Happy Chinese New Year 2012!

This is my girl on Day one of CNY.


It a busy day for us on the first day of CNY. We have relatives coming to visit my FIL and we are off in the evening to my mum’s place.

I missed the visiting to my Grandma’s house in the afternoon. And I saw this rare picture posted on FB by my SIL.


This is the first time after so many years, a picture of all the grandson of my grandma. (my brother who is in red.)

Happy Dragon Year to everyone! It been raining and I believe it is indeed A Water Dragon Year.


Happy 34

I am thankful that I am still breathing in this world!!!

We waited for D to come back from class and it was really late at night. Finally I get to blow off my cake at 11 pm. An hour before 12 midnight.


The year 33 was really uneventful. Nothing was fantastic. My Molar Pregnancy almost killed me. I am living in fear for months and then my cough.

I did CT Scan twice in this year and today was the second scan. (I think I must be out of my mind that I arranged for another scan today.) I went to see a respiratory specialist last week; she wanted me to do a scan to ensure my lung isn’t contaminated by Methotrexate . The scan was done in the morning and review was in the afternoon.


Due to work and as well as his lesson kicked off this week; D didn’t take leave to accompany me. However we managed to meet up for lunch. I tried something new.


After our lunch, I continue my shopping. I was hunting shoes for Yvette since last Saturday and sadly I really couldn’t get any. Anyway, the clinic called and checked with me whether have I collected the report and reminded me I have an appointment with DR Lo in the afternoon.

Headed back to hospital to collect my report and the first thing I looked out was the report diagnosis. I am glad that nothing was found and my lung is absolutely fine. However, the doctor didn’t provide much reasons that why my cough took so long to recover and to the extend affecting my sleep. I need to be on medication till I get to see her again in Feb.


Hubby got me a HappyCall Pan and I received on Thursday. This is really overdue post and I am going to back date to 16 Jan.


I wish my health could be better and I can wish myself a Happy 35 next year! And also Happy Birthday to this blog. It has turned 4!

My Blog Turns 3 & I am 33

I find it hard to credit, but, as of today, I have been writing this blog for precisely three years. So, I am wishing my blog a big happy birthday. I hope you do, too.

Now, I had no idea I would still be writing, after three years, when I began…but here I am. I find, now, that keeping the blog has become a natural part of my life, so I can envisage continuing to do so, as long as the writing remains enjoyable (which I see no reason to think it won’t be, forever and a day, at least).

I am glad with the current technology I could write much easily when I am on the road. D got me a iPhone 4 as Christmas Gift last year and this phone is really a great help to me. I always pen down my entry as I am travelling and indeed keeping this blog up-to-date as of now.

Thank you to all my loyal long term readers and my newer readers, too, and it is my hope that these more recent ones, become future long term ones, too.

Thanks for reading.

At the same time, I am 33 today.

D was not with me for the first time ever during my birthday. I do feel a little down because I am, at the same time managing Yvette’s separation anxiety during this period. It seems she is missing her Papa too much than I expect.

My sister in law got me a bag and I love it so much. It is so durable and much lighter than the current bag I am carrying now! My sister got me a pouch and again this comes in handy. I wanted to get something for myself and yet I still didn’t have much time to get it.

33 birthday - IMG_0231

This bag is really worth the value!

33 birthday IMG_0239

I got some treats too. My SIL brought me dinner last weekend and Crystal’s mum got me a cake and a drink!

Thank You So Much!

Since today is a happy occasion for me, I would like to do some give away too. (Crystal’s mummy let me know yesterday, it is counted as blessing if I could give.)

I got this Chinese CD  with  a book that I bought for Yvette but it was left in the drawer for the longest period of time that I didn’t realise till I do some packing recently.

33 Birthday IMG_0237

I got this set of flash card that was given me as a gift and I will like to give it off.

33 birthday IMG_0238

I got this CD which my niece brought wrongly.

33 birthday IMG_0240

These are all brand new!

To win this, it is easy.

All you have to do is to Leave a Comment on this post and tell me –

To tell me you are reading my blog and maybe more about yourself?  And also which gift you will like to receive from me. Hey, regular readers could participate too!

This is my little way of saying Thank You for your support for this blog. So for this round, any comment thru email will not be counted!

I hope most of you will want to take part of this give away!

P/S: This giveaway will be up till 23/01.  Result will be out after I get Yvette to draw! 😀 Properly the week after.

Another Celebration For D’s 40th Birthday

We actually went to many places with my niece and her boyfriend today but I shall cut the entry short by only blogging some special moments for today celebration.

I called my niece in the morning and found out that she was not working and asked her to join us for lunch. And yes, they (her bf was off too) came along.

Yvette handed this card made by herself with my assistance to her Daddy in morning and D was so happy to receive it with pride.

Another Celebration For D 40th Birthday1

I held Yvette's hand to write down those greeting!

I feel so blessed that the teachers cut the Music and Movement short and present the certificate to Yvette so that we could go off. (The class was already over run by 15 mins when we left.)

After we left, my niece picked us up and we headed Jumbo at Dempsey for crab. It’s now a norm for us that every year we will be heading there for birthday celebration because as a member, D will receive a birthday cake (something went terrible wrong about the cake and I will disclose at the end of the post.) and since we were there for lunch, we will be entitled 20% discount.


These two dishes are a must for us. I like pepper and D like Chilli Crab!


My Fav!!!


Eating crab with Yvette can be tough because our hands will be all used up but then luckily we have iPod Touch to keep her company.


After our sumptuous lunch we brought Yvette to Peek-a-Boo! at Kallang Leisure Park because my niece’s bf need to attend some personal matter.

Another Celebration For D 40th Birthday

Yvette had so much energy and stamina. She skipped her nap and made me went up the obstacle for more than 10 times within 40 mins with her. I tell you, this is soooooooo tiring but I felt less guilty over eating as I have already exercise!

After spending 1.5 hours there with her, we surrendered!!!

Headed the supermarket as my niece’s bf was still not done with his errand. We found this mini pushing cart for Yvette and she was over-joy to push it around and shop like us!!!

IMG_6897 IMG_6900

My niece needs to attend class in the evening and we followed them to her school and dropped her off and went for dinner.

To cut the story short, my niece’s class ended early and we went to my SIL’s house for cake cutting.

Have anyone wonder what happen to the cake by now?

We have not forgotten it’s a Mousse Cake and it followed us everywhere we went. Imagine this cake need to be chilled and it was “out” with us almost half of the day.

It melted but it’s still E-D-I-B-L-E!!!

I am impress.

This cake is from Bakerzin. And now I can vouch that they use the best (and fresh) ingredient for their cakes!


She can't wait to blow the candles!!!

What’s Father’s Day Mean to D?


Honestly, I am not sure what Father’s Day mean to D. But I am very sure he loves to being a father. He is enjoying every bit and pieces of his fatherhood since I was expecting. When Yvette hand over the father’s gift to D yesterday, he was definitely touched and will certainly treat the scrapbook as his treasure from now.

Many of us know, in this modern society, our men had changed. Many men are not only bring back the bacon home at end of day but they do share a lot of parenting responsibilities with their wives .

Bring up a child is no longer the core responsibility of  women, men do hand-on. D has his fair share of responsibilities too.

He will bring Yvette out in the evening for a walk and currently Yvette favourite activity with D is to ride her 3-wheels around the neighbour. He will bathe Yvette when he on leave, during the weekends and sometimes weekdays when I am really busy. He will do all the dirty job such as wash Yvette’s dirty laundry. (Yvette always poop into her training pant nowadays resulted we need to do a lot of cleaning job when we are out. And D clean her bowel away and manage her well in the public toilet alone.) He will read to her, sing to her, and teach her. And being a man of a few words, he does, spend a lot of time taking to Yvette. Communicating.

Yvette is certainly not a easy child to handle as she is a very active toddler and does have her temper. He is always the one running after Yvette in public so that I can shop in peace. D has plenty of patience for her even he is unwell.

To Yvette D is definitely loving and fun to be with.

Besides taking care of our precious Yvette, D help me a lot of on house chores. We share our housework so that I can take some rest.

We celebrated Father’s Day with D yesterday in town at KISEKI at Heeren and the food was too salty. Not satisfying at all.


Today, D need to work and we will be staying at home without him in the afternoon. Maybe I should surprise him again with a mini cake in the fridge when he is back from work? (Just like the first time we celebrated Father’s Day with a piece of cake!)

And lastly, Happy Father’s Day to all Daddies in all over the world including my dad secretly.

P/S: Sometimes I feel ironical to celebrate Father’s Day with D when I didn’t even celebrate Father’s Day with my own dad. I guess this is so much I can do for him for now.