Show & Tell – Minibeasts

I did this for Show & Tell – Minibeasts for this coming week or next week. We went to revamped Bishan Park on 04.03.2012.

Shirley New iPhone

P/S. The pictures are piling and my thoughts are evaporating; memories fading away…. I just can’t get my engine to start blogging!


Not A Good Start for First Week

Although she coped well in her first week of school, I saw this when I was back home on Friday.


She had a bad fall and none of her teachers had noticed. Arrr.. I am surprise she is getting tougher. She didn’t cry nor complain. She picked herself up quickly after the fall. This was what she told me.

Beside the fall, I also notice she started to have running nose.

Not a good start for week 1 after all.

Promoted to N2

Yes, it is another new school year. Nothing has changed for Yvette other than she was been promoted to N2.

We are still in the same CC. The Chinese Teacher teaching them since N1, followed the class up. The school, this round, I feel they have given Yvette a better English Teacher. I hope she could stay throughout the year with them. (Last year, Yvette’s English Teacher fell very sick. She was constantly on medical leave and the school didn’t make a good plan for the missing gap.)

Well, it is not exactly with no change. The school will start teaching them to brush teeth after the lunch and will stop washing hair for the children or even bathing them. Reason of not bathing them because the school is fully aircon and they hardly sweat. And eventually cutting off this process will translate to more quality time for learning.

It is hard not to disagree but I can’t agree not to bath Yvette totally due to her skin problem. I only agree they can stop washing her hair.

The first week of school has ended today and I am glad she is coping well and she is happy with the change.


The cup and the toothbrush - From Kiddy Palace.

Yvette Preschool HFMD Alert

Probably HFMD is very active throughout the year but it is really rare in my dd’s CC. The CC caught two kids were down with HFMD and was sent back home on that day. Being a parent myself, I am lucky that I have not encountered this before and I wish this will NEVER happen on Yvette.

The school really takes very strict precautionary measures to sanitize the furniture and toys in the classrooms. (Hubby saw them sun the toys under the sun. He went there to fetch Yvette early today.) They are doing additional stringent maintenance of checking and cleanliness in the centre by:-

  1. Continue to monitor the situation and arrange for another fumigation of the entire premises.
  2. Besides normal health screening every morning, all children will be screened (hand, foot and mouth) and temperature measured before lunchtime and after nap.
  3. All communal activities in the centre will be ceased temporarily until further notice. This includes the gym and common play area.
  4. All toys and equipment to be cleaned between classes and after each class every day.
  5. Mats/Carpets will be rolled up in all classes.
  6. Parents/caregivers are to remain outside of the school premises during drop-off or pick-up.
  7. The centre will be closed to outside visitors for the time being until further notice. They have to post phone the Parent Teacher Conference (PTC), orientations and all other matters on hold for the next 2 weeks.

The school actually did advice us to keep our child at home even they are not sick at all. That was because the parents of the two kids told the school this strain of HFMD is very strong. But unfortunately, during Year end I have to be around even though I am only a temp here. As such, I am not sure are we taking risk to send Yvette to school now.

Hubby will be on leave on and off in Dec and I have asked my sister to take leave too. I have taken two days leave as well. We can’t keep Yvette totally away from school and I hope with such stringent control and as well as Yvette’s immunity system, we could brave this storm.

P/S: We are monitoring Yvette closely at home too. Tomorrow will be the third day which will be the day symptoms appear if Yvette is infected. (I read and understand from colleague the Incubation period is first 3-7 days. So I pray hard now!)

N2 Curriculum Talk

Despite Yvette’s CC has given us some problems and I do, not happy with some of the issues happened throughout her stay there, I still don’t have any intention to change CC for her. One good reason after considering again and again of not removing her from this CC is it is so near our home. It make no sense to change as long as it doesn’t create any damage to Yvette’s physically or emotionally.

Well, the year has finally coming to an end and we attended the talk for her promotion to N2 next year. The curriculum which this school can offer often could excited me here and there.

I am not that excited over the English Curriculum and the Numeracy  – properly she been doing well in these two subjects. I am particularly keen over the Chinese Curriculum. And after listen to the talk and knowing what to expect, I am excited.

The school commits to teach the 19 strokes and going to teach 42 words next year. There  you see, Yvette could recognize Chinese Character and could read Chinese Reader book but then there are areas that to re-emphases. So with this commitment from school, it will help.

Yvette’s current year Chinese Teacher will move up with this class and I hope Yvette will benefit from her teaching in N2. In fact, Yvette did show huge improvement on her Chinese especially for the conversation part.

I am impress.

P/S: Please don’t ask me which CC I send Yvette to. Thanks

Yvette’s First Performance Concert 2011

She is not the star but she definitely the star in our heart. While every kid was looking for their parents on the stage, Yvette pointed at us and said: “See my papa mama there!” Hubby was extremely proud & touch after hearing that from Yvette’s mouth! (We were very far away.)

4 kids were chosen to be MC from their class. I was really impressed with their gut. Even they were scared, but they still put up their best. Yvette preformed well too. We were overwhelmed she can remember every single movement and sing together with the song.

We took down photos and video of the performance but the quality of the photos weren’t good. (We were too far away.) But the video was good. I have posted them on my FB and yet have any intention to post it here.

Yvette concert 2011 -

5 performances; two from Yvette’s Class, 1 by N1 A & 1 by N1C, there is one combine effort from both classes. I love all the performances. The kids are really cute and they have shown us their confidence! And after watching the show, I began to agree, no matter how expensive we parents have to pay for our kid’s concert, it is all worth it. (We paid S$45 for the costume and our tickets. S$15 for my sister’s ticket. S$25 for the photo & S$40 for the CD.)

After the concert, the kids were out taking photo. There are the stars for the day. All of them were really in high spirits!

Yvette and her best friend, Crystal. (I thought I am the only couldn’t take a nice picture of them. Even C’s daddy picture was blur. They just couldn’t stand still!)

Yvette concert 2011 - P1010598

Yvette with her Chinese Teacher.

Yvette concert 2011 - P1010588

Yvette with her Ah Yee.

Yvette concert 2011 - P1010586

What about us? I was too fat. I better don’t load our picture here to make me sad. Hahaha!!

Performance Songs For Concert 2011

Yvette likes to sing a lot. She been singing so much at home till we can hear her cheerful vocal everywhere in the house.

Yvette refused to sing me the song that she is going to perform later. But at the same time, she didn’t mind singing me songs that were supposed to perform by her classmate in another class. (Songs to be performance by N1A & N1C.)

N1A Performance Song for Year End Concert 2011
N1C Performance Song for Year End Concert 2011