Looking Back Week #12 of 2013

Week Recap for 17 – 23th Mar

Hey, where have I been? I know it is long, longer than I expected, I am not able to do any update on this blog. Again, other than work , it is still work. I finally loaded all the opening balances for my 4 entities into new accounting system, Navision. Sigh… the race has just started and I guess it is going to depleted a lot of my energy!!!

Nevertheless, let me do a quick update on what had happened on that week….. and since it been more than one month… I will let the picture do the talking as I won’t have much detail to blog too… can’t remember already! @_@

Yvette worn the star hair band to school on 18th Mar. No idea why she did that but it did attract a lot of attention!


I saw this in one of the supermarket in town.


Lastly, I think this level is really silly… Level 252…


hmmm that all.. I update for the sake of updating.. it doesn’t make sense to reader I guess but I just didn’t want to have a gap.. trying to capture as much memories in detail… I wish!


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