Half A Day Family Trip to JB

Another reason of leaving the Happee Day Event early was to head JB – City Tebrau with our extended family. This round we went in with two cars. My niece boyfriend is driving as well as my sister’s boyfriend.

It was indeed very fun to travel together although there was a slight jam at the causeway. Yvette is having great fun at my sister’s boyfriend car and didn’t want to nap at all.


Our first stop is always hitting the Jusco supermarket for grocery. Since we were travelling in a big group and we decided to split as not everyone love to do grocery shopping. Only me, SIL, D & Yvette were in the supermarket. Yvette dozed off shortly. It was already very late when Yvette dozed off. She slept for about 2 hours. This gave us a chance to drink our coffee at Old Town. (If you are fan of Old Town, do try their coffee there. It is so much CHEAPER!)


I decided to leave Yvette with D and SIL went to Harris Bookstore (also known as Popular) in the mall. I got these 说说唱唱 CD & VCD for myself and Sam. It was Sam who recommended me this CD and I find them good. I also found some exercise for 明明 series we are reading from iPod. (But short of one book 幼儿学写字 1 下; they are so much cheaper in Malaysia. RM 4.40 per book with 10 % discount. Yes, Popular card can be used in Malaysia. I found the same set of books in SG at ELM Tree at Paragon.)


This is for Sam


This is for Yvette



P/S: Getting books in Malaysia really more cheaper. With no GST, with discount and exchange rate, make our dollar more stronger.

Look at the crowd there, I bet Early Childhood Learning is equally big piece of market in Malaysia.



While I was making payment, Yvette suddenly woke up with a bad dream. Luckily I was already at the cashier and my niece passed her to me quickly.

My niece gave us a treat at Black Canyon for Dinner. It was really cheap and good. For 10 adults 1 child, we only spent about hundred and our stomach was filled with plenty of food.




After dinner, we went back to Jusco department store again. This round I managed to 3 sets of PJ and 2 sets of home clothing for only RM49.50 which I don’t think I can find the same deal in SG.

JB 31.10

While I am searching for clothing, D, my sister & her boyfriend kept Yvette accompany at Amusement Centre. She also had fun in the indoor playground and we only spent RM3 for 20 mins.


I like this picture



At close to 9 pm, we decided we have to make our way back home. But sadly there was a jam at the custom which resulted we were only back home close to 11.15 pm. We quickly bathed and get ready to bed. We were too tired to pack our stuff and leave everything around.

Yvette didn’t make much fuss and all of us were in our slumber shortly.


This is The Way We Spent The Labour Day (01.05.10)

It was planned just a week ago. We expecting jam for about 2 hours but still we were off on the road to our neighbour country, Johor Bahru today.


I diapered Yvette as I know we couldn’t get off the car to pee. One miss  is expected because the longer she can hold now is around 1.5 hrs. (When we were in the restaurant, I removed it and changed Yvette into Bright Bots Training Pant .)

It’s time to fill our stomach after staying in the jam for 2 hours.


My niece boyfriend found this restaurant in the forum with good rating. However, we didn’t find the Dim Sum there fantastic.

We moved on to Jusco at Bukit Indah instead of Tebrau City.


Beside having better bargain, I like the family toilet in Malaysia. I couldn’t find many of them in Singapore. (In Spore, properly we will have one or two of such toilets in the big shopping mall.) With this, it make our trip to toilet so much easier.

Family Toilet

We moved on to shop. From one store to another, most of us were busying shopping and we managed to get some clothing for Yvette and ourselves. As for Yvette, she was enjoying the shopping too. She was busying putting on heel for herself and she absolutely love it!

page wearing shoes

How VAIN she is??? And seeing herself in the mirror,  she posed a funny face to us!


We headed to the supermarket for grocery shopping  after we were sick of doing some window shopping (after our purchases).

Yvette was so active. She didn’t nap till 5.20 pm in the evening and she only take 40 mins of power nap. And she was up around 6 pm. And this caused some imbalance in me.

We chosen a restaurant to have our dinner due to the seat (Yvette is sleeping at the point when we looking for a place to eat.) they could offer though it didn’t look appealing to us. Charging us service charge when we have to help ourselves to drink and even keep barking them for food explained why I will never want to patronise this place anymore.


They were seriously short-handed, REALLY!

Most tables were not cleared, the spaghetti was not cooked well, houseflies were everywhere. I swear I will never walk into a restaurant with all the dirty plates lying around on the table again!


We finally left this mall around late 7 pm and drove all our way back home.

Overall, I don’t really I this mall as the selection of the items in the supermarket are rather limited and there is no bench for me to rest after running and carrying Yvette.

Our Shopping Spree @ JB

My niece planned this trip. She requested her boyfriend to take leave today so that he can drive us in. Her sis, C, joined with us too. And not forgetting to thank my hubby for sponsoring S$150.

We left home in the morning and reached Jusco after an hour drive. (Not much traffic and we cleared the custom effortlessly.) I think; it has been around 10 years I have not been to JB. SO much changes. Jusco Tebrau City is about 15 mins drive from the custom. I had been to Jusco in KL, so I do have some expectation. And it does not fail me.

Empty Car park

Empty Car park

Not much car in the car park when we were there. The mall was still quite empty. I fed Yvette her porridge on the long bench. There are plenty of long bench around. It’s about an average of two shops, there’s a long bench. I like this idea – Plenty of seats for people to take a rest. After feeding her, we headed to the supermarket for our grocery shopping. I spent RM250 there. I almost fainted when I making payment mainly due to this was the first stop and I have already spent so much! But I have made a lot of saving from this trip. So the money was well spent!

My curious Yvette

My curious Yvette

After this, I proceeded to the baby department to get stuffs for Yvette while my nieces went to the ladies department to grab their wants. I have some peaceful moment to browse thru those items in store while Yvette was sleeping. I went to peep at their nursing room too. Very well equip. You can even find sarong there. Yvette did not sleep for long (abt 45mins) this afternoon, she woken up crying because I was away to answer my nature call.

Nursing Room in Jusco

Nursing Room in Jusco

Beside the edutainment centre, there was a playground beside the baby department too.

The kids' playground

The kids' playground

Lunch was next.

Our Lunch

Our Lunch

Yvette kept looking at us when we were eating. I can’t help but to feed her some rice on my plate. Luckily the rice was not oily as we were having chicken rice. I let loose. I let Yvette try two sips of coke and obviously she doesn’t like it.

We went up to the third floor to continue our shopping. My niece boyfriend gotten him “trap” in the CD shop while we went to Toy R US. I brought a feeding set for Yvette. Recently, she has demonstrated interest in wanting to feed herself during meal time. I have been holding her hand to do so. I am thinking maybe I should let her try.

We left this mall at 4 plus in the late afternoon and drove toward City square.

Nothing interests me there. But the shoes were really cheap. My niece, C, brought a pair of shoes for herself. We spent an hour there.

At 5 plus, we decided to head home as our legs were getting tired. On our way back, Yvette was cranky. I guess we were out for too long and she didn’t have much rest. Luckily, we hit the road before the jam piled up on the road.

Overall, it’s a nice trip but tiring. Yvette was too active all through the journey.

soooo active

soooo active