Tot Learning Week 17 of 2010 (26th April to 2nd May 10)


~Yvette is 23 mths~

As Yvette was sick for the entire week. She was sleeping most of the time. As such, I never do much learning with her. However, we did many unstructured learning mainly thru iPod, Reading, and Play. Yeah, plenty of toys to play at home.


iPod Touch, I should have get it since it has launched. However, since our Creative MP3 is still working, we didn’t think of getting it till it decided to send in it retirement letter three weeks ago. With that, we have to get a replacement for Yvette us.

I heart Apple now. I start to understand why some people are so crazy over iMac.

Anyway, with this new found tool for learning, it allows us to learn structurally everywhere. The best part is, sometimes it can help me to manage Yvette’s tantrum and babysit her!

There are so many applications for me to choose and I found some good one in my perspective .

Since we were learning Ladybug as a theme a few weeks back, my sister downloaded this song Frank Leto’s Ladybug Ladybug Song (FREE) for Yvette using her iPhone. It’s a hit. She loves it so much and it helps me to reinforce what she already learnt too.

A paid version rhymes USD0.99 cents to be exact; Wheels on the Bus (by Duck Duck Moose), Yvette’s long time favourite rhymes. My sister had gotten her iPhone long ago and she knew Yvette love this song and she downloaded for her. After we got our iPod, I decided downloaded for Yvette too.

There are so many application associated to learning ABC, numbers & words in App Store, I have installed a few and these are a few of what we are using now.

I like application by mainly because of the clear, colourful, concrete images. The words are pronounced clearly too. We have downloaded a few

ABA Flash Cards – Alphabet

ABA Flash Cards – Fruits & Nuts

ABA Flash Cards – Vegetable

Last but not least, our favorite application for learning using iPod is FirstWords from Learning Touch. I tried out the sampler version and find it really useful and we decided to buy the Deluxe version that cost us US$4.99. It teaches kids about letters, how letters relate to sounds, and even how to spell words. This is so useful that it always keep Yvette seated during our journey to JGC.

Although there are many applications available, I couldn’t find a good application for Chinese in App Store yet.

P/S: It’s a smart commercial strategy of Apple to price their application at such low price and most of us fall into their trap to buy more!)


Book for the Month: April 2010

We read several books for the Month of April but only one book hit Yvette instantly.


She simply loves the Eric Carle’s 123. This is the first book she will pick up and read and she goes; 1 giraffe, 2 Elephant, and she go on and on. Finally she loves to read? The most interesting part of this book is there is a pull tab flip at the end of the book and Yvette will turn to the back of the book and recite 1 to 10 when she flip the tab. It’s a good book that enables the child to recognize the number as they read with interest.

2010 Week 17 (26th to 2nd May) - Sick Book of the month

As compared to Goodnight Moon, Yvette didn’t like The Runaway Bunny as much. I know she loves Bunny but surprisingly she didn’t show much interest as we read aloud to her. Sometimes she will just focus on other stuffs when we read. This left me wondering will she like My World. I will try to get My World for Yvette as these three books are supposed to be come in set.

The Shape of Me and other Stuff, a second book By Dr. Seuss another no no to Yvette too. Somehow I find Yvette doesn’t really like Book by Dr. Seuss though his book is always a hit. But this judgment was proven wrong when doing Money Theme with Yvette. She loves Money Money Honey Bunny so much and will pick up the book to “read”. Then I will read that to her. She will follow me thru the book looking the illustration too. We are reading another book by Dr. Seuss this week for learning and she loves it too. Oh well, there always some books they like and they don’t like I guess.

With the intention of sending her to child care, I read I’ll Always Come Back! By Steve Metzger. This book follows a child’s day at school – from drop-off to pickup. The child will be assured to know that their loved ones always come back at the end of the school day. As Yvette didn’t play much attention on this book by looking at the illustration, I doubt she get the idea of going to school without me yet. I am going to buy more such book, any recommendation?

I finally included a Chinese book for monthly reading. 中国第一套儿童情绪管理图画书 – 我好快乐。 This set of book is highly ordered by most mummies during the last spree I joined for Dang Dang. SO I joined in the crowd and brought two sets. And moreover the character they use in this book is bunny (yes, Yvette loves bunny). It gives me more reasons to own it. However, Yvette didn’t like it as much as I do. Hmmm…

2010 Week 17 (26th to 2nd May) - Sick Book of the month1


Somehow there is an urge for me of wanting to relax and stop planning for lesson and I am going to take a break!

I will like to have some break in May because of my precious Yvette’s birthday and some weeks in June to shop for childcare and some other stuff.

In any case you might want to check out for more ideas on homeschooling, this beautiful mum (with 2 boys) is providing more interesting ideas than mine. Check her out here!


Tot Learning Week 16 of 2010 (19th to 25th April 10)


~Yvette is 23 mths~

I had been lax recently. I have not been doing much with Yvette. Managing meltdowns has indeed a toll on me. Thus, even I plan a lot; I might not have time to run thru all the activities with her.

As such, sometimes I have to go with her flow although I do feel constipated at time. If she picks up some books on the shelf and ask me to read, I will just read that book for her. If she happen to pick up some learning materials on the desk, I will just do it with even it is not in our theme. (Some books and the learning materials are on the table and all within her reach.) But all these activities will not be recorded here (as they might not be related to the theme and the letter we are doing for the week).

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

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Tot Learning Week 15 of 2010 (12th to 18th April 10)


~Yvette is 23 mths~

Our child is like sponge. I bet everyone will agree with me. As they grow older, they will tend to pick up things faster, showing us signs they are learning. Although most of the time when I teach, Yvette tends to run away and act as though she is not listening, I am still glad she is someone who doesn’t mind to learn new stuff. Whenever I pass something new to her, she takes it on like a pinch of salt. I hope this attitude will be with her as she grows.

We did something new again for last week, new game and toy was introduced and we almost gotten them for free! Alas, we did not read as much as I wanted to. Perhaps it might be due to Yvette only loves me reading aloud and not looking at the illustration of the book. I wonder when she will start looking at each book that was given to her.

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

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