A Very Good Friday

Today is a planned outing with G. I woke Yvette up without much problem and she got herself change, fast. We headed down to Safra TP MacDonald for breakfast. While we were eating our breakfast, G came with her mummy.

Without much delay, we checked into Kids Amaze. We brought the family package S$26.75 (2kids with 2 adult) and paid S$2.15 for another adult to follow. Our kids really have ample of energy. They really can run, jump climb around fast. I love this ball collector.



The slides are thrilling. I love this shot I have taken from the top. I have capture D, Yvette, G and her mummy.


Needless to say…. Yvette and G love it all!



We had lunch using our Safra voucher at the Korean-style grilled meats at Kkongdon Barbeque. It is really affordable. 6 of us dined for S$63 +.


And after our lunch, we went back to indoor playground for another hour before we headed down to Low Pierce Reservoir for some nature walk.



It is really a enjoyable day with great company!


Happy New Year & 2013 Resolution

Hello everyone, as usual.. I am always late in posting!

Looking back, I do have simple resolution in 2012.

This year, I do have more details one to follow. I have pen them down on my this little notebook I got from opening sales of Uniqlo (a brand I like it so much after my Japan trip) in Plaza Sing.

Literally, I took this picture in a distance so not to expose my messy handwriting that I can type it here. In fact, I have discussed with Yvette when I was penning it down too. I want her to be involved in my plan. However, sadly, she didn’t provide much input!



So my plan goes on….

1. Bring Yvette to see a dentist. (I have been procrastinating to do so… it been more than a year in my mind!!!)

2. Do Staycation again.

3. I want Yvette to do sport. She has chosen gym. I have called up Prime Gymnastics Club. Their wait list is long, about 6-7 children ahead of us. I also enquired Junior Gym at Hwa Chong Institution. I think we might go there to start the ball rolling.

4. More travelling! We have grounded due to our FIL. He passed on last year and I guess now we have more freedom to do so. Thinking of doing 1 trip every 3-4 months.

5. Keep fit and losing weight! I lost weight. I lost inches around my waistline. I wish I could lose more. I think I found a timeslot that I could go gym. I will try. And I want to thank Felicia gotten my a Squeem. I been wearing it. I want to invest more if it works!

Again… 5 is a lot for me to achieve! I shall end my post here.

Yvette is down with HFMD

Unfortunately yes, HFMD finally strike!

Yvette had fever in the middle of the night yesterday and was constantly fussed over it. Rarely, she will fuss and complain when she was sick but this round was totally different.

We also never thought it will be HFMD when I finally brought her to see doc this morning.

She didn’t have rashes and even ulcers. Only red spots at the throat causing discomfort. (I wanted to find a picture on the net but alas I didn’t manage to find one the closest match.) I have no idea how and where she got it becuase the time between infection and the development of symptoms is about 3 – 7 days.

Doc said she might recovers faster than norm, but she was given 7 Days MC. She will going to miss her Art class (I have yet shared anything here about her art class), Chinese class and her normal school.

Lastly, I am grateful that I have such a brave child who never complains and fuss much over her conditions. She is sleeping soundly now.


Because I Want To Play My Toys

Most kids love unconventional toys. Yvette loves them too. There are a few “toys” at home Yvette certainly play with them everyday.

This morning Yvette woke up after 12 hours sleep. I brought her to pee and she asked me, “Mummy what’s today?”

I told her is Monday and have to go school. After hearing my answer, she shook her head and replied, “no school!”. I was pretty surprised with her respond and reaction. I question her, “no school? I thought you like school?!”

She answered, ” because I want to play my toys!”

Since it was still early, I let her play while I bathed and dressed myself. Happily she dashed out of the bedroom and started playing.




It is Time to Pen Down Her Thoughts

She been practicing. The credit goes to her two teachers in school. She would finish all worksheets given by her Chinese Teacher every once or bi-weekly.


As such I feel it is time to move on. We went to her favorite shop, Popular after our dinner and we got her a little booklet. The purpose to get this is to encourage her to pen down her thoughts.

She is elated and very eager to kick off this project.

This is her first piece of work.

Narration – 100% her effort.
Grammar – We helped but I could tell she could manage some too.
Spelling is good try. 50% her effort.



I missed out “drank”. (She did mention.)

Here’s my review.