Tot Learning Week 10 of 2010 (8th to 14th March 10)


~Yvette is 21 mths~

We didn’t do much seriously. One main reason because my tooth is giving me problem and I can’t stay up late to prepare materials for learning. But well, it better than nothing is done anyway.

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Tot Learning Week 9 of 2010 (1st to 7th March 10)


~Yvette is 21 mths~

My energy level is still somewhere in the air.

I did borrow a book and “try” doing Art Appreciation with Yvette but I failed badly. I think this have to wait till letter M, then I will bring her to Museum to “appreciate” the art. I am not someone who knows about art and I certainly hope she could in heritage some of her daddy’s genes. (I only found out hubby could draw well and could play piano without looking at notes, getting the right tune of the song after we have Yvette.)

Nevertheless, I will expose Yvette to content/concepts including:

  1. English words flash cards (done daily)
  2. Chinese exposure  (Doing very min. for now. But hope to do more during the JGC term break.)
  3. Colour
  4. Shapes
  5. Alphabet
  6. Numbers and counting
  7. Fruits/Vegetables
  8. Animals
  9. Puzzle
  10. Music and Movement
  11. Nursery Rhyme
  12. Poetry
  13. Art Appreciation (Think this will be my weakest link)
  14. Painting and artwork
  15. Crafts (at least 2-3 crafts a week) – Start doing this week. (Not doing more because she already doing a lot of crafts in JGC.
  16. Science (Not doing much nowadays)
  17. Books based on the theme, in addition to the books which we are reading at bedtime
  18. Fine and gross motor skills through crafts and specific toys we have etc..

And of course, there is also plenty of outdoor play, nature study, playdoh, weekly play dates and free play.

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Tot Learning Week 8 of 2010 (22nd to 28th Feb 10)


Energy level was really low for the past week mainly due to there is a makeup class added at the end of the week.

One of the reasons I decided to publish our learning activity for the past week on Wednesday besides time management over at my end, it actually due to our commitment-filled schedule, I often run out of time to teach. So I only teach Yvette on Wednesday and then on Friday. (Since she’s having class on Mon, Tues & Thurs, I am sure her little mind is already fed with knowledge.) I try not to touch Saturday and Sunday as these two day are meant for family time. (Reading book associated to learning still starts on Monday.)

I also make changes to her reading routine. Instead of reading different books every week during our night time routine, I decide to let her read a few books in a monthly basis. Reason of making such change is; she will be given more time to learn from the book.

I gain back her reading interest in reading by giving her books that would interest her, which is her favorite character Spot. And I am very surprise; in fact more than just surprise, she could read thru Spot Can Count with me. What I meant by reading the book with me goes as such, I read one word and she follows suit. And we complete reading the entire book without making any fuss.

What an accomplishment?

I know she doesn’t recognize most of the words in the book but being able to sit thru reading word by word is already not easy for her. She is not a child who really loves books and we only started to read to her shortly after she turned one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a video clip of this. Anyway, how would I know she could sit thru? Going forward, I will try to do “such reading” together with her more often.

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Tot Learning Week 6 & 7 of 2010 (08th to 21st Feb 10)


In the past, I have been doing learning activities with Yvette without a proper theme. And sometimes I do, find something is missing. I finally found this site (I like) that could offer me activities associated with Alphabets and with a proper theme to follow.

This site is useful as it covers range of activities. Alphabet, Animals, Bible, Number, Books (The book recommendation is not always useful and going forward, I might use this site for reference), colours, Community Helpers, Crafts, Fairy tales, Holidays and Events (not relevant to me), Music, Numbers, Nutrition, Nursery Rhymes & Songs, Online Jigsaw Puzzle & Online story time and Activities. Most important, it provide link for us to download the learning materials and now make my job much easier. I can solely rely on this site if I don’t have much time to prepare extra activities for Yvette.

I only found this site on Wed, 17th Feb and start doing them on Friday with Yvette. It’s really beef up our learning curriculum.

I realized I have missed out teaching Yvette fruits and vegetables for the past few lessons. I will incorporate them into the new learning theme that I have adopted. I have yet expose Yvette to Art Appreciation as I am still trying to figure out how it should be done.

As CNY falls on the week 6, I have decided to combine two weeks learning activities as I really did very little on week 6.

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