Looking Back Week #11 of 2013

Week Recap for 10 – 16th Mar

Not sure about you, but I hate to read and write long email at work. I love keeping my email short and sweet. As such I notice there is a change in a way I am blogging. I like to keep my point in summary and tend to forget blogging need more detail. (I feel blogging need more elaboration…As I want to remember as much detail as possible..) Anyway, I usually blog with a mood not with a mind…. Hope I won’t make readers feel bored when they reading my post.

About Yvette

1. Preschool & Preschool work – I feel the school is trying to adjust the curriculum due to the holiday week delay by a week due to a change by MOE. Nothing much was done in this week except for revision. A good news I received this week is her progress on the reading program conducted by the school. She has done well.


2. Learning at home will then take backseat again. It will be like a long break before I am going to teach her new topic. I wish I can start on another new lapbook but time is not really control by myself. I am always occupied with things I need to do but thing I don’t wish to do. But I do find out she could spell 95% of the words in this list. (My friend sent me this list. This is a spelling list from another Perschool. My daughter’s preschool don’t have spelling test.)

Spelling list from other Perschoolo

3. Habit and Obsession – It has been long I never update Yvette’s habit and love. She still love to bit her nails… a habit I find hard to correct her. (shhhh…. her Gugu and Daddy has the same habit too. But Gugu overcome this habit in this recent two years as she is obsession with Nail Art. Her finger nails are always so beautiful these days.)

She still sit like Ah Ma… leg is forever up…


Her sleeping style doesn’t change too. 乱七八糟。


They are still very obsessed with the Lego Apps where we found out during our visit to the The Art of Bricks at Art Science Museum.


Her love for Paint Art makes a come back.


We attended Crystal’s meimei first birthday.


About the Family & Me

My Aunty (San Shen) passed on on 15th March 2013… I will always miss you, 小胖。。。


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