It’s Finally Over

While I was in Dr. Wong’s clinic this morning, she declared she was not going to give me any jab today.

Yeah, couldn’t ask for more.

She presented me my latest test result, it was having a negative reading for my Liver profile which is caused by the Methotrexate Inj. And all because I have achieved 4 normal result for Beta-hCG; the more reason for her to stop giving me jab. (The original plan was to me 3 more jabs after obtaining the first normal reading for Beta-hCG.)

It has been 3 months since where I first discovered my molar pregnancy. I was treated with D&C and then chemo jab. And together with round of different tests, making me feeling very down during these period. These 3 months to anyone might be just another quarter of year blinked by, but to me, it’s the longest 3 months ever in my life.

I hope my energy level will go up. I have many entries with great details on my treatment, on how I still manage to teach Yvette during this period and as well as my thought. I am glad that I blog. This site is definitely an insurance worth for me to invest.

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement.

Thanks for all the support from my dearest hubby and my sister.

Lastly thanks for all the understanding my dearest Yvette could ever give it to me.

It is over, and I hope it is finally over….


Blood Test

Due to my condition, weekly blood test for me is a must. You will never feel good if you have to draw blood by a nurse every week. My case is even worse. I have very small vein and it definitely make it difficult to draw my blood.

Last week experience was bad, different needle was used and ended up I have bruise. This week was even worst. (Last week was done by another lab company in the hospital.) Just a moment ago, the nurse got to poke me twice to draw my blood. I can still feel the pain now as I typed on my iPhone.

P.S Two weeks ago I did another MRI scan and I was poked twice for the contrast jab too.

In short, I can be poked more than 3 x per week for my treatment.


3rd Jab – Beta hCG Finally Turned Positive!

I am experiencing some “side effect” which the doctor told me it was not. I have headache during the week and the pain is killing me. I took 6 pandols but still the pain didn’t go away on that day and it finally went off when I was up on the following day.

Next, instead of weight loss, well, it shouldn’t have gain or loss anyway. I am having some gain. Hmmm, I don’t know how to explain on this. I am cutting away one meat from my diet during lunch time yet I am experiencing weight gain.

Exercise? ….. no time!!!

Anyway, I received a good news today, my Beta hCG had finally turned positive. And according to the Dr Wong, she will be giving me another three more dose of Methotrexate Inj. Then the whole treatment will be over.

Can’t wait till that day…

A Day Treatment On My Own

Although I am seeking treatment in private clinic, it is still not possible to get the best timing for all my appointments. As such it is not possible to get D to accompany me to every single treatment and not forgetting we have Yvette to take care.

Anyway today I am off for another MRI Scan on my brain and second chemo jab by myself. Before all these treatment, I have to go hospital to take blood test too.

2nd treatment_ IMG_1015

After sending Yvette to CC, I went to Glen E hospital to take my blood test for this afternoon review. After the test, I proceeded to Paragon for the scan. Again this scan was done “with contrast” again. Due to small vein, the nurse got to poke me twice to find my vein. Of course one ended up with bruise.

2nd treatment_ IMG_1016

I meet up with one of my old friend for lunch after the scan. I am often feel lucky I manage to keep those blossom friendship online going. We have known each other online for more than 6 years. (Ever since I started to blog in 2006.)

I decided to kill my time in the bookstore since my next appointment is at 4.30 pm. I managed to get a book for myself and some books for Yvette too. I had some coffee with my book before I went back to hospital.

I had my second dose of Chemo jab and was happy to learn that the drug was taking effect on me. My Beta hCG had gone down as expected. Hopefully this result will not never reverse again.

2nd treatment_ IMG_0626

Result of first jab

Cancer Is A Word, Not Sentence

First I will like to thank everyone who has made effort to shower me support and asking me to stay strong. Yes I do, I live normally, eat normally, I blog and my life definitely goes on.

I cried, I feared. Although I still have the thought that the cause was merely due to I was wanted to have second kid and yet the outcome is unbelievable. I stopped asking myself why. No point. I won’t have answer. This is life, and this is my life.

Yes it is official, medically I am at STAGE 1 of Cancer. And I have more than 90% of recovery chance.


I am young, (less than 40). My HCG is not more than a thousand. This was found out within 4 mths. And it is still contain in uterus. (According to CT and MRI Scan, none of my body was affected, except there is abnormality in uterus.)

Cancer_ IMG_0539

The treatment had started.

I was given two jabs. Both on backside. The jabs need to be done weekly and again I will be monitored through blood test.  In any case, this still can’t bring my HCG down, (which is very unlikely), I will have to consider to remove my uterus.


I was enlighten after reading the article above in my gynae’s clinic. I realised, I was lucky. I was detected so early and I will be saved.

I was sent by Dr Wong back to Dr Chan’s clinic for a final check around my uterus, ovary and tubes before the jabs were given.

Some of you might want to ask, even my sister and colleague told me to get second opinion. In my case, I feel there isn’t a need.

First molar pregnancy is rare. (How many of you have heard of this?)

Second, I believe I have the best gyane. (Perhaps he might not be the first gynae in Singapore, but he is the best in my eye.) He had did so much read up for my case and he is also analysing my case with another oncologist.

And lastly, I like Karmen Wong. She is exactly like my gyane. She is systematic and truthful. She told me, the last patient she had treated due to molar pregnancy was 10 years back. Certainly she is reading a lot about this and at the same time, (She shown it to my gyane and my gyane told me about it) she was checking my case with another 2 more oncologists. (Yes I trust the integrity of these doctors.) So although I was reviewed by these two doctors phyically, but all in all, there were 5 doctors working on my case.

So there is no need to seek second opinion for this case because it is really not common and of course, even you tell me how good the oncologist is, I might not able to afford the fee.

Lucky I have a policy to cover the co-insurance. I have spoken to my agent and she will be meeting me next week to help me to submit the claim. I hope everything can be claimed but I know the chance to claim those bills caused by pregnancy is low.

I believe I will be fine…….

Battle Against Cancer Started?

Sadly my HCG never go down.

The result was 25.7 and this morning the clinic called me up to do CT Scan and MRI Scan.

The feeling is awful. I just did the scan 4 hours back.

According to the site, the MRI test is not painful; you cannot feel it. But it never states the injection-contrast medium jab in every 15 mins making me feeling terrible. The dumbness and dizziness after the scan is bearable but having need to going through this is making me really uncomfortable.

CT Scan is equally bad. Contrast that delivered through a vein (IV) in my hand making my whole body burning and there is a metallic taste at my throat area and I need to swallow in the saliva.

Has the battle against cancer started? Review will be tomorrow.

HCG Went Up

My HCG reading 2 weeks ago(26th May) was 6.9 in fact it was 0.1 increase compare to reading taken on 19th May. On 09th Jun the blood test done had given a reading of 15.7 which unfortunately it will trigger a series of treatment. (In my treatment, the HCG cannot go up if it already proven a sign of coming down.)

I was refer to Ms Kamen Wong, the Oncology, at 5th floor.

It wasn’t a good news. HCG went up shown there might be some bad cells produced by the mole left somewhere in my body. My blood was drawn again to do the same test as all of us agreed one test was not good enough for more treatment and it might be an isolated case.

Oh well.

In the case of the HCG really go up after this test, I will need to do a CT-Scan and MRI @ Radlink at Paragon.

Feeling depressed is an understatement for me now. Trying for kid, being able to stay alive seem to be a big challenge for me.

Will I be around next year?