Looking Back Week #8 of 2013

Week Recap for 17th – 23th Feb

About Yvette

Well, Yvette is petty sick this week. She was down since Tuesday. We were asked to pick her back in the afternoon and since then, she never went school for the rest of the week. I stayed at home with her for two days and hubby was with her on Friday.

When I was with her for two days, we stay home most of the time. No outing for her as I think it is still good to stay indoor due to unexpected rain fall from time to time. However on Friday, hubby brought her out to Sensory Park and they had great time there. And this forgetful daddy didn’t take any picture for keepsake!


Oh yes, this week hubby need to attend class and I didn’t cook much. On Thursday, Yvette was a bit better, no way I can stay at home after staying two days in our own yard, I decided to bring her out to eat dinner.

We headed down to Junction 8. Ramen is something that her health could take up now. (Usually, if only two of us, to avoid crowd, I usually go for cafe or restaurant.) I notice she could manage the noodles all by herself and good enough to finish the whole bowl of noodles without much help from me.


And before dinner, She requested for paint art…. something that she has not been  doing for the past few months. Looking at this picture, it is not easy to spot that she had indeed, improved a lot in selecting the colour on the picture and as well as her ability to control the paint. (Paint didn’t overflow.)


About the Family & Me

No doubt, these two weeks were those weeks that I am extremely busy. However, at end of the week, our family and as well as SIL’s family, we headed down to Marina Bay Floating Platform to participate in Chingay 2013.



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