Some Kite Fun @ West Coast Park

On the 1st Jan, I dated my sister and my BIL for some kite fun @ West Coast Park. Mr Sun wasn’t very helpful on that day. It did rain a little but it was really “sunshine” after the rain!


Yvette was really daring when come to facing the obstacle during the playground play but soon her gut used up and she didn’t want to play with it anymore. Not long, she started to show me “Ma, I am bored face”.


D was trying his best to put up the kite but due to lack of wind, his effort was put off.


Luckily we brought a ball along and Yvette was having so much fun with the ball. As for me, I enjoy the shade under the tree and watching them play under the hot sun!



Beach Fun. ECP. 05/11/2011

We make too many trips there and yet have chance to post them. Instead of writing a long post for such trip, I will keep them sweet and short and mainly pictures to chronicle moment of our beach fun.

We made this trip before D went on for his 2 weeks assignment in Australia. It was fun definitely but something not that pleasurable happened at the end of the day. We went for dinner at the HK restaurant near to MacDonald. I think it is due to lack of service staff, my dinner was not served and they didn’t even feel apologetic for it.

But well, it still ended well with many happy moments being captured.

The sandcastle they built. They always build difference castle when we were there.


Some beautiful pictures of my Yvette.




The sweet moment together!


Usually we will throw in one ride and one special offer at the end of the day. She had candy floss (she couldn’t finish) and a elephant ride.



I didn’t manage to take down a nice picture of Yvette on the ride. It was moving too fast and my camera just couldn’t do a good job. (Blame on the camera… haha.)

A Day Out on National Day – The Afternoon & The Evening

Cont. from here.

We arrived at Clementi New Mall next to the MRT station. Honestly I wasn’t impressed. It is not a small mall but it packed with too many stores making the whole mall looks pack in my eye (especially the basement).

We have lunch at the food court. Not knowing what to eat, (playing safe too), I order an Japanese set for Yvette. Again the food court was packed but I do like the chair there. It’s just the right height for Yvette. (Actually to certain extend, Yvette has grown taller enough to say goodbye to the baby chair.) 

Yvette sings - IMG_0870

After our lunch, we marched to next building to Party World. It fun to sing with my sister and Yvette. (My BIL didn’t sing.) We played many rhythms for Yvette and Yvette indeed sings with confident but wrong keys. (Haha)

Yvette sings - IMG_1309

I was really impressed she could stay 3 hours in the KTV with us without fuss over it. We took turns to play with her and entertained her.  The session finally ended at 5 pm.

We then had a early dinner at Bt Timah. This coffee shop that has another branch in Geylang, selling Frog Porridge. My sister and my BIL love the porridge so much that she feel we should try it as well.

Yvette sings - IMG_1319

Apparently, since we hardly eat Frog Porridge, we didn’t find it fantastic.   Further more, Yvette stunned us. She didn’t want to have porridge and since she could read, she spotted “cereal” on the menu and she insisted she wanted to have it. The store owner was kind to offer us some and she ate them with some vegetable she likes. 

Yvette sings - IMG_1318

We then headed to my sister’s place to catch the National Parade on TV before we were home at 8 plus. 

A Day Out on National Day – The late Morning

It is hard for us to out of the house for the whole day after FIL couldn’t take care of his own meal. We finally make it possible by getting another thermo pot so that I could cook two meals for him and he can help himself. 

Initially we wanted to out of the house for breakfast but then our lazy body prohibited us to do so. But still, I got out of my bed to make breakfast for the King and the Princess. (Poor maid!) Then I cooked two meal for FIL and kept them in the thermo pot.

When we were ready, it about 11 am. The morning walk became a late morning walk. We then took a cab to Botanic Garden.  Yvette wasn’t that keen when we started our walk. She wanted to be carried. She finally on the ground when she wanted to see the swan. However, because we knew Yvette was a “little” bit excited to see them, we decided to let D carried her again. (We scared she will fall into the pond.)

Botanic - IMG_0852

I am teaching her the topic “pond” now. We have definitely read some books about it and now some “practical” experience. 

Botanic - IMG_0865

And here were something we see with our naked eye in the pond and loves to share here.

Botanic - IMG_0853

Botanic - IMG_0846

This is not tortoise nor turtle

Botanic - IMG_0845

On the ground. I wonder are these real?

Botanic - IMG_0866

Generally Yvette was very happy with the walk and running down the road as we walked further in. She will touch and feel the leaves and flowers along the path.

Botanic - IMG_0861

The weather permitted us to walk a distance from the main gate to the Ginger Garden before we find it unbearable. (When we reached Ginger Garden, it was 12 noon.)

We took some rest under the shaded area. Since this place is for tourist and as well as for the local, it will be ex to get drinks there. Since we never bring along any cold water, we have buy some drinks for our water break. (It is always good to have some cold water for humid weather.)

Our body temperature finally cool down when we looked at the waterfall, and walked into a store to enjoy the air con. We hop on another cab to meet my sister for the next activity we have planned today.

How Zebras Got Their Stripes?

It is all because of this book that has left on the shelf.


I have too many books a home honestly. Some books are not even read by her because:

  1. She has outgrown it.
  2. She doesn’t like the content at all.

Then one day she jut pulled this book out of the shelf and started to read all by herself. We began to talk more about the book and making a trip to zoo to see the real things.

We took train to AMK to switch to Bus 138 to Zoo.


At zoo, we managed to see the Zebras.


And the giraffes.


The snake that D feared.


Of course there are not the only animals we saw. Otters, Leopard, Jaguar, lions, monkeys, horse, foal, goat, etc were in our itinerary. But we really didn’t have time to find the Baboon and the Elephant. It because we have spent too much time in the water play where Yvette finally felt in love with the slide!


After the play, Yvette was really exhausted and dozed off at the wrong time.


Staying Online Touch

Bl0gging, Facebook, Twitter are definitely the new tool for me to keep in touch with friends but still nothing beats stay in touch by meeting up.

“I still prefer personal touch!”

One reader wrote to me two days back to wish me well and in her letter she did state “she find strange to send me a letter but she also highlighted she could connect to me because we are all mothers.”

I do agree with her. I do love to meet up mothers from this little space here and often didn’t really feel shy over it. I always feel readers (mothers) reading my site will somehow connect with me in agreeing the way I nurture my child, the way I discipline my child, or simply like who I am. We are somewhat likeminded in a way of another.

Thank Huda for your mail. Hope to see your comment here soon!

I met Zhien’s mum for dinner tonight for a long overdue dinner appointment. C’s mummy was supposed to come along however; an unhappy event happened changed her mind.

We had a good dinner at Ramen Play. Eat. Drink.Chat. The kids didn’t really mingle themselves. Zhien is still a shy boy and he was too hungry to talk to Yvette too.

Stay Online Touch_IMG_1168

After our meal, Zhien’s mummy agreed to do paint art – something Zhien has yet try. (I hope I won’t get him hook to it.) Coincidentally, I bumped into Ashlyn’s mummy. It will never easy to get kids stay together peacefully. However paint art really kept them occupied and very very focus. With that I also managed to natter to both mothers without letting Yvette felt left out.

A Pot Of Gold In The Pool

We had lunch at Lot 1 after our farm trip. Usually I will hardly go food court with Yvette alone. It’s not because I like to go restaurant or cafe, it’s because it never easy to get a place to eat, buy food and keep Yvette safe. As such I managed to find place right in front of the stall – The Japanese stall.

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0600

It’s a big table and since there were many pairs of eyes looking at us, making me very sure Yvette will be safe. And the stall is just a stone away, I asked Yvette to remain seated and I walked over to the stall to get food for us. We really did enjoy the lunch together.

After our lunch, we took LTR to Stella’s house for a playdate! A date that we been prolonging.

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0603

They have great fun together. Yvette particularly interested in playing Velda’s beam.

PlayDate with V & Z

The highlight of today outing would be us making a trip to  Senja-Cashew Community Centre opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza. This is the first fully integrated CC and sports complex. The CC is situated in the heart of Bukit Panjang Town opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza. It has modern sports facilities which include an eight-lane swimming pool, an infinity pool with jacuzzi, children’s playground with water features, sports hall for badminton, basketball and table tennis, tennis courts, a street soccer court and two dance studios.  The CC is equipped to support a wide range of interests and programmes.

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0608

A quiet pool?

And many kids started to cry beside the pool. I can feel the disappointment and the unhappiness. Unhappiness started to

Why the pool is closed?

Sadly there’s a little boy who poo into the pool. A pot of gold??? Something we never encounter. It was Stella who witnessed the whole happened and I was the one informed the life guard. There’s no other choice but to shut the pool.

To pacify the kids, luckily, I have some lolipops in my bag. If not I am very sure we started to face tantrum!!!

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0610

Since the kids cannot enjoy the slide, we got to head to the adult pool. My persistent Yvette insisted to wait for them to reopen the kids’ pool but her wish never came true.

Finally we joined Velda and Zac at adult pool.

Although it’s about dinner time, Velda loves the pizza at the cafe of the pool too much; we gotten a treat from Stella. 😀

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0612

While the kids enjoying their pizza, I enjoy the sense of peace from the nice view beside the cafe!

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0613