A Pot Of Gold In The Pool

We had lunch at Lot 1 after our farm trip. Usually I will hardly go food court with Yvette alone. It’s not because I like to go restaurant or cafe, it’s because it never easy to get a place to eat, buy food and keep Yvette safe. As such I managed to find place right in front of the stall – The Japanese stall.

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0600

It’s a big table and since there were many pairs of eyes looking at us, making me very sure Yvette will be safe. And the stall is just a stone away, I asked Yvette to remain seated and I walked over to the stall to get food for us. We really did enjoy the lunch together.

After our lunch, we took LTR to Stella’s house for a playdate! A date that we been prolonging.

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0603

They have great fun together. Yvette particularly interested in playing Velda’s beam.

PlayDate with V & Z

The highlight of today outing would be us making a trip to  Senja-Cashew Community Centre opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza. This is the first fully integrated CC and sports complex. The CC is situated in the heart of Bukit Panjang Town opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza. It has modern sports facilities which include an eight-lane swimming pool, an infinity pool with jacuzzi, children’s playground with water features, sports hall for badminton, basketball and table tennis, tennis courts, a street soccer court and two dance studios.  The CC is equipped to support a wide range of interests and programmes.

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0608

A quiet pool?

And many kids started to cry beside the pool. I can feel the disappointment and the unhappiness. Unhappiness started to

Why the pool is closed?

Sadly there’s a little boy who poo into the pool. A pot of gold??? Something we never encounter. It was Stella who witnessed the whole happened and I was the one informed the life guard. There’s no other choice but to shut the pool.

To pacify the kids, luckily, I have some lolipops in my bag. If not I am very sure we started to face tantrum!!!

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0610

Since the kids cannot enjoy the slide, we got to head to the adult pool. My persistent Yvette insisted to wait for them to reopen the kids’ pool but her wish never came true.

Finally we joined Velda and Zac at adult pool.

Although it’s about dinner time, Velda loves the pizza at the cafe of the pool too much; we gotten a treat from Stella. 😀

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0612

While the kids enjoying their pizza, I enjoy the sense of peace from the nice view beside the cafe!

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0613


We Have Ashlyn For PlayDate

I wanted to make a trip to visit Wendy and Ashlyn after the blood test but Wendy decided she will come over my place again because her neighbour house was having major renovation.

Yvette was still sleeping when they were here. Ashlyn wasn’t convinced by us that Yvette was sleeping and I brought her to our room to “look” at Yvette. Ashlyn reluctantly accepted the fact she got to wait for Yvette to wake up and I kept her occupied by the Art & Craft I brought from the spree.

I can understand how much Ashlyn wanted to play with Yvette. Although Yvette like Velda but they “can’t” really play together. Hmmm and Yvette doesn’t really like to play with Zac… awwww… I feel bad ya Stella!

But for Ashlyn, it is a different ball game. They could play and communicate well. Ashlyn also likes to listen to Yvette. (haha… I wonder what had convinced Ashlyn to listen to this little sister.) Ashlyn also learn to share much with Yvette too.

Finally much wait, I went to wake Yvette up at 5 pm in the evening. They started to have so much fun together including making pizza. (Yvette didn’t want to do it. It was actually Ashlyn’s pizza in this post.)

Ashlyn - IMG_0047

Ashlyn - IMG_0057

This picture is very blur but then I love their laughter!

Ashlyn - IMG_0063

I love Yvette's cheeky look here!

I love the accompany and again, I hope to visit them real soon.

P/S: Wendy thanks for your thought and your kind token. Enjoy your trip and hope to visit your place after your trip.

CNY Day 3: Hello Aunty Stella’s Family

Backdated post!

Before I get into details on what happening today, remembered I did one home learning activity for CNY, I asked about what is Tray of Togetherness in Chinese, it is 全盒。(Thanks Stella.)

Thanks Stella for making a trip to my place too. I been feeling exhausted mainly due to I been working late for the past two days before CNY. My energy level certainly is low. Thus I am keeping all the house visiting to the minimum this year.

Again, the kids had so much fun. There are so much thing they could play!

Aunty Stella - IMG_0592

The mess they could create!

Aunty Stella - IMG_0590

I realised Yvette really enjoys having a crowd around her. She keeps telling me “asking the two boys to come back” and “asking the two girls to come back.” (Boys refer to my niece’s sons and girls refering to my husband’s cousin daughter.) She also keeps telling me “I want to go Crystal’s house.” This is how badly she needs company….

Anyway, I rewarded Stella for making effort to my place by cooking her a delicious lunch. She loves it so much…. haha!

Aunty Stella - IMG_0599

The sweet & sour prawns is Stella's fav.

And a rare moment was created by Stella in return. She managed to convince Yvette to tie up her hair and even clip with nice ribbon clips too. I have capture many many pictures on this.

Aunty Stella

Aunty Stella - IMG_0604

Aunty Stella - IMG_0613

Hee, I also wanted to include this picture here too.

Aunty Stella - IMG_0289

A nice collage done by Stella using iPhone Apps

Of course not forgetting taking a group photo before they left! (Hop over here to read about this visit pen down by Stella.)

Aunty Stella - IMG_0617

P/S: Stella, hopefully we can meet up in Feb because Yvette finally miss Zac although she stressed about Velda!

CNY Day 2: Visiting Crystal

世界不会少了一个人而停止旋转。I don’t deny I am in a depressing mode during this CNY period. I know life got to go on regardless what is going to happen.

Anyway, this was planned before I received the news and Yvette does look forward to this visiting.

We usually stay at home on the first day of CNY because my FIL is the oldest folk in the entire family now. Relatives will come to visit us on the first day of CNY. I will go to my mum’s place for dinner on the first day too. So visiting for us will be on the second day of CNY.

As I mentioned Yvette did look forward to Crystal’s place, she refused to nap and waited patiently for the outing. For the past three days, she has been a good girl. I only need to deal with one meltdown which I feel it’s really a bonus to us.

Our precious today.

Visit Crystal - IMG_0558

This dress was a gift from my SIL.

Yvette was so happy when she saw Crystal. In fact, both girls were really happy.

Upon entering their house, Yvette attention was captured by the drum. The first toy she played.

Visit Crystal - IMG_0562

Both girls definitely have fun playing together. However, Yvette kept wanting to go to the pool during our dinner time and refuse to eat much too. Not to disappoint her, (I already prepared too) we headed to the pool during the sunset.

Visit Crystal - IMG_0565

On our way there, she told D she wanted to go to the pool where people played water. And D was very surprise she could construct a specific sentence making known exactly she wants (there are a few pools there) at her age. (The sentence I bolded was constructed by Yvette.)

It’s cold out here. But this did not stop Yvette. She had great fun. Alas, we didn’t manage to take a nice picture of it.

Visit Crystal - IMG_0583

Yvette dozed off shortly after the bathe and it was only 7 plus in the evening. We headed back home at around 8 pm.

Thanks for hosting us Crystal’s mama!

Hello Ashlyn, Long Time No See!

I didn’t realise it been so long since our last meet up after Wendy reminded me so. Wendy is one of the winner of my recent give away. She decided to come down to my place to collect the CD and as well as for a playdate. (We did met up last CNY. Wendy returned things to me. But the last playdate was so long ago.)

Yvette was really happy to see Ashlyn. I believe being the only child, they do long for playmate. In a split moment, I realised Ashlyn has grown so big. She is a mature child now. She is more willingly to share and willingly to give in to Yvette (since Yvette is the younger). A potential good sister.

The girls had fun. They played everything from toys to doing artwork. Ashlyn was really cute at the moment she got to leave. Sadly she was close to her tear when Wendy announced it was about time to go home.

Playdate IMG_0464

Playdate IMG_0465

Oh well, please do come again ok. I am sure Yvette will love to have you as her regular playmate so that she could “bully” you! (P/S: There are some moments during the date, Yvette kept saying “No” “No” to Ashlyn!)

Play Date with Crystal

This is not plan.

Knowing Crystal’s mum was staying at home for these few days, I decided to make a trip to their home. I called her up to check with her whether she needs me to pick up her daughter for her, so that Yvette could have a playmate as well.

She agreed and she called the school. Although the school recognised me, both of them are classmate, they still need Crystal’s mum to give them a black and white. Fine, I believe this is a step up security measure and also to cover the school itself.

I couldn’t believe I could manage two toddlers. With two big bags, and two toddlers, one left one right, my hands are full. Lucky me! Crystal and Yvette are so well behave!!! And I would give the credit back to them.

And luckily the taxi stand is just around the corner, I quickly hop up the cab and off we went! They were good girls on the cab too.


We have great time there and now whenever Yvette saw this piano, she will tell me she want to go Crystal’s house!


Play Date with Crystal & Zhi En

It all about Bloging…

All thanks to Zhi En’s mum, I got to know Crystal’s mum (Classmate of Yvette in CC). She recognised me and  told me Zhi En’s mum recommended my site to her. (Thanks) Now I got another mummy gang friend to yak yak.

Anyway, we were invited to their place today for play date. Yeah I love play date and Yvette loves them too. I couldn’t take nice picture of them (playing) together. Oh yes, there is a toy I brought along and Zhi En loves playing with Yvette very much. I shall disclose them later.

Here the only picture taken for the day.


Food brings the tots together!!!


Thanks for inviting us!