Books Yvette Read in April 2011

We finally finished Book 1 of 四五块读. I have no plan to move to Book 2 yet. I will take May and June to revise with her. Reinforcing the words she learnt in this book and building up her sentence formation.

We really read a lot in this month and I believe May will be another month for books only.

Read April - IMG_0375

I bumped into Domestic goddess in TPY library and she passed me books from Mo Willems which I tried to introduce to Yvette a few months ago and have yet revisit it. I borrowed 4 books and Yvette was really hooked!

Read April - IMG_0151

Read April - IMG_0371

She could read his book all by herself and this has given her a sense of achievement.

For Chinese, we revisited 甜甜 (8 books) and as well as still reading 皮皮狗 (15 books).

Her reading appetite has really grew too. We can read up to 20 books each day and some of the books will need to read at least twice to her. I hope this attitude in reading will continue so that she can gain more knowledge and enjoy the joy of reading.


More Art @ Home

I find some way to make our “Art” Lesson at home more fun, less preparation work from me. I order all these art material from this spree. Now I even can tell Yvette, we can have sand art at home. (Eg. Sand art cost S$5.50 to S$6.50 at the shop. From spree, it only cost me S$1.50.)

Sand Art – I brought those boxes from shop to keep those sand neatly. These boxes only cost me S$2.30 for 10. When we do the sand art, I will need to take out the tray to place below those box to avoid accident.

More Art - IMG_0002

More Art - IMG_0003

Foam Art Kit – Yvette loves this. This only cost me S$2.50 per set. It is just like her sticker book except in 3D form.

More Art - IMG_0004

More Art - IMG_0006

The last one we haven’t tried. This is $S1.70. We have on sticker book teaching the same concept and Yvette doesn’t really like it.

More Art - IMG_0005