Books Yvette Read in March 2011

We finally finished reading the last book of the early reader book I brought months back. As such, it is again time for me to sit down to decide which series of book I should take her on. I know she is still reading ahead of her peers but it still boils down to my expectation.

Read Mar 11 - IMG_0009

She doesn’t really like to read by her own. She prefers me reading to her. I know she could read better and she does try to read those words using phonics rule but the still she prefer revising her Maths more than reading. Hmmm…

We touched on these two books too. It had been neglected. It is good once in awhile brushing her phonics although I work toward on whole language method for reading.

Read Mar 11 - IMG_1305

Read Mar 11 - IMG_1306

I pulled out this book to make her read aloud to me. Counting as she read makes her really looking forward to flip the pages again and again. (Thanks Sam.)

Read Mar 11 - IMG_1286

We are at lesson 9 for Book 1 of 四五块读. I hope to finish this by April and move on to Book 2.

Read Mar 11 - IMG_0010

皮皮狗 series were still her favourite. She could feel a lot for this book – 妈妈不见了。 She will always hold me tight as I read this book to her. So I constantly making use this book to remind her; she got to stay close to us when we are out if not one day she will lose me. 😀

Read Mar 11 - IMG_1249


Place Value

Yvette has no difficulty telling me big numbers. Whenever we walked pass block with 3 digits or anything with 3 digits, she could easily read those aloud to me.

Place value - IMG_1075

We did the above activity on the 05th March and she completed it effortlessly. However when I turned over the next page to continue the next activity, she was lost completely.

Place value - IMG_1020

Honestly I was surprised she couldn’t  visualise the value and place them correctly. As such, this triggered me to make these materials for her.

Place Value - IMG_1021

Apparently with this set of material (is poorly done up by me. Thinking of buying them now), indeed did help her to understand more easily but then I still have some reservation that she had grasp hold of the idea.

Place Value - IMG_1019

I think more revision is required to learn this concept.

Some Motor Skill and Pattern Learning @ 33 Mths

We wanted to go out to buy some groceries but Yvette wanted to be at home with just me.

So I oblige.

While doing some sticker book activities and we came across some pattern, I used her toys to teach her the concept again. Although most of the time, once she understand the fundamental concepts, she will not forgotten. But sometimes for some concepts, Yvette need to reinforce the idea again and again using different method.

Motor - IMG_0905

I also took out some spool and beads for Yvette to do lacing and as well as pattern learning too. She loves this activity so much.

Motor - IMG_0911

Motor - IMG_0914

Here are some of the learning activities from the sticker books… I would say this is something quite interactive.

Motor - Mar 2011 Everyday1

Books Yvette Read in February 2011

Our home learning is getting a bit restricted due to no time at my end. I didn’t have much time for creating materials and I don’t have much energy left at the end of the day. I am getting busier and busier each day in office. Again I guess I am wrong to get a contract job after all.

So now, we spent most of our time doing reading and reading is very addictive now. We can easily spend an hour just doing reading. I managed to get her interest in other book instead of reading those two favourite books she loves from the library by not borrowing them anymore.

Read in Feb 11 - IMG_0955

I managed to channel her love into this book. The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. I love Eric Carle book. They are not only story but there are many facts found in his book. This book is about telling time, learning size, shape,learning animals and learning manner. The Grouchy Ladybug didn’t say “please” or “thank you”; it wouldn’t share; it thought it was bigger and more important than anyone else.

I doubt Yvette pick up the “moral” of the story but the catchy line said by Grouchy ladybug really gets into her – “Hey you,” said the grouchy ladybug. “Want to fight?” “If you insist,”….

I planned to continue reading this book in March and plan to do a lapbook study for this.

I managed to get her read aloud these two books for me and found out she could read most of the words in it.

Read in Feb 11 - IMG_0956

And she could read aloud these two reader books after I  read aloud to her for 2-3 times.

Read in Feb 11

For Chinese reading, I stop giving her 我会读. We revisited 皮皮狗 and found out is was a hit. She loves it so much and both of us have to read to her each night spearately. She loves till the extend she could remember most of the story line in the story and she always want to read them.

Read in Feb 11 - IMG_0957

Out of these 3 stories, she loves 我不想上幼儿园 the most; especially these line – 呜哇!我也不想上幼儿园!then she skipped a few lines and continue 妈妈不要我了! 妈妈!不哭,不哭,妈妈会来接你的,现在老师和你一起玩!

We made progress for 四五块读. We are at Chapter 5 of book 1 now.

Home Learning – Last Week of February

Now, I don’t have the time to plan for activity like what I did in the past. Too many housework need to be done. Errands need to be ran during lunch time and as well as I am very busy at work.

Anyway, I am lucky that Yvette like to do activity book and often she will bark us to do it with her. For this week, my sister brought her a new sticker book with so many activity in it. I think this should keep her occupy for at least one month before she got bored over it.

Learning Feb 2011 -  IMG_0861

Yvette is strong in addition and multiplication but weak in subtraction and division. I got this activity book last Sun when I was in Giant. I find this book is good because the wordings are big and there is sticker for answer. Yvette still couldn’t write, this will also make her learning more interesting and not killing the interest because she could fill in the box with right answers. (She can use sticker.)

Learning Feb 2011 - IMG_0860

I finally got this Fraction set from Dang Dang spree which I think I got it for about 10 bucks. I wanted to teach her the concept long ago but just could find the one I like or some out there are expensive. Sadly, when I try to teach fraction, her interest in learning Fraction are not there for now.

Learning Feb 2011 - IMG_0859

I got this set of matching card somewhere in someone’s else site but I really couldn’t find where I got it from any more. [P/S: I am sorry that I have steal your credit and will be mindful if you want me to link it back when you saw this. For readers, if you like to have it, just email me.] This set of card not only can do matching, it also teaches rule for English. It is also the Plural Cards. There are 3 sets of Irregular Plurals and 5 rules I can teach Yvette.

Learning Feb 2011 -  IMG_0862

Here are the rules Yvette will be learning and surprisingly, some I didn’t know about it too. (I remember them by hard.)

Rule 1: For most nouns, just add –s.

Rule 2: For nouns ending in –s, –x, –z, –ch or –sh, add –es.

Rule 3: For some nouns ending in –f, change the –f to a –v and add –es. (Exceptions: roofs, chefs, cliffs…)

Rule 4: For some nouns ending in –o, add –es. (Exceptions: pianos, photos, memos….)

Rule 5: For nouns that end with consonant +y, change –y to –ies, For nouns that end with vowel +y, add –s.

Home Learning – Love Is In The Air

I am late and I always will. Here are all my overdue entries!

V Day 2011 - IMG_0720

We did this 3D valentine craft on 11/2. It doesn’t seem to be easy for Yvette. She really took awhile to figure out to fit the 3 hearts together and did fail badly. I think I need to work on the similar concept with her again.

V Day 2011 - IMG_0724

Here’s the end result – Love is in the air!

V Day 2011 - IMG_0730

On the actual day, we worked together. We made a Valentine Day card for D with his participation!

V Day 2011 - IMG_0782

It is fun making the card together. At the same time we could show affection to each other especially to Yvette.

We read Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff for one week. This book is about how Valentine Day is also meant for Friendship and how it can be spent among friends. It is about one sentence per page, simple and easily understand. Yvette took this book very well.

V Day 2011 - IMG_0808

Here’s the end result of our work.

V Day 2011 - 1

There are some unfinished work. I have yet printed out the label and pasted them into a file. And I believe those made up a full picture of Valentine Day all about.

V Day 2011 - IMG_0783