in the hurry to left home and packed Yvette’s oat into my bag. On my way to school, I wanted to make a call back to hubby and realised the oat was spilled all over my bag.

ARrrrr… I need to clear them immediately. I squatted down at the pathway and started to clear them. Luckily Yvette was well-behaviour. I managed to clear them in less than 10 mins but it resulted we were very very late this round. We missed the first half of the lesson.

Dumb me.

We hardly could concentrate honestly. Luckily the activity they were doing was fruit tasting. And the teacher was giving grape and strawberry. These are all Yvette’s fav. fruits. She ate them happily.

There was an activity taught by the teacher. This activity will pass the idea of jumping to our child. You need to place your child on the chair. You need to use your hand and hold your child thumb and lift them from chair.

I was worry this might hurt Yvette’s arm. The teacher assumed me by telling me at this stage, their arms are stronger than their leg. And if we don’t do it too often, it should be fine.

Emphasize of today session as follows:

  1. Stringing
  2. 请给我 (May I have?)
  3. Dirty/Clean

Since it was already at the end of the term, the teachers supposed to leave a comment on my child’s home support booklet. I just read them and I realised all teachers commented about her motorskills, her interest over song, and her language.

Anyway, goodbye LNT and hope to see you again.


Term 3: Lesson 11 with Little Neuro Tree (TPY) (Japanese)

We were slightly late today. (3 mins late) Haha… see I made effort for improvement!

Honestly, I wasn’t paying much attention today. I felt like the teacher was running the class in fast forward mode. I have nothing much to pen down for this entry. All I know was Yvette was well behaved.

Emphasize of today session as follows:

  1. Taste different fruits
  2. Money, S$1, 20 cents, 50 cents
  3. May I have?
  4. Dirty/Clean

Word learnt

There goes the list.

Word in English Word in Japanese
Clown Piero
Party Hat Pa-thi-natto
Cake Keki
Banana Banana
Lemon Remon
Squirrel Risu
Clean Kirel
Dirty Kitanai
Toothbrush Haburash
Mouth Kuchi
Brush Migaku
May I have Choudai
Donation Kit Bokindako
$1 Lchidoru
20 cents Niyussento
50 cents Goiyussento

Term 3: Lesson 10 with Little Neuro Tree (TPY) (English)

We had late night yesterday. Before we left Suntec, Yvette actually dozed off for an hour. Arr… she was taking power nap now! *FAINT*

So we didn’t rush home then. (Hubby is on his 9/80 off day tomorrow.) We went to my niece work place to pick her after her work then her boyfriend drove us home. When we were home, it was already 10.30 pm. I bathed Yvette and doing all the night routine, by the time she entered her LaLa Land, it was already 11.30 pm.

As such, she only woke up at 10.00 am today. She was still very tired when she was up. I have to bathe her and feed her breakfast before we head for our lesson.

Today is the last lesson of the English class and we were late again. Let me target not to late for the last two classes. (I think very hard. My engine always slows down on Friday.) I didn’t sign up Yvette for the next term.

Emphasize of today session as follows:

  1. Smell and taste 5 different types of fruits.
  2. Peel off and stick small round stickers to create picture.
  3. Practice saying “May I have.”
  4. Identify and learn to differentiate 20 cents, 50 cents and a dollar.

I also learnt some techniques on how to say to Yvette when playing puzzle. The teacher taught in such way when we were playing the two pieces puzzle.

“Put this piece into that hole”

Something interesting. “Hole” very true. The broken up part do look like a hole. 😀

After class, we headed to Kiddy Palace to get the Cantonese DVD rhymes recommended by Nic in one of her entry.

Daddy loves this a lot. Definitely will create a special bonding time for the grandpa, daddy & Yvette

Daddy loves this a lot. Definitely will create a special bonding time for the grandpa, daddy & Yvette

Then we proceeded for our Lunch at Kuo-Fu at level two. After lunch, we rushed to the polyclinic as Yvette was having her MMR jab today.

As of 2 days before Yvette turns 16 mth, she weights 8.8 kg, 76 cm tall and 44.5 cm for her head circumstance. She is at 25% percentiles according to the national chart in the health book. A small size baby according to the nurse. She doesn’t grow much in term of her physical size.

She cried for 30 secs when the nurse jab her. This round was on her left arm. Hubby felt as though he was the one having the injection. Nothing serious so far. No fever yet. We were told we will be only expecting fever 4 to 10 days later. Let’s hope Yvette copes well toward this vaccine. (She didn’t have fever for her Chicken Pox vaccine.)

Embracing each other. (I love the effect taken by our new camera.) (Not edited at all)

Embracing each other. (I love the effect taken by our new camera.) (Not edited at all)

Term 3: Lesson 9 with Little Neuro Tree (TPY) (Mandarin)

This round, it was me who didn’t feel so well today. I am having serious running nose and block nose since yesterday night and didn’t slept for more than 5 hours. I took a dose of running nose pill, the running nose was gone for good. Although I was very much didn’t want to bring Yvette to class today, we still go in the end. (I didn’t want her to miss it.)

Emphasize of today session as follows:

  1. Play with different musical instruments.
  2. Practice saying “Here you are” (请拿吧)and “Thank you” (谢谢)
  3. Matching numbers.
  4. Touching different texture, wooden block, marble and wool

It was raining heavily after class; I went to buy an umbrella and headed home immediately. (I left some clothing handing outside the kitchen. Luckily it wasn’t wet when we reached home.)

Term 3: Lesson 8 with Little Neuro Tree (TPY) (Japanese)

Yvette was all well except this morning she woke up at 6 plus having a temperature of 37.2 degree. We feel the need to give her another dose of Paracetamol and all of us were back to dreamland half an hour later.

The next moment when my eyes were fixed at the clock was already 9.30 am. I pull my lethargy body up, (I think I am falling sick after many sleepless night) checking her temperature again, it was back to 36.3 degree. The fever was gone away for 24 hours.

I bathed and dressed Yvette, getting ready to class. Hubby made breakfast for us. Again we were late today. (I really don’t feel like going to class today. I am jaded.) But if we don’t go, I feel like I am wasting my hubby’s hard earn money.

Her classmate was here today too. She was getting braver. Not crying much already. Yvette was clingy and didn’t show much interest in class. Perhaps she only recovered for a day, energy lever was still low.

Emphasize of today session as follows:

  1. Thick/Thin
  2. Here you are/Thank You
  3. Recite 1-10
  4. Play with different musical instrument

Word learnt

There goes the list.

Word in English Word in Japanese
Oka-san Father
Ota-san Mother
Oni-san Brother
One-san Sister
Frying pan Furaipan
Egg Tamago
Farm Noujyou
Chicken Niwatori
Thick Futoi
Thin Hosoi
Here you are Haidouzo
Thank you Arigatou
Cat Neko
Milk Gyuunyu
Corn Toumorokoshi
Hippopotamus Kaba
Grass Kasa
Crocodile Wani
Fish Sakana
Bread Pan
Balloon Fuusen

Term 3: Lesson 7 with Little Neuro Tree (TPY) (English)

Yvette slept well yesterday. She dozed off at 8 pm and slept all the way to next day morning at 9 am. Everything sails nicely in this morning.

Oh my, I guess I will never be punctual for this class. Perhaps it is Friday; it is time to wind down. But we didn’t miss anything. I guess I am also playing a stake on her classmate was either late or never turn up. Yes she is absent today. The class started late and ended on time.

Emphasize of today session as follows:

  1. Visit a farm (source)
  2. Play with different musical instruments.
  3. Practice saying “Here you are” and “Thank you”
  4. Press same numbers on calculators.

Yvette was 80% attentive in the class.

After class, I went down to united square to meet Jayden’s mum, Yahling for lunch. Jayden is classmate of Yvette in the previous term in LNT. We become friend. They live in Novena square; it’s easy for us to meet up.

She is 30 weeks pregnant now. But except for her visible tummy and she does look a bit tired, she doesn’t look behave a woman that is heavily pregnant. She is expecting a girl this round.

She still drives her son to class. She still carries her son as per normal. She is still so mobile. I wonder will I be the same as her when I am expecting my number 2? Will there a number 2?

We had lunch at Swensen as they are having 1 for 1 deal for lunch in the month of August. It’s a cheap lunch at nice restaurant.

It’s was supposed to be a play date for Jayden and Yvette. But Yvette dozed off on Yahling’s car. She slept thru for 2 hours. Wow, finally she broke the curse! After she woke up, Jayden went for his nap. This became a nice catching up session for us.

So much to share when comes to kids.

I left when Jayden was napping. I felt Yahling need to rest too although she claimed it’s ok for us to stay.

We shopped around Novena square for 45 mins before I travelled down to Raffles Place to meet my hubby for dinner. We had our dinner at Liang Court. This mall was unexceptionally quiet for Friday. Honestly there is nothing much to shop in this mall too. The stores I will be interested in will be the supermarket in the basement and Kinokuiya.

We proceeded home after getting sweet from Sticky in Central.

It’s another long day out for me and Yvette. One good sign is I never see her biting herself as excessively as she will be at home.

P/S: Yvette pooped 4x today. :S

Term 3: Lesson 6 with Little Neuro Tree (TPY) (Mandarin)

I have to confess I am always late for the class after we had transferred to the morning class. I always had over-run the preparation time in the morning. This is something I need to change.

The little girl did attend today class with Yvette. Although she was still crying but at least when Yvette went forward to touch her, she did response to Yvette friendly gesture. Before we left the school she even smiled to us when we bid goodbye to her.

Emphasize of today session as follows:

  1. Find objects hidden in one out of two cups
  2. Smell a variety of dried flower. (Rose, Lavender, chrysanthemum)
  3. Recite 6 to 10
  4. Count number of legs
  5. Practice saying Hello & Goodbye

Yvette only liked the Lavender flower. She was excited when we were playing the ball. However, she wasn’t paying much attention in class. She keep standing and squatting down and it’s seemed like she was playing Peek-a-Boo with the teacher. The class ended 15 mins earlier today.

I brought a set of Japanese rhythm for Yvette. It is true if I don’t revise those words Yvette had learnt during the class, it will be forgotten. Thus getting her a CD with those rhythms will more or less help us in revising those words learnt. (Some songs are really cute!) It comes with a set of flash card summaries the meaning of the song. The school also translate the lyrics behind the card from Kana (Japanese character) to Hiragana (English alphabet) too.  

The CD
The CD
The flash card

The flash card

The lyrics

The lyrics

After class, hubby came to pick us up and we went to United Square to stock-up more soy drink for Yvette. But they had run out of stock and I can only get it from Forum. I requested them to call Forum to reserve 12 packets for me. Now they were having promotion due to short expiry date, selling at buy 1 get 1 free. Good deal.