Tot Learning Week 8 of 2010 (22nd to 28th Feb 10)


Energy level was really low for the past week mainly due to there is a makeup class added at the end of the week.

One of the reasons I decided to publish our learning activity for the past week on Wednesday besides time management over at my end, it actually due to our commitment-filled schedule, I often run out of time to teach. So I only teach Yvette on Wednesday and then on Friday. (Since she’s having class on Mon, Tues & Thurs, I am sure her little mind is already fed with knowledge.) I try not to touch Saturday and Sunday as these two day are meant for family time. (Reading book associated to learning still starts on Monday.)

I also make changes to her reading routine. Instead of reading different books every week during our night time routine, I decide to let her read a few books in a monthly basis. Reason of making such change is; she will be given more time to learn from the book.

I gain back her reading interest in reading by giving her books that would interest her, which is her favorite character Spot. And I am very surprise; in fact more than just surprise, she could read thru Spot Can Count with me. What I meant by reading the book with me goes as such, I read one word and she follows suit. And we complete reading the entire book without making any fuss.

What an accomplishment?

I know she doesn’t recognize most of the words in the book but being able to sit thru reading word by word is already not easy for her. She is not a child who really loves books and we only started to read to her shortly after she turned one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a video clip of this. Anyway, how would I know she could sit thru? Going forward, I will try to do “such reading” together with her more often.

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

Alphabet Activity Theme of the Weeks: F is for Grapes & Gorilla

The weekly theme chosen by me was weak. We didn’t do much seriously.

We traced letter G’s in upper and lower case with crayon as also sound out the letter with Yvette.

We did colouring activity for G is Grapes and learn the colour purple.


IMG_1193 I couldn’t get book I like for Grapes to read to Yvette and I landed up using a Wordless Book – Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann, recommended by First School. We did Activity #1 offered by this site too. I found Activity Card for this theme is interesting too. But I was too lazy to do it with Yvette. (I think I will revisit this book again.)

This is a fairly easy to read since it is a wordless book and the site offer tips for me to follow. And Yvette finds this page funny. The illustration of the book is so easy to understand and Yvette could sit thru the book with me too.


Learning English

We read a few books for last week beside Good Night, Gorilla.

IMG_1317 Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is the book for the month of Feb 2010. We have been reading it for our bedtime routine for the past one month. Yvette likes this book. Sometimes she will put her hand on the book when I read Comb, Cow, Red Balloon and read together with me.

IMG_1191 The Gingerbread Man by Ronne Randall is a touch and feel book. Beside a lift-the-flap book, Yvette does have strong interest for touch and feel book. As this is a book that she likes, I have no problem getting her to sit thru this book with me. The words and illustration is simple and the ending is expected. (I think I have read another version of Gingerbread Man when I am younger.)

Daddy found one “Shapes Activity” about Gingerbread Man in Starfall and he did with Yvette on Saturday after she woke up from her nap.


Three vocabularies were taught last week. And they are Grapes, Glove & Garlic. I put the three Words Card and the three items in the mystery bag and Yvette was rather reluctant to open it. Her cousin Cheryl was around when I did this activity. And both of us encouraged her. She eventually did it and enjoys the fruit of her courage… Eating Grapes!


We are still using her toys for phonics sound for letter and I taught her some 3 letters word such as bag, (She knows this word so well because she always ask me for her bag before we goes out.) Bad, Ace etc.

IMG_1183 The Songs and Rhymes for the week is “Goosey Goosey Gander.” (Normally, I will go thru the rhymes with Yvette everyday.)

We are still on Reader Rabbit Playtime For Baby & Toddler and Starfall for computer time. She had too many new words from Starfall till I lost count.

I prefer doing Starfall with Yvette as it teaches Phonics together with Letters. Words associated to letter are also incorporated in each session. There are 26 letters and there are some interactive activities at the end. Starfall to me is 50% educational TV programme and 50% flashcard activity.

I started doing this programme with her shortly after she turned 20 mths and only start doing actively for the past two weeks. She could, most of the time, shout out the word to us before the words were being read out from the computer. She can remember words like Dinosaur, Elephant, Computer, Yodel. (It’s close to 2 mths of using the programme.) However, I am not too sure she could recognize those words without the aid of the pictures.

She certainly knows more phonics sound than letter now. I often heard her sounding out “Ber” and then she said Boy. So she does know B is Ber and B is for Boy. (She knows B.) Currently I think she could recognize Letter A, B, C, I, O, M, N, & T.


Learning Chinese

2010 Week 08 (22nd to 28th Feb 10)4 We read one book from 皮皮狗的故事 – 妹妹来了。Although I manage to gain back her interest in reading, still, she didn’t show much interest in this book. Probably we have been reading the 皮皮狗 series for too long. I finally received some books that I ordered from Dang Dang, I am going to read a new series of book with her next week.

IMG_1416 We recite one 口令:墙上落下一个瓜。

No listening activity.

IMG_1182 The Songs and Rhymes for Chinese for this week is “白鹅学唱歌” (Normally, I will go thru the rhymes with Yvette every day.)

IMG_1189 We are working on another two books for word learning from “我会读幼儿启蒙读物”- 家庭物品 和 个人物品。


Learning Animals & Vegetables

IMG_1185 I run thru this book, My Animals by Xavier Deneux regarding animals in Black & White context. Yvette doesn’t like the book much. I guess most probably because it is a book without colour and less attractive to her eye at her age.

2010 Week 08 (22nd to 28th Feb 10)2 I brought another book that only cost me S$2.20 to run thru the vegetables with Yvette. She does have special liking for vegetables and she likes this book so much till she read every single vegetables after me.



Learning Shapes, Colour

Rectangle was taught last week. I told her rectangle is made up of 2 long sides and 2 short sides and with 4 corners. I revised the shapes of what she had already learnt with her using the book that I brought a few weeks ago.

2010 Week 08 (22nd to 28th Feb 10)3

Purple was introduced due to the weekly theme. Besides colouring Grapes, I passed Yvette the Dot-Dot paint for her to colour Brinjal.


Daddy highlighted to me, this paint does look like blood stains left on Yvette’s hand.


Currently for shapes, Yvette knows Star, Heart, Circle and Square.  For Colour, she could recognise Orange, Purple and Red.


Learning Number & Date

We read two books associated to number.

IMG_1316 Spot Can Count is the book for the month of Feb 2010. Since she like Spot so much, she will bring the book to us and ask us to read with her. She can also pronounce this book name very clearly to me.

IMG_1184 Since we have been reading Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown for about 3 weeks and I got this by chance in the library for Yvette. Goodnight Moon 1 2 3 A Counting Book by Margaret Wise Brown touches Yvette interest in number. This book extracts images from the original work makes reading easier for Yvette.

I introduced number 4 to Yvette and did a number activity together with Yvette. Thanks Daddy for helping me to get the “Pie chart” ready.


This is made from A3 paper. I used the pot cover and draw the big circle, Daddy divide them into equally size of pie for us. Then I just pasted those number words onto the chart, laminated it and passed it to Yvette. Yvette will stick the sticker onto the chart with my guidance. After doing it, I hang the chart on the wall so that Yvette can look at it every day.

2010 Week 08 (22nd to 28th Feb 10)1

Currently, Yvette could recognise number 1, 5, 8 & 9. But she keeps mistaken 6 as 9. And I heard her reciting 1 to 5 all by herself too.


Learning Toys

It’s seemed Yvette is very much into puzzle nowadays. We played so many of them last week and mostly initiated by Yvette.

We did the shapes puzzle. I finally finished labeling them on Saturday.


We did the colour puzzle for the first time. She could identify the Green & Blue by herself.

I try to do the number puzzle with her too but the interest is just not there. After reciting the number after me, she ran away.

We did the Shape Sorter after introducing Purple with Yvette. This round she refused to put all the shapes into the box this round. 3 shapes were left on the floor.


P/S: I find this Shape Sorter from Playskool is harder than Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Babys Blocks. Although Yvette could recognise all the shapes to insert but sometimes she still facing difficulty to sort them in. For the Fisher-Price shape sorter that she gets to play in JGC, she totally has not problem at all.


So parents, to me, it doesn’t matter she can sort in the shape, it matter when her confidence level is affected when she can’t. I suggest buying the Fisher-Price Shape Sorter to boost up our child confidence level.

Since there wasn’t any play date arranged on Wednesday, I brought Yvette to United Square to source for learning toys. I found out she could stand on the scooter, balance and push herself forward using the strength of her arms and upper body.



Practical Life Skill (s)

We didn’t do much for practical skills; in fact I am keener on repeating some of the skills I have taught her previously.

We continue with water spray to clean the mirror. She finally masters how to spray the water out of the bottle and she got so excited over it and kept spraying onto herself and me.



Other Learning Activities

We did a sticker book about shapes. But this round her liking was not as strong as the first time we did this activity. She didn’t ask for it after I have put it away. We only completed pasting Circle and Star.


Since JGC is teaching Train for last week, I pulled out the train toys I brought last year to let Yvette play.

2010 Week 08 (22nd to 28th Feb 10)

No planned play date but we been up to my neighbour house for 2-3 times for the past one week. I guess the both girls, Christine and Charlene are her regular play mates for now.

We did farms visit @ Seletar West Farmway on Saturday.


Side Track…

We went Ikea on Friday and I bought this tray table (S$6.90) for Yvette to do learning. Sometimes she likes to sit on the floor to do activity and eat too. So I think this will be better for her back in long run.



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