Looking Back Week #12 of 2013

Week Recap for 17 – 23th Mar

Hey, where have I been? I know it is long, longer than I expected, I am not able to do any update on this blog. Again, other than work , it is still work. I finally loaded all the opening balances for my 4 entities into new accounting system, Navision. Sigh… the race has just started and I guess it is going to depleted a lot of my energy!!!

Nevertheless, let me do a quick update on what had happened on that week….. and since it been more than one month… I will let the picture do the talking as I won’t have much detail to blog too… can’t remember already! @_@

Yvette worn the star hair band to school on 18th Mar. No idea why she did that but it did attract a lot of attention!


I saw this in one of the supermarket in town.


Lastly, I think this level is really silly… Level 252…


hmmm that all.. I update for the sake of updating.. it doesn’t make sense to reader I guess but I just didn’t want to have a gap.. trying to capture as much memories in detail… I wish!


A Very Good Friday

Today is a planned outing with G. I woke Yvette up without much problem and she got herself change, fast. We headed down to Safra TP MacDonald for breakfast. While we were eating our breakfast, G came with her mummy.

Without much delay, we checked into Kids Amaze. We brought the family package S$26.75 (2kids with 2 adult) and paid S$2.15 for another adult to follow. Our kids really have ample of energy. They really can run, jump climb around fast. I love this ball collector.



The slides are thrilling. I love this shot I have taken from the top. I have capture D, Yvette, G and her mummy.


Needless to say…. Yvette and G love it all!



We had lunch using our Safra voucher at the Korean-style grilled meats at Kkongdon Barbeque. It is really affordable. 6 of us dined for S$63 +.


And after our lunch, we went back to indoor playground for another hour before we headed down to Low Pierce Reservoir for some nature walk.



It is really a enjoyable day with great company!

Looking Back Week #11 of 2013

Week Recap for 10 – 16th Mar

Not sure about you, but I hate to read and write long email at work. I love keeping my email short and sweet. As such I notice there is a change in a way I am blogging. I like to keep my point in summary and tend to forget blogging need more detail. (I feel blogging need more elaboration…As I want to remember as much detail as possible..) Anyway, I usually blog with a mood not with a mind…. Hope I won’t make readers feel bored when they reading my post.

About Yvette

1. Preschool & Preschool work – I feel the school is trying to adjust the curriculum due to the holiday week delay by a week due to a change by MOE. Nothing much was done in this week except for revision. A good news I received this week is her progress on the reading program conducted by the school. She has done well.


2. Learning at home will then take backseat again. It will be like a long break before I am going to teach her new topic. I wish I can start on another new lapbook but time is not really control by myself. I am always occupied with things I need to do but thing I don’t wish to do. But I do find out she could spell 95% of the words in this list. (My friend sent me this list. This is a spelling list from another Perschool. My daughter’s preschool don’t have spelling test.)

Spelling list from other Perschoolo

3. Habit and Obsession – It has been long I never update Yvette’s habit and love. She still love to bit her nails… a habit I find hard to correct her. (shhhh…. her Gugu and Daddy has the same habit too. But Gugu overcome this habit in this recent two years as she is obsession with Nail Art. Her finger nails are always so beautiful these days.)

She still sit like Ah Ma… leg is forever up…


Her sleeping style doesn’t change too. 乱七八糟。


They are still very obsessed with the Lego Apps where we found out during our visit to the The Art of Bricks at Art Science Museum.


Her love for Paint Art makes a come back.


We attended Crystal’s meimei first birthday.


About the Family & Me

My Aunty (San Shen) passed on on 15th March 2013… I will always miss you, 小胖。。。

Looking Back Week #10 of 2013

Week Recap for 03rd – 09th Mar

About Yvette

1. Preschool & Preschool work – Plenty of catching up with school for Yvette as she was away school for 3 days last week. Luckily it was the last week of the school term where the work load for the kids are not too heavy to stomach, I could tell Yvette could manage her school work in breeze. There are plenty of drawing she did for her work in school as the school teach them to use drawing to express.

She did Mango Pudding for her Gourmet lesson this week but I didn’t took any picture of it. It taste goody….

2. Learning at home has taken backseat unfortunately due to my hectic work schedule. Daddy is preparing his exam too. However, as a independent learner and with plenty of materials she could pick up at home around her. I do see she do a lot of reading and self learning by herself.

3. Nafa Art – Another two pieces of Art work was taken home this week.



About the Family & Me

I visited my aunt on 03rd March and now she’s gone…

Looking Back Week #9 of 2013

Week Recap for 14th Feb – 02nd Mar

About Yvette

Honestly, I really can’t recall much on what had happened three-two weeks back for Yvette. I only can recall base on picture I have taken. It was another extremely busy week that zoomed past me.  Sad smile

Here a piece of work Yvette had done that really impressed us. (Yes, that including her teachers.) They had Gourmet lesson every Friday. The recipe was on the board and the teacher gave them an instruction to do copy writing. She copied and even drew picture on it. It is not something new to her. Her school work always comprised drawing as the school educates the child on drawing to express.


She drew another picture on 24th Feb using the coaster we brought back from Atrium @ Pan Pacific Hotel.


As for Yvette’s well being, we were still nursing her health back to norm. The persistence cough is hard to get rib this round. The food she was eating for the past one week was with a lot of restriction. However I am surprise when we had our lunch at Subway on Sunday, she ate her sandwich in this combination.


Ham, lettuce and bread….

Hmmm… she can be plain like this!

But I do love she loves Liang Tou Fu as much as me!


About the Family & Me

Seriously… I really can’t recall what am I been doing for this week. I only can recall… I am still so crazy over Candy Crush which explains why blogging is definitely taking back seat for now. (Moved back to clear level I am having low score. I am currently struck at level 213 now!)


Looking Back Week #8 of 2013

Week Recap for 17th – 23th Feb

About Yvette

Well, Yvette is petty sick this week. She was down since Tuesday. We were asked to pick her back in the afternoon and since then, she never went school for the rest of the week. I stayed at home with her for two days and hubby was with her on Friday.

When I was with her for two days, we stay home most of the time. No outing for her as I think it is still good to stay indoor due to unexpected rain fall from time to time. However on Friday, hubby brought her out to Sensory Park and they had great time there. And this forgetful daddy didn’t take any picture for keepsake!


Oh yes, this week hubby need to attend class and I didn’t cook much. On Thursday, Yvette was a bit better, no way I can stay at home after staying two days in our own yard, I decided to bring her out to eat dinner.

We headed down to Junction 8. Ramen is something that her health could take up now. (Usually, if only two of us, to avoid crowd, I usually go for cafe or restaurant.) I notice she could manage the noodles all by herself and good enough to finish the whole bowl of noodles without much help from me.


And before dinner, She requested for paint art…. something that she has not been  doing for the past few months. Looking at this picture, it is not easy to spot that she had indeed, improved a lot in selecting the colour on the picture and as well as her ability to control the paint. (Paint didn’t overflow.)


About the Family & Me

No doubt, these two weeks were those weeks that I am extremely busy. However, at end of the week, our family and as well as SIL’s family, we headed down to Marina Bay Floating Platform to participate in Chingay 2013.


Looking Back Week #7 of 2013

Week Recap for 10th – 16th Feb

About Yvette

1. Preschool – Oh damn it! It a false alarm when we received another mail from the main teacher that the boy is not HFMD. Oh well!

2. Preschool work – It all about Valentine this week as last week they have covered CNY. Didn’t attend the celebration which I think is a waste but then it better safe than sorry. When her English teacher shared with them about this lovely day, my daughter who gotten the “hint” came home and did a card for her teacher. I am really happy seeing her transforming from a little tot to a little girl who is so sensitive and thoughtful now. And how much in a short period of time, her new English teacher has won over her little heart!

201307 Week #7

For Gourmet, Yvette made hearted-shaped sandwiches, using eggs, jam, colourful sprinkles, bread, margarine and lot of love and care.


3. Learning at home – In my last post, I blog about how the preschool has help Yvette improved her Chinese. Indeed the result is great. She can now do a full conversation in Mandarin with me. They also developed in depth learning of Chinese Character writing in her. She really loves to write Chinese Character now.


About the Family & Me

10th Feb – First day of CNY. It amazing that we stay the whole day at home. It been raining for the whole day. No visiting of relatives. However, my mum, my brother, SIL, sister and BIL did pop by to have dinner.

11th Feb – Rain never goes away. It was raining like nobody business for the past few days but we managed to get out of the house before pouring. We visited Art Science Museum for two exhibitions. The Art of Bricks and Fujians. Really eye opening. We are impressed with the creation using Lego. Yvette loves this exhibition very much.


We also visited the River Ang Bao 2013. Initially we wanted to go Sentosa or Istana. However we didn’t keep track of our timing and of course the raining came without asking any permission… haha…


12th Feb – I brought Yvette to my colleague’s house at Punggol. I love this dress that Daddy brought for her during the Christmas Season.


After the visiting we headed down to Chinatown to see the long snake! And have dinner with one of my BFF, Jovise!


13th Feb – I started work on Wednesday where the Fire was out at Newton MRT. Ha.. My colleague had warned me not to start work on 初四。

14th Feb – Happy Valentine! We did nothing to celebrate!

16th FebWe visited Stella! My BFF cooked me good food, brought me a cake and as well as given me a birthday present. Love her thoughtful and her love for me! And our kids had great fun too. (love this candid shot!)