Pumpkin & Winter Melon

It is hard to keep all these fresh after three days without processing them. So in order to keep them fresh, just cut them into pieces, don’t need to wash them and keep them in the box in the fridge.



These pumpkins are already a week old.



Cooking Tip – One Stone Kills Two Birds

I still cook in the morning but I am getting lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I still cook; I still love to cook meals for my family. Nothing bets having a meal of home cooked dinner after a day hard work in the office. The meaning of getting lazy here is I manage to find another trick (maybe not a trick but that never comes into my mind) to shorten “one” process.

By chance I found out that I don’t need to thaw the meat before cooking my pot of soup in the morning. I had forgotten to do this process the night before I slept and woke up realizing that I have no meat for the soup. Not wanting to “miss out” the “taste of the meat” in the soup, I still took out the meat out of the freezer that day and throw them into the pot to defrost and as well as scalding the pork rib.

Voila!!! To me, this is one stone kills two birds!

Home Cooked Food is About Time Management

To me, I always feel nothing beats home cooked food. At the end of the day, it will be good to have home cooked food for dinner and I ask nothing more!

This is not the first time I am preparing dinner. I used to do exactly the same when I entered D’s life since 1999. I remembered him telling me his health was so much better after I have been cooking. Of course, it is much easier without Yvette and FIL.

Nothing is impossible in a way of another. With the right mindset, many things can be done. I found many shortcuts and ways to make my cooking more efficient and faster.

Before I go into details, here is our menu for tonight.

Home Cooked Food

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Madness Monday – Not A Good Start

I tweeted and FB about it – “Unbelievable my rice cooker choose to die on me at this hour!!!”

This cooker I brought in last May decided to die on me early in the morning. Luckily the rice was already cooked when it was dead!!! Since this cooker was still under warranty and Philips is just around the corner, I got this cheap one as standby. D will bring this cooker to repair after CNY.

Madness Monday  24 Jan -  IMG_0425

As I always want to share what we are eating for dinner – sharing how you could have home-cooked dinner even you are working. (I have 2 weeks of back log related to dinner to blog. )Here are our menu f0r tonight. (The soup is Borlotti Bean Soup) I cooked them before I left home this morning except for vegetable.

Madness Monday  24 Jan


On the average, sadly, Yvette been down with fever, flu and cough after I have sent her to school since last Sept 10. She was so much better when she was attending playgroup in JGC.

Weather is unpredictable now.  It can be super sunny. It can be raining all day. Staying in air-con CC really making Yvette weaker. Plus I feel her mood is still down although she laughed.

I did toy about changing school for her when I knew there is another CC around my vicinity. This school will be under the void deck, non aircon. I even went to the school to take a look and talk to the principal too.

Madness Monday  24 Jan - IMG_0214

The new school under the void deck

However, there are many factors I really have to consider carefully before the switch. (Yvette really loves this school. And the curriculum wins hand down. Plus separation anxiety is something I don’t wish to go thru again.)


I was called up by the school around 4 plus informing Yvette was running fever @ 38.2 degree. I dropped off all my work and packed up to school. Actually Yvette is having very mild fever since we were in Ikea last Saturday. We found out when we were in Ikea and she was having very light running nose too.

I fed her Bifen (I always started off with Bifen instead of Parmol because Bifen is stronger.) And she was well again the next day morning. Fever was then back again on Sun afternoon and Monday morning she was perfectly alright. In fact, even her teachers were surprise she was sick – In most cases, she is always active when she is sick.

Anyway, on my way to her school, I have made up my mind that I will keep her home for another day to make sure her body is strong enough to fight against virus – many sick children in school (I see/hear children coughing, mucus on around their nose area.)

I don’t blame all these parents. I know it is not easy to juggle work and family. I know some bosses don’t like their staffs keep taking leave to take care of kid. – You know, in Singapore it is very very difficult to strike work-life-balance! So you see, how to improve birth rate! No money how to feed children!!!

That’s the reason why I chosen a contract job to start with. I will not be bother by keeping excellent performance. As long as I complete my job, I should be fine. I do not have care child leave and I am only entitled to take leave after working for 3 months. However, this didn’t deter me from taking leave. To me, money is secondary when Yvette is in the picture. I have decided to go ahead with unpaid leave so that I can spend my day with Yvette tomorrow.

Borlotti beans (花豆) Soup & Activity for Tot

Every time when I go to the market, I cannot resist the temptation to take a few close-up looks at these beautiful borlotti/ cranberry beans. But I didn’t buy any because I had no clue on how to cook it.

Only recently, 2-3 months ago, my mum started to cook them for us when we are there for dinner every Sunday and I really find the soup very tasty.

Her recipe is really simple.

100g to 150g of  borlotti/ cranberry beans
Can either use Pork rib or chicken bone. It taste as nice.
2 Large Carrot, 2 Large Potato, 10-15 red dates.
1500ml water

Salt to taste


  1. Blanch Pork rib or chicken bone in boiling water for a short while. Dish and set aside.
  2. Steam the bean till soft. (I never steam them. I throw everything inside. Lazy.)
  3. Bring water to boil. Put all ingredients inside. Bring the water to boiling again and switch to low fire.
  4. Boil for 2 hours. Turn off the heat. Salt to taste and serve.

P/S: I cook them today but forgotten to take picture.

Besides the soup, I find Borlotti Bean could keep Yvette real busy too. I will normally buy those beans with skin so that I can get Yvette practice her peeling skill. So (yes, I love it so much now and I cook every week.) after the market trip, I will get Yvette to help me in the kitchen. And this can keep her very occupied for half an hour without me supervising her!

She peels.


She scoops.


She counts. (She will count number of beans she could scoop up each time.)


Do try and let me know your experience and whether the soup suit your taste!