Looking Back Week #5 of 2013

Week Recap for 27 – 02nd Feb

Hey, I know I am late. For the past two weeks I am busy busy busy. I worked till 3 am at home yesterday! Rushing out files for system migration! And not forgetting I have tons of deadline to meet for AUDIT!

So what had happened in the last week. (This week is coming to an end too!!!)

About Yvette

Honestly I can’t really remember what had happened. Let me do something short and brief!

1. Preschool – Still trying to sort out the discipline and the expectation on the teachers with the Preschool. We just had one meeting involved 6 parents and 3 teachers, 1 management personnel on Monday. I am hopefully there will be another round of improvement!

2. Preschool work – Their theme for this term is all about Community. For Gourmet Lesson she did a Bus using bread, biscuit and kiwi fruit.


Something worth applauding, Yvette finally sleeps around 10.30-11 pm and wakes up in the morning at 8.20 am to walk to school. The change is due to this theme that she is learning in school. (This has last for more than 2 weeks, another week, it will be 21 days and hopefully it really becomes her habit!!!)

In one of the discussion, the kids were discussing the mode of transportation that they used to travel to school. Embarrassingly, she didn’t dare to disclose she was still using stroller. (She lied) and claimed she used bicycle. Of course, the teacher was in doubt and she checked with us. There on, she changed. I feel now she has growth up and gained awareness over herself.

Another worth mentioning achievement she had, she is now able to recite poems with feel and confidentially. Her Chinese has improved a lot too.

3. Creative Learning at home – yeah! Our lapbook is done! First achievement of the year!

She also came to me and showed me this. She told me this copy-writing exercise was done during my absent. (I attended a wedding lunch last week.) (She initiated and did it all by herself.) I love her handwriting.


4. NAFA Art & her Art – She drew this! What does this look like to you?


Although her drawing is far from the things that she tries to draw, but I could see she takes a lot of pride and effort in making the piece of her art. I love this piece of drawing she drew last week. (The cover of her sketchbook.)


I think, I feel – Every piece of drawing our kid could draw up is unique.

About the Family & Me

I finally completed a 10.5 km run and gotten myself a finisher metal. It a resolution that I set for myself for many years. The timing is not too bad for someone like me who do no training for this year. 1hr 50 mins with 2 toilets break of 10 mins! I hope to run more and better timing too.


Me getting tired now and I think this is so much I can recall for all for the past one week… CNY is 2-3 days down the road, Happy CNY to all the readers out there! Time for bed!


2 thoughts on “Looking Back Week #5 of 2013

  1. hi
    have been reading your blog. love the things you share about Yvette’s growth! actually wanted to ask about the cma class she is attending. may i know which branch? hows the trainer? thinking of enroling my girl too. she is same age as Yvette.

    • Calla,

      Thanks for lovely compliments on this blog.

      As for CMA, Yvette attends the TPY branch at Central. I don’t really can access the trainer as the good thing is, Yvette does learn fast when they teach. Some mummies I know mentioned some trainers can good some is not but sorry, I dont have any comment on that.

      However, a point to note when you send your dd there. I have heard, in fact my dd’s panio teacher mentioned that sometimes the kid will use CMA method to do the Maths in school that is disallowed. CMA is good at checking answer, a foundation training for concentration skill. Our kid must always be reminded to use the traditional method when they go P1. Some parents find hard for them to convince their child to switch from method to method. But the panio teacher dd has no problem with that.

      Reason of me sending Yvette there is 1, she loves maths. It is good for her to do something she really like and get the fun of it.

      2, Train her to focus. You know lah…. kid has very short attention span!

      3. Ha… for myself… I notice i gain some me time! (hehe)

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