Looking Back Week #9 of 2013

Week Recap for 14th Feb – 02nd Mar

About Yvette

Honestly, I really can’t recall much on what had happened three-two weeks back for Yvette. I only can recall base on picture I have taken. It was another extremely busy week that zoomed past me.  Sad smile

Here a piece of work Yvette had done that really impressed us. (Yes, that including her teachers.) They had Gourmet lesson every Friday. The recipe was on the board and the teacher gave them an instruction to do copy writing. She copied and even drew picture on it. It is not something new to her. Her school work always comprised drawing as the school educates the child on drawing to express.


She drew another picture on 24th Feb using the coaster we brought back from Atrium @ Pan Pacific Hotel.


As for Yvette’s well being, we were still nursing her health back to norm. The persistence cough is hard to get rib this round. The food she was eating for the past one week was with a lot of restriction. However I am surprise when we had our lunch at Subway on Sunday, she ate her sandwich in this combination.


Ham, lettuce and bread….

Hmmm… she can be plain like this!

But I do love she loves Liang Tou Fu as much as me!


About the Family & Me

Seriously… I really can’t recall what am I been doing for this week. I only can recall… I am still so crazy over Candy Crush which explains why blogging is definitely taking back seat for now. (Moved back to clear level I am having low score. I am currently struck at level 213 now!)



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