Long Hair Distraction

Mummy, eye pain pain. (Due to natural curl, Yvette has a mushroom-head hair style. Her hair length has long exceeded shoulder.)

We been hearing this from Yvette for more than 2 weeks and we decided to bring Yvette for a hair cut. Off we went to the Junior League at United Square. (We have asked her many times whether she wants to have hair cut. She agrees.)

She didn’t fuss & was super cooperative. The hair cut took less than 15 mins to finish.

Yvette before the cut.


And after cut…

question mark

Hehe, we couldn’t take a picture of her with her new hair style. It was short and bob. We like it so much. So much neater.

She got two stickers too.



Moo Moo Kow™ Wet Bag

Since I removed Yvette from disposable when Yvette was 20mths, I need to bring plenty of plastic bags. This is to to bring soiled / dirty items home when I changed her out.  Although it is not too difficult to find plastic bag while we are out if we have forgotten to bring extra, but I really find we are producing waste by using plastic bag all time. (Usually I reuse the plastic bag as trash bag when I removed Yvette’s soiled/dirty items.)

So I been looking out to find a suitable wet bag. I been reading Mummy’s Reviews™ even since I stumped upon her blog via this entry. Since then I know about this brand.

We were at Tangs today after Yvette’s class and I spotted this familiar brand immediately. I picked up the cotton diaper and have a feel of it. This diaper is really different from Bumwear. The material is definitely lighter and it is flexible. It can be used from cloth diaper to training pant. I like the colour too.


So I look around and see what other product in store and i spotted this – Moo Moo Kow™ Wet Bag. I remembered MieVee recommended a wet bag to me. I accepted the concept and think I should give it a try although it is not the same brand she recommended. This is a multi purpose bag too and it got a handle attach to the bag (where the wet bag recommended by MieVee doesn’t have it.)



P/S: This is not an review. It is a product I think it worth getting it (especially it is selling at 20% off at Tangs now) although I have not used it.

I Got Her Cut At Home

Not me, I am not the one who cut Yvette’s hair this round. It was the stylist who we been using for home service. My sister did her rebonding at home and Grace was here.


It was not the first time Yvette met Grace and she was getting much comfortable with her around too.

We kept asking her whether she wants to have hair cut but she was indecisive. Finally before Grace was going to leave, we prompted her again and finally she decided. She said Ok and then Grace asked her to bring her chair over to the balcony there the cutting of her again. (She is due for a proper hair cut. The last cut was more than 4 months ago.)

She took her chair and sat onto it in the balcony. She remained still most of the time and was fully aware what was happening. Of course I sat with her and talked to her. From time to time, I also need to hold onto her and playing iPod with with her.





Grace didn’t cut it very short for Yvette and she did not use a razor too. And here’s the end result.


Grace charged me S$8 for the cut (which I find it is ok. My SIL find it expensive.) and I am thinking we shall let Grace cut Yvette hair in the future.


Here are some of our Parenting Experience on getting a child into mood (over coming their fear) for cut:

  1. Whenever we passes by hair salon, we will pause (most of the time) standing out there and telling Yvette the people in there are cutting their hair.
  2. We brought Yvette along to salon when D needs to cut his hair. This has further letting Yvette understand of the “meaning” of cutting hair. (Sit still when hair need to be cut – I will explain to her the procedures from time to time in the salon.)
  3. I am lucky to have a stylist who come to our house to do my hair for me and Yvette gets familiar with her. (So Grace is not a stranger to her although she only see her like 4-6 months interval. Tots has superb memory. Mind you!)

Hope our experience helps.

Atopic Eczema – 6 Weeks Review

We were back to National Skin Centre for Review over Yvette’s skin condition this morning since our last visit 6 weeks ago.


Although we know Eczema will not go off even when the duty care is being carried out but  we should see improvement and I am happy to let the Doctor In Charge know that Yvette’s condition is more or less under certain extend of control.

Throughout the last 6 weeks, we only encountered once patchy rash appearing on her tight on 24.07.10 and nothing worse than that ever.


However, if you ask me how come she had those rashes appearing, honestly, I have no idea.

Going forward, we will be going back to the GP and will not be visiting this doctor again unless Yvette’s skin condition worsen.


Who don’t own more than a pair of shoes? Especially women, I think usually we own more than 3 pairs of shoes. Even I don’t work, I have more than 4 pairs of shoes to choose for every outing we go.

Yvette loves shoes. She loves shoes more than me. So much more. Sometimes I find her is too young into it.

As a mother, I usually stock up her shoes during Sales, especially Great Singapore Sales. This round I manage to get her 4 pairs of shoes at good price.

These two pairs of Shoes from Colettee cost me S$16.90 each. I got size 25 for the white shoes and size 23 for the pink. Yvette could wear the pink now and I can keep the white till she outgrown other shoes.


I like this pair of Sneakers from Clarks and it only cost me S$29. The shoes size is 22.5 but then it is so much bigger. I think the insole is around 16 or 17. I got the white Colettee and this pair of shoes from OG during sales and OG member entitles another 5 to 10%  discount on top of this sales price. (Too bad I have forgotten my SIL is OG member.)


The last piece is my from my favourite brand – OshKosh. I got this for S$29 and also forgotten my sister is a member and missed out the additional 5%.


That shoes above is Size 7 and her current sandal is Size 5. And she been wearing it since she was 20 mths.


We been getting this brand of shoes for her since she turned one and we find this brand really reliable especially Yvette doesn’t walk very well. They are very durable and lasting too. I find having a pair of good shoes is so important for her. And all these shoes have never cost me more than S$30 to get them. (The 2nd pair of shoes is her first sandal. She worn it for more than 9 mths.)


Not all her shoes are brought by us. My SIL  is another contributor too. She has gotten her more than 4 pairs of shoes. (1 pair already outgrown.)

I like this pair of shoes but there is sign Yvette is about to outgrown it. SIL specially brought this shoes for Yvette when we were travelling to HK.


I totally forgotten this pair of shoes and left them on the bench.


And this last pair was a gift from SIL for Yvette’s first birthday. Yvette still can’t wear because the size is too big for her.


As most of the shoes that Yvette outgrown are still in good condition. I have kept them in the box and put them on the shoes rack right at the top.


For the existing shoes, they are all within Yvette’s reach because she is already taking off and wearing her own shoes now.


The Rash Never Go Away

Ever since we were back from our last trip, Yvette has been suffering from rash attack and apparently these rashes never seem wanted to go away.


It has been with Yvette for around 2 months. And during these periods, I tried using various types of cream on the affected area and the result was not disappointing.


I started off with Gentrisone Cream – which suitable for Allergic and inflammatory dermatitis (eczema), first-degree burn, insect-bitten lesion, secondary bacterial infected dermatitis, dermatomycosis.

I switched to Egocort Cream (after seeking help) – this cream is for relief of skin irritations, itching and rashes due to eczema, dermatitis, sunburn, cosmetics and jewllery.

At the same time, I bathe Yvette with Balneum. It’s a bathing oil that is clinically proven for bathing dry, itchy skin conditions. However, when we went back to Guardian to buy for another bottle, we were told they don’t carry this product anymore. Anyone knows where to get this?


After using Egocort Cream for 3 weeks when this cream no longer worked on Yvette, I switched to Dektarin for a few days before we visited the doctor.

We went for doctor on 09/05/10 for first review as this affects Yvette a lot and she did, wake up in the middle of the night and cry over the itchiness.

She was prescribed with Adezio (cetirizine) – For relief of itch and Prednisolone – To decrease Skin Allergy/Rash. It doesn’t seem to improve the situation as well.

I also switched Hydrocortisone as advised by the doctor – Relief for insect bites, rashes, skin allergies and irritations. And we have been using it for about 3 weeks too.

This is disturbing.

As of todate, our GP has never confirmed it eczema. What we were told it’s fungal infection that associated with inflammation. We were prescribed Zaricort and given a letter to see the skin specialist at end of this month. (We wanted to observe for one more month on this situation.)


P/S: We do make sure Yvette receive all the duty care in term of keeping her skin clean. I never let her sit on the public bowl without cleaning them. I always carry her to pee over the bowl when using the public toilet in the market, coffee shop and hawker centre. I always wash her bottom even we are in the public. And I’ve been bathing her using Burt’s Bee since she was a baby.