Yvette: 3 yrs. 8 Mths (44 Mths)

44 mths IMG_0188

*picture taken on 30/12/2011.

Instead of just learning the solar systems, Yvette could remember the sequence up to VY Canis Majoris. I have so much to share on this learning journey but I still can’t find time.

Instead doing story telling, she could remember scrip. Yes she loves to watch peppa pig and we do allow her to watch up to an hour daily (of course she doesn’t watch them every day.) The number of scrip she could recite is horribly unbelievable.

She loves to compose song and even her own story. Most don’s make sense but her effort is there. I hope she continue to imagine and finally one day she will love to pen down herself.

Instead of just being able to do P1 Maths, she could further explain the fundamental concept to us in her own view.

Instead of just reading, she often thinks out of the box. This is a good example.

Often we thought she can’t do it or she will not able to understand she could. As Of now, she has never fail to surprise us and exceed our expectation.

She could read time but limit to the digital clock. She is able to tell me mins and hours before and after. But I am still working with her on the hour and min hands clock.

She is able to follow routine that we set for her daily. (Sadly but still not the sleeping routine. Still we start to see some light after we really kicked start on the discipline method shared by my colleague.)

She has good penmanship for a 3 yo but she is still lazy to practice her handwriting at home.

She is able to remove dirty laundry from her school bag and throw them into the washing machine. She is able to pack her bag now too. However I am still encouraging her to put the stuffs in the bag. Still a little more effort is required.

Once she accepts the reason for change; she is able to adapt to it. She has no longer telling me “I want poo poo” and “I want wee wee” when she needs to answer her nature call. Instead she uses “I want pass urine” and “I want pass motion”. Her N2 teacher told her the before are meant for PG.

She certainly has learnt how to relate. It’s about the Peppa Pig again. We were in the topic of the States of USA and I told her D loves to see The Grand Canyon. However we need to drive there but both of us can’t drive. She pause and thinks and reply: “Mummy, Peppa Pig doesn’t drive!”

That’s her developments I could remember. She is 4 months shy to 4 yo. She is waiting for that day to come as she had already attended 2 birthday celebrations in class.


Yvette: 3 yrs 3 Mths (39 Mths)

This post was drafted in Aug and the picture was taken on Aug 13. But I only publish now. 02/02/2012.


There isn’t much update from me on Yvette’s monthly developments and growth anymore. Since I have pen down quite regularly on her learning, (late posts) and since she is older now, there isn’t much “growth” except other than her weight and height.

Technically, nothing much has changed. She grew taller, didn’t gain much weight, probably due she was so sick a few weeks ago. Initially I wanted to do bi-monthly update but due to the time constraint and her development (mostly on behavior and emotional development) progress on her, I feel quarterly update will be more appropriate (Hopefully I can carry out this commitment timely.)

She is definitely much easier to manage for the past 3 months. We hardly need to deal with meltdown except during bedtime. She is definitely much easier to strike a deal with, much accommodating to the ”No” she received. But when come to nap time/bed time, we still face battle and sometimes, it can be tough. I am such a failure in this department.

She loves to learn. She is (in our eyes) a hardworking child. She can be very much on her own when we are busy. D has definitely put in equal effort in teaching her. Maths is still her favourite subject, but she started to find love in learning Science. Having said that, sadly although she loves going to Music Class and her Chinese Enrichment class (she will cry badly if I threaten her not bring her there), however the participation rate isn’t that fantastic. Shall I add another Art class for her???

She still loves to talk a lot. More than often we hear her talking to herself. D always comments that her mouth never gets tired. Perhaps pursue a profession that can talk a lot will suit her in the future.

She has some new bad habits – putting her fingers into her mouth. Biting her nails. Oh yes, she dislikes to brush her teeth. So during school days, she only brushes her teeth in the night before she sleeps (because we have more time to coax her to).

She can be very naggy. She is getting more and more like me. She is the principal at home. She will make sure certain housework is done in certain way, her way. She will make sure D bathe on time, sleep on time, etc. I finally can pass my throne to her because she was rather strict over D and has “higher” expectation than me for D now. *Wink*(Sound good to have a daughter!)

Yvette: 3 yrs 2 mths (38 mths)

This post is so long overdue. And decided on a quarterly update for Yvette instead of bi-monthly.

Picture taken on 14th July and this post is being updated on 06/11/2011.




I browsed thru all the pictures and really didn’t find any thing really alarming or special for this month. Or perhaps this was already so long overdue. I really can’t recall much. We only didn’t see her biting herself anymore. But she loves to me “ghost-face”. (And I wish to leave more updates for the first quarter developments update that I have already blogged long ago but yet to publish.)


I love this picture taken on 02/07/2011. She told me this is her head band.


Yvette: 3 yrs 1 mth (37 mths)

The last update I have done for Yvette was for her 35th mths. I have yet managed to pen down her 36thmths progress. (There is a missing post for the month of May I have jotted down on my iPod in pointer so I won’t forget. That post will be long and I have to really sit down to write a round up post for Yvette.

Anyway, going forward, (firstly) I don’t think I have the time to write long post for Yvette’s monthly progress update. I will probably do it every bi-monthly or quarterly. Secondly, there won’t be much change to anticipate. Growth will be “stagnant”. Development on her learning will be updated constantly in this site and I don’t think I need another long post for it.

With that, her monthly update will be more on her behavior, her emotion development and snippets of her life that are not updated in this site.

Picture taken on 16th Jun 2011; This post was pen down on 28/08/2011.

37 mth- IMG_0517

For the past one month, the alarming behavior that caught our attention was, she bit herself when she couldn’t got what she want – She was crying for me as I was away at work while D took care of her when she was sick on 27thMay 2011.


I understand she learnt this behavior from CC. (One of her classmate loves to bit himself when he was angry.)

Luckily we didn’t witness this “self-destroy” again after 27thMay 2011.

Finally to wrap up my post, here are some snippets (that are not being updated on this site) on how Yvette spent her 36 mths in general…

On 21st May, we went to the polyclinic for her annual check up (requested by the health book.) Generally this check up is for the assessment at 2-3 yo and it were all about motor skills and cognitive skills. Weight and height were taken during the check up at 12.4kg and 92 cm.


She was really happy on that morning; constantly pointing out the “V” sign to kids sitting next to us.

On 6th June, she celebrated her best friend 3rd birthday in CC.


She played with this toy which she totally outgrown in Taka. That was on 11th June.

Shopping at Taka (accident) - IMG_0828

Plenty of playground play despite both of us work.


Her hair is rather dry, I started to apply conditional on hair. This was a gift from my sister.

Started to use conditional on her hair - IMG_0822

About Writing & Drawing

Short post for this milestone which I decided not to backdate before her birthday on 13th May.This milestone records her development from 2-3 yo and as well as going forward.

The curriculum of Yvette’s school will ensure the tots in Nursery 1 can write by the end of the school term and seriously that impress me. In fact she could hold a pencil quite well now.

At home, I did have a series of activity book that will allow me to coach Yvette to write but somehow, her interest in writing is really depressing. We hardly practice.


But she surprised me on 13th May which was her birthday, she knew how to write.

Writing _ IMG_0639

I didn’t force her to write. I depend on the technology now to do the job. I have already download and she been using a year to write on iPad and iPod touch and the result is satisfactory.

These are the application I used. The English apps are rather popular. I like the Chinese app – 写字, it helps to revise word and as well as teaching the tot to write in correct stroke. And Yvette likes this app a lot too.

Writing_05_May 2011 Misc


I hope to see some improvement at the end of the year. I will try to write with her on those activity books when she is more keen. Contradicting, she can write number very well.

When come to drawing, D can draw well. So somehow, there “might” be a chance for Yvette to be able to draw too. She drew these two pieces on 24/04/2011 by herself.

IMG_0507 IMG_0508

Now the question for us is, should we start to nurture her in drawing?

Yvette: 3 yrs (36 mths)


Sometimes, I have to adjust. Time really flies. Every now and then, I wish she was just a baby but I know she is not, never is, a baby anymore.

Terrible 2 finally over and here I have to welcome her horrible three. I wish she will able to understand better and we won’t need to invest a lot of energy to manage her.

At 3, Yvette is not a girly girl. She loves pink but she doesn’t loves princesses. She loves to choose her clothes but she doesn’t loves dressing up. Sometimes battle erupted due to dressing up too. She doesn’t speak to us gently but she is never rude to us. She invested most of her time in learning and as well in playing. She learns fast and play her whole heart out.We have too many materials for her at home to satisfy her learning appetite. We also have plenty of toys for her. And as she is our only child, both of us spend a lot of time with her.

She definitely has a mind of her own at 3. She could express herself very well. She loves to talk. A lot. She speaks her mind freely. Whatever her brain generated facts, she will certainly want to share with us. She has great memory power. She can remember facts, and what had happened very well.

Oh well, she is not a perfect child. There are still many areas, in term of personality, habits, we still need to put in effort.

Tantrum – She has tame down. The past one month, we really see lesser meltdown. We could reason with her more and she is more able to accept No.

Brush teeth – Finally she did. She never like to brush teeth. But since I was at home for the past one month, I have more time to coax her and finally she put in some effort. Now she brushes her teeth twice a day and I hope I won’t need to make effort on this habit anymore….

Sleep – This is the hardest habit for me to correct her. I have totally run out of energy on this. I just need to pray.

Wet her pant – Some how she always forget to go toilet when she was very engross with one task. Although she is able to sleep through the night without wetting the pant, I do face accident occasionally.

Breastfeeding – I wish I could wean her earlier.

More willing to walk – Yes. Finally we manage to encourage her to walk. When she walked from Paragon to Orchard MRT on 07thMay, I was totally impressed!!!

Loves to eat almost everything. Especially vegetables. Other then Eggplant and bitter gourd. No more fussy eater! Yeah. The best part, as of now, she doesn’t like to eat Western Food. Noodles or Rice will be her first choice. Never fond of Nugget and as well as Pizza (hope she will like pizza one day). Lastly, the best part of her eating habit is, she is now feeding herself most of the time. That’s a big bonus to me.

She doesn’t have any fav food nor any cartoon characters although she loves pig a lot. It is good that she doesn’t have any. So that I won’t have such headache.

She is definitely resilient and tough. She pick up herself fast when she fall. She doesn’t cry much over pain. But she can’t stand itch. I remember when Eczemahit her the first time, it was terrible. We have many sleepless night and she was perpetually up every 2-3 hours to cry for itch. That was really terrible.

But there is one thing I don’t really like. She loves to win. We have to impart her more Sportmanship to her. So that she will understand it is the process that matters.

Academically, she is good. We are happy with her progress. Her ability in learning Maths is impressive. The only down side is she doesn’t really like to write. Yes, she could write most of the number but she doesn’t like to practice. Perhaps she is still not ready. I have invested some materials, but due to my weak health, I have yet got time to work on this area with her. (Well this is an back dated post, I learnt she actually could write “well” on her birthday. I have hardly coached her at all in this area.)

Overall, I think both me and my hubby have done a good job in coaching her and I think making the sacrifice to stay at home for the first 2 year plus of her life makes a difference.


Finally she has learnt how to do the V sign.

We love you, Yvette!

(And finally finally I updated this post on 31 Aug 2011.)

Roundup Learning For Yvette – Science (2-3yo)

We do very little on learning science but I know Yvette definitely had great interest for this subject.

It all get started from this sticker book.

05_May 2011 Science

Since then, we started to engage her more in conversation involve animals, and tell her the classification – Mammals, birds & reptile. She took it so well and remember them in her heart. She identify all these animals well and classify them accordingly.

We also tell her most Mammals are birth as babies where birds and reptiles are birth as egg. Again she never fail to amaze us she could remember.

Perhaps this is also part of learning English too, we have this set of learning card and I able to teach her the baby animals of their parent and as well as getting her to split them accordingly.


Again there are so much more I could fill her little brain with more knowledge and I have invested this book long ago but yet have much time to work with her.