T.G.I.F – A Weekday to Relax

I love Friday.

I love I could relax after my meal.

It been busy. Very busy. Day in day out, housework, work, tantrum, meltdown and Yvette. I feel all burn out at the end of everyday but except for Friday.

Dinner will be done by 7.30 pm or sometimes earlier and I will cast everything aside. I will start to play with Yvette till as late as 9.30 pm and then I will chase her off to bed. (She already bathed when she was back home after her passed motion.)

TGIF - IMG_0231

TGIF - IMG_0233

Kids really have short attention span. After playing for just 20 mins, the above is the 4th or 5th toys already. She moved on to Snake and ladder. The forgotten toy!

TGIF - IMG_0363

Then my sister was back and I pulled out my shoes to show her. Yvette loves shoes, she loves our shoes even more. She started her drama mama act after she saw my shoes. Can’t wait to put it on!!!

TGIF - IMG_0365

How I wish everyday is Friday!


Our Child(ren)s’ Laughter

I am sure every parent has this experience. There will be always a smile on your face when you hear your child(ren) is/are laughing their chest out.

I have never blog about how contagious it is….  I miss Yvette’s laughter since D left us last Saturday. She is more emotionally stable now over her Papa’s departure but still she rarely broken into laughter.

For the first time of this week, I heading home without much stress and knowing Yvette should be very happy now.

Not a single kid like to be the last to go home. I always make it the point and ensure Yvette won’t be the last one. (That is the reason why keeping the CC nearest to home help.) When D is around, Yvette will be picked up by him at 6 in the evening. Now she is leaving the CC at  6.25 pm. I am trying my best to travel there as fast as I could but sadly this is the earliest I could pick her up. (I usually leave office at 6.05 pm to 6.10 pm. Walk to MRT, 7 mins Train ride and then walk to CC will usually take up another 15 mins.)

Today, so happen my sister was on Medical Leave and she texted me whether I want her to pick Yvette up from CC. Of course I said Yes to her. I am very sure Yvette will be very happy too.

They picked her up at 5 plus and then they went to buy some food before they headed back home. (I only cooked two dishes today. I asked my sister to buy more food as her boyfriend is joining us for dinner.)

When I was at the door, I could hear Yvette laughing behind the door. When I opened the door, she too engrossed with the activity she was doing with my sister’s boyfriend and had never noticed I was back home. But I didn’t waited for too long, she greeted me with one of her biggest Megawati Smile.

The rest of the evening was really relax for me. My sister had tidy up the house for me. Washed all the dirty plate that left in the sink by my FIL . We had dinner together and I have them to babysit Yvette while I get those ingredients ready for tomorrow dinner.

I still have time to play ball with Yvette. Yvette had so much fun. Some pictures here are blur but I guess, most importantly a moment is being captured. I simply love her laughter!

Playing ball - IMG_0336

Playing ball - IMG_0341

Playing ball - IMG_0342

In the midst of our kicking ball session, she knee down and started to count down the number of days left. I am very sure she miss all these moments with D.

Yvette, Papa will be back soon, another 9 days more!

Playing ball - IMG_0344

I took a video clip when we were playing the ball with her. (Did I ever say she is obsessed with ball since she was a baby) This video recorded down her laughter. A moment I wish it can last forever, EVER.

I am counting all these blessing day by day!

A Day Full of Celebrations

Today  is our 8th years Customary Wedding Anniversary, Yvette Turned 2.5 yo and ……..

We didn’t have a very special celebration. In fact we were at home most of the time. We only went out around 5 plus in the evening.

We were supposed to meet our SIL for dinner but then the timing is hard to compromise. So instead of meeting them, we told them we shall get them food instead.

(Oh well, it is a free stay and we feel they shouldn’t spend so much money on food there. The meal there for each person is around or more than 50 bucks from breakfast to supper!)

We have our simple meal that sum up a simple celebration just 3 of us at Soup Spoon. My comfort food. Yvette had soup and some sushi, her comfort food we brought along.


After our simple meal, we headed to Metro to find Sea Animals Figurine but then I couldn’t find any.

It was getting late, we decided D should go and get food for my SIL’s family and I should head Taka to get the Fire Engine for Yvette. Ever since we gotten the Tomy car track, and got her 5 vehicles  (A Purple Bus, A Green Car, An Ambulance, A Police Car & A Taxi); it trigged her learning interest on transportation system. Now she started to point the road sign, the truck, and many other moving vehicles on the road to us. And from Starfall, she knows the fire engine is missing in her collection and been asking us to buy for her.

So I went to the Children Department in Taka to get her that and then moved to The Better Toys Store.

At The Better Toys Store, I really did find some Sea Animals Figurine but then they are expensive as expected. So after roaming around the store, I finally get a toy for motor skill. This toy is just plainly too cute for me not to buy!


As for Yvette, she was so busy with this Bead toy where she neglected her back at home.


She didn’t want to leave. But after much coaxing, she finally agreed to head Kino.

After an hour, this is what I manage to get for Yvette. More presents for Half Birthday? Hehe… excuse to get stuffs.


As for D, he gotten food and as well as a pastry cake and it really look impressive! And it taste delicious too. We are going to have another celebration!


We quickly left Orchard and make our way to MBS . It’s drizzling when we marched out of MRT station. Luckily we did bring along our umbrella.

I am so glad that we took public transport and this gave me a chance to view the amazing night view of Singapore River. I don’t think anywhere else in Singapore can we find this view. Its really awesome.

029 (2)

030 (2)

P/S: The above two pictures were taken by D’s iPhone yesterday.

From there we entered the third floor of the shopping mall. We removed the wet plastic cover away the stroller so that Yvette could sit on it again.

After 10 mins walk, we finally reached our destination and met the birthday Boy! Today we were back here again  to celebrate my nephew’s 23 birthday. Sometimes it’s so amaze that I have witness their growth. From a little girls & boy, (we are very close to my SIL’s family and her family was once living just opposite of us for more than 5 good years.) and now they are promising young adult!

Yvette was excited over the cake cutting “ceremony”. Perhaps my niece was right. She had attended several birthday celebration, she is more or less able to anticipate what is going to happen. Look at this video clip, it is so hilarious! I don’t expect she could do it honestly!


Lastly, here a nice picture of Yvette and her favourite (male) cousin! We have great fun in the hotel room!


A Typical Trip @ Shop & Save

Unlike NTUC, most of the vegetables and fruits in Shop & Save are within Yvette’s reach. Thus making shopping of groceries more interesting to us. (And it does invite attention from stranger too.)

Yvette will help herself with the basket which she call it “mat”. And then will start her own grocery shopping. She will pick her own bread, fruit and vegetable and disallow us to put our items inside the basket.

She will then carry her basket.


And when the basket gets too heavy, she will drag the basket.


When she saw the fruits or vegetable of she know, she will shout their name out. Sometimes stranger will pass her vegetables and she will happily take over and put them into her basket.

Some strangers will smile at us and tell us how cute our girl is. We allow this because she did not resist when I put her items back to the shelves. And we do enjoy her mischievous act sometimes.

These are the items chosen by her. And we only buy the Strawberry.



Yvette learns all letters and including their sound thru Starfall; one of the programme I do with her everyday.

Starfall Camp


Dinosaur Dance


25c gets 5 gumballs (I always choose 25c so that she can excited 5 times.) 😀


During our away, she missed this so much and always throw tantrum at night when I can’t do it with her. SO when we were back yesterday, I did once with her even it was already late after we finally settled down.

She always get very excited when she sees these 3 programmes played on Starfall when I run thru the letters with her. And we always find very amusing when she got so perk up over this.

This afternoon I managed to video down her excitement when she was watching the last programme so that I can record this funny moment down here and could watch it when she no longer react in this manner again.

A Day Full of Funny Moments

I believe all parents out there will agree with me that our kid bring a bundle of joy to us. Yvette did that too. I realize I have not pen down funny moments Yvette could bring to us ever since I have been actively blogging since May 09. (YTD I only have 373 posts; I started this blog since Jan 08)

Yvette brings plenty of funny moments to us every day. Beside my hubby and me; her cousin, Ting, is the third person who spends most of her weekday off day with us. I am sure she had a good laugh when she is with us.

Today, we really have a lot of funny moments and with this, it had trigged me to pen these funny moments Yvette had brought to us. And also, I think I should start to pen down these moments as it will definitely give me a good laugh when Yvette is much old.

Early morning, my Mum and my sister came to visit us. We planned to go Orchard to get some formal clothing for my mum and my sister agreed to buy some clothing for Yvette too.


Yvette is into umbrella now. (Remember she was my sister’s little helper when we were at Singapore Motherhood Fair.) Since then, she was really into it. Yvette took hold of the umbrella and started to dance with her umbrella in front of us. (We finally brought her this umbrella from Daiso for her last week when we were at Plaza Sing.) I quickly took out my camera and start to snap some pictures. She was really getting more excited as she danced. (Nursery rhymes was the music in the background) Daddy continued to take more pictures of Yvette after seeing her excitement over her “umbrella” dancing moves. (I was doing ironing when I witnessed her dancing. My mum and my sister laughed out wholeheartedly too.)

Warming Up

Warming Up

The Umbrella Dance Moves

Her "umbrella dance moves"

(P/S: We know it was kind of dangerous for her to play so. But so far we had been vigilant and let me hope this “activity” remain accident free for her.)

When I was viewing those pictures taken by us on her “moves”, it’s a regret that we didn’t take down any video. No wonder happy and funny moments went off so fast. (She “danced” for 20 mins.)


We went out around 1.30 pm in the afternoon. And today, I decided to “flash” my stroller as I will expect Yvette will need to rest on her stroller for nap. Surprising Yvette wanted to sit on the stroller. (She never sit or rest in her stroller when she is fully alert.) Again I quickly took out our camera and start to snap some pictures.

She looks very uneasy to me

She really looks uneasy to me

(P/S: We didn’t strap her as we know she wouldn’t be sitting on the stroller for long. And yes, I was right; she only sat for less than 5 mins. But still, it’s a rare experience for me.)


While we were having dinner at Sushi Tei, Yvette shouted “wow” every time when the food was served. (She was pointing at the food too.) Very funny. I am sure she must be very hungry. (The waitress couldn’t stop laughing too.)

The new Sushi Tei

The new Sushi Tei

(P/S: Sushi Tei moved from the usual spot to #05-04/05 in Paragon. I love their ambience.)


Remember she will be my future shopping Queen?

She really loves to shop!

She really loves to shop!

After dinner, we entered Fox to get a fleece jacket for Yvette. My sister and Yvette entered the shop first, and then I followed by. The moment they entered the shop, Yvette could drive my sister to the direction she wanted to be, and picked up a top and passed it to me.


She started to shop as though she know what was she doing. She reached out for clothing that she could reach and even pointed to my sister to get those clothing to her. She will place the clothing in front of her as though trying to see those clothing suited her.


Where did she learn this from???

But we really laughed out with all our heart in the shop. -.-!



*Stella, don’t faint when you read this.*


Great imagination! Treating an jumper as bag!!!

I was showing my sister some recent clothing I had gotten for Yvette and Yvette grasped hold of one jumper.

She went to kitchen, (her papa was in the kitchen) and insisted her papa to put this packet of milo into the overall.


I never believe my eye when I saw this. (Papa was saying in the background, telling Yvette I will sure reprimand her.)

(P/S: I am too shocked to scold her.)


P/S: Hubby brought something really expensive today to reward himself for working for around 20 years.