Looking Back Week #10 of 2013

Week Recap for 03rd – 09th Mar

About Yvette

1. Preschool & Preschool work – Plenty of catching up with school for Yvette as she was away school for 3 days last week. Luckily it was the last week of the school term where the work load for the kids are not too heavy to stomach, I could tell Yvette could manage her school work in breeze. There are plenty of drawing she did for her work in school as the school teach them to use drawing to express.

She did Mango Pudding for her Gourmet lesson this week but I didn’t took any picture of it. It taste goody….

2. Learning at home has taken backseat unfortunately due to my hectic work schedule. Daddy is preparing his exam too. However, as a independent learner and with plenty of materials she could pick up at home around her. I do see she do a lot of reading and self learning by herself.

3. Nafa Art – Another two pieces of Art work was taken home this week.



About the Family & Me

I visited my aunt on 03rd March and now she’s gone…


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