Yvette is down with HFMD

Unfortunately yes, HFMD finally strike!

Yvette had fever in the middle of the night yesterday and was constantly fussed over it. Rarely, she will fuss and complain when she was sick but this round was totally different.

We also never thought it will be HFMD when I finally brought her to see doc this morning.

She didn’t have rashes and even ulcers. Only red spots at the throat causing discomfort. (I wanted to find a picture on the net but alas I didn’t manage to find one the closest match.) I have no idea how and where she got it becuase the time between infection and the development of symptoms is about 3 – 7 days.

Doc said she might recovers faster than norm, but she was given 7 Days MC. She will going to miss her Art class (I have yet shared anything here about her art class), Chinese class and her normal school.

Lastly, I am grateful that I have such a brave child who never complains and fuss much over her conditions. She is sleeping soundly now.



3rd Round Of Fever Attack Within 2 Months

With iPhone, it has made human connection faster. This morning, Stella highlighted to me everyone is falling sick when we were checking on each other over our health status.

Besides me, Yvette is another victim. She was down with fever again. The temperature was 39.1 in the early morning 5 am but it dropped to 36.5 before I left home this morning. (I have given her a dose of bufen.) This is the third round of fever attack within two months and that make me worry. She is not someone that has weak health. We have ensure she has balance diet and moreover she is a vegetable and fruit lover. With supplement and TMC in place,

I don’t quite understand how come the fever attack her again and again. The weather is so erratic and the virus everywhere. Well, I know I have been that sick and for this round, I believe I could be the culprit who passed the virus to her.

The Root Cause Of The Disturbing Fever

I’m really not in luck. Perhaps there is a little oversight on my end too. I didn’t bring Yvette straight to doctor when she had mild fever on Saturday. I wanted to bring Yvette to see the doctor on Sunday the consultation hours had changed. So I have to wait till Monday then.

The fever came and gone is really disturbing.

I wanted to bring her back to clinic on Tuesday again to follow up. Again, we missed the timing. Finally today my sister came because I can’t be on leave the whole week. She brought Yvette to the clinic and finally found out the root cause. Yvette was suffering from throat infection and was given antibiotics – Klacid Granules.

Looking at the antibiotic, it brings back memory when Yvette needs to take something similar when she was so much younger. The throat infection was eventually leaded to mild Bronchitis and she need to be nebulized. She was hospitalized for 3 days and these were the toughest period I have faced when she was a baby. The good news now was, her lung is not infected and I hope the antibiotic will heal her.

She is still kept at home. Sister came to look after her today and I will send her to SIL’s house tomorrow. Hubby will be flying back a day early and that relieve me to look for another care giver for Yvette. (I was off on Monday & Tuesday.)

Well, I can’t yell for more as I know I am really very blessed.

The Fever Come And Go

Now it is a concern.

Yvette had low grade fever last last Thursday and the fever is coming back to her on Sat. It just come and go. The unusual trend is, instead of the having high temperature in the night, her fever always come in the morning. As early as 6 plus and gone after giving her a dose of medication. She will also pass motion, and have a quick wash over her body. Then the fever disappear and never come back. It never come back to disturb us till the next morning. How strange?! (Anyone has encountered this before?)

I wanted to bring her to the GP yesterday but unfortunately, the timing of consultation hour has changed. So I waited till today then I brought her there.


The above medication are not solely for Yvette. Some are mine. I am having serious body ache and been coughing. In fact, my cough has never go away since March.

We just have a long nap since 1.30pm. I just woke up and Yvette was still sleeping. I got to cook now and wake her up. If not, she will not be able to sleep at night!

We Are @ Home Today

Damn! I really got a shock yesterday when I found out Yvette was running a mild fever on our way home. The weather fault?

Yvette looks lethargy and she even skipped her dinner. I quickly gave her a doze of bufen after her bath. At 9 plus suddenly the fever went down to 37 (normal) yesterday and I just brought Yvette to the clinic this morning and found out she was all well.

The doctor examined that her throat and told me it was slight red. She didn’t have anymore fever. Her temperature was really normal  – 36.3 degree. She ate very well for lunch. She is having a nap now after I threatened her not going to bring her to school tomorrow.

Keep her home today was not my usual parenting style.

For normal days, if her fever does went down in the morning before school I will still send her back to school. I believe although the body is slightly weaker but it is a good time to build up some immunity. For today, it will be a risk for me to stomach if I send her back.


I don’t want her to miss her first performance. Something she has worked very hard for. She is looking really forward to it. So do we. The theme of the concert is – We are going to the Zoo. Yvette will be a little monkey tomorrow. Hopefully everything went well tonight and we can send her back to school early in the morning tomorrow.

Will try to load some picture here although the school mentioned no picture taking. (We have also ordered the pictures and DVD from the school for her performance.)

I believe we will be beaming with pride if she does her best tomorrow.

Atopic Eczema Attack!!!

I thought I have taken the necessary steps keeping Yvette’s delicate skin as “clean” as possible. This Pot of Gold has indeed help me in doing this job. Rarely I do see much rash on her skin after we consulted the doctor at National Skin Centre a year ago.  However I know Eczema is something that is not easily able to “treat”. Sometimes it will stay with the child forever and ever. And after a year, it really come back to hound us again.

Atopic Eczema Attack - IMG_0938

For the past one week, Yvette had been complaining to us, the itch on her thigh again. (It is always this area that is most easily affected. I guess it is due to she will sit anywhere in school or sometimes even when we were out in the bookstore; she actually sits in front of the books to read by herself.)

Atopic Eczema Attack -IMG_1341

Sigh.  This is something we can’t ignore. It is affecting her so much. (The rashes are not apparent when I am taking the picture. Actually only part of the rashes are red. Some part of the skin are rough but not able to capture down with my iPhone.)

Sometimes she will wake up in the middle of the night –  crying; telling us how itchy it is. I gave a call to National Skin Centre and wanted to book an appointment for her but the earliest appointment I could get was – One month later with the same doctor; 4 days later with another doctor. Woo… that is a long wait!!! As such I posted on my Facebook to ask friend to recommend me good skin doctor.

I managed to get one from my BFF on Facebook. (Actually I got another two recommendations from colleagues too.) I decided to go for this doctor because it is located in neighborhood and the wait to see him is so much shorter. (He allows patient to walk in. As for the other two, one at Paragon. Another at Mt E.) I took half a day leave to bring Yvette there.

This clinic is located in Ghim Moh and this doctor has “strange” operating hour. (Two slot. AM is from 9 am to 2 pm, PM is from 4pm to 8 pm.) We picked up Yvette at 3pm while she was still napping. We decided to wake her up because we didn’t want to obstruct the lesson. (Another reason is, I think having two hours nap (nap time is 1 pm to 3.30 pm) will be sufficient for her already.)

His clinic impressed me. There are a few piece of toys in his glass cabinet and a few more robots inside his room. He is a “weird” doctor (in the way he speaks and of course the setting of this clinic) but he has proven he can do the job. (He is highly recommended by my BFF because 3 of her classmates are using him for their children.) He also shown us picture he had taken on how he had treated some children with even more serious Eczema problem than Yvette. 

Atopic Eczema Attack -IMG_1322

He told us Eczema is generic but it is not true for our case. None of us has Eczema and neither of us has sinus in the morning. Oh well, nevertheless he will have to treat her.

After spending about 15 mins in his clinic, after some discussion, we were given one bottle of wash, two bottle of cream. And all these cost us S$135.  Honestly, I didn’t find him expensive but I am not too sure for now, will his medication works for Yvette.

Atopic Eczema Attack -IMG_1323

I shall not disclose which clinic we went for now and only reveal when the medication is taking effect on Yvette. 

Hope it works. 


Day 4: Ah Yee & Yvette

Somehow, Yvette’s fever was really under control. But now is my turn. I was running really high fever yesterday night. I am as sick as my child. Fever @ 39.8. But I need to go back to work despite I was sick.


Yvette’s fever didn’t went up yesterday at night and we could tell Yvette’s health was slowly back to pink. I was waiting for Ah Yee to come and took down this picture.


I was really proud of her.

Throughout the 3 days, although she was sick, but she has never stop reading and learning. Constantly she was doing her activity books and did insist we have to read to her daily.

Ah Yee didn’t complain much when I was back home in the evening. The only complaint I received was, she barely eat. All she wants to do is play. And Ah Yee spent the whole day reading to her, doing craft with her.

Post updated on 31/10/2011.