Potty Training – Introduction

The First Year 3-in-1 Toilet Training System

The First Year 3-in-1 Toilet Training System

I started placing Yvette on this little potty 2 weeks after her first birthday. The training was done in the bath room. I did it there because my FIL is most of the time, in the living room. So doing potty training while he is around will be rather embarrassing for us, I feel.

Yvette was really afraid when I placed her on the potty though she had been playing with this potty. (This potty was placed in her room for 2 months.) She cried most of the times. I tried placing her there before her bath and every time I change her diaper. After trying this for about a week, I stopped. And reason of stopping mainly due to she was crying most of the times when she was on the potty. This indicated she is not ready for potty training?

I shared my problem with Wendy during our day out at AMK Hub. She told me why not putting Yvette on the bowl instead? Hmmm, I never thought of it. Ok, I said. I will try.

Initially she was reluctant. But the more I practice this habit with her; she is slowly accepting this idea. After a week of trying, now she is able to pee in the bowl without much coaxing.

I want to observe her for another two weeks before I move her diaper. So far, I did not catch any poop. And due to teething, I am not postive I can manage this part easily as now Yvette poops 3-4 times a day.


A bowl of porridge (Her routine and feeding schedule)

Her fav porridge, Threadfin with Peas

Her fav porridge, Threadfin with Peas

Have anyone wonder where will this bowl of porridge be if Yvette refuse to eat them?


I am sure you will get the right answer for the question above.

Yes it will either end up in my stomach or in the bin and sadly most of the time it has ended up in the bin. (Today it has ended up in my stomach.)

It’s quite a battle for me to feed Yvette initially. In the past, I got angry and frustrated when Yvette refused to eat her solid. I am also very sad too. I keep refine my cooking methods to suit her need but still, she is still not eating a lot.

However, I never force-feed her. (No cane, no scolding) But the feeding session is usually longer than expected (in the past.) I will patiently sit down there and keep coaxing Yvette to eat her meal. But now, I no longer do this. Her meal session is usually 45 mins. A time out for her if she is not eating much within the time allocated or she keeps shaking her head to tell me she had enough.  No forcing because I WANT her to look forward for her next meal.

Of course, she did finish the food I gave her from time to time. When she is being served with her favorite soup, porridge, or dish, she will happily finish them for me. Since she is not sitting on the high chair for her lunch and dinner, if her mood is good, she will stand at the coffee table to let me feed her. If not she will be just go circle at the compound area where all the toys are kept.

I am not fussy/strict over how Yvette finishes her food as long as she is eating. (How can I be asking more? I don’t want every meal to turn out to be a nightmare for us.) Things to accompany her during her meal time are still toys not TV.  And usually her meal is settled in the living hall. Sometimes she will eat with us at the dining area. But she will be sitting on the floor. (She really hates sitting on the highchair during lunch and dinner and I really don’t know why.)

Anyway, since most of the time, she is not eating much. She has a lot of small meals instead or I will say it is snack time for her. (Now I manage myself better over her eating habit.)

Her usual routine and (est.) feeding schedule as follows:

0730-0800: Breastfeeding
0800-0900: Back to lala land (sleep)
0900-1000: Bathing and Breakfast; Cereal and half slice of cheese.  (Most of the time, she can finish her cereal. Sometime if she is greedy, she wants my bread too.)
1000-1200: Play time (If she wakes up too early, she properly will nap around 11 plus and her lunch will be pushed backward accordingly.) (But she is dropping this nap most of the time.)
1200-1330: Lunch (Usually she never finish.)
1330-1530/1600: Breastfeeding before her Nap
1600-1800: Playtime/Enrichment lesson (I will give Yvette fruit/yogurt/biscuit as snack. And breast milk will be given to her too.)
1800-1930: Dinner (Usually she never finish.)
1930-2000: Rest/Playtime/Hug hug time
2000-2030: Bathing
2030-2100: Fruit/Relax time (lying on our king size bed, “tossing”! Haha)
2200-2230: Breastfeeding and bedtime. (Usually if she stirs in the middle of the night, I give breast milk too.)

Something went very wrong today.

She is not eating well at all. She cried over breakfast (never finished), lunch never finished and dinner totally skipped. She lost her appetite today. She had irregular bowel movement too. She pooped 4x today. Poor ger, she cried when she pooped during the third and fourth “session”.

Could teething the explanation? Honestly I have no clue at all.

The only blessing I have today is, my niece made a trip to my place after her class to set up this tent for Yvette.

Her new "hideout"!

Her new "hideout"!

Kitchen II

I have a very small kitchen which I like it very much.

We converted the service balcony(inner part)  of the kitchen to a cooking area and used the outer part as dinning place. This had made it easy for me to manage Yvette while I am cooking. I will leave Yette with things that “are not supposed to be toy” or let her “explore” the kitchen.  She will be watched by me closely too.



Yvette playing with SWEETS!

Yvette playing with SWEETS!

Yvette RAIDing the Fridge

Yvette RAIDing the Fridge

ONE Before And After

Yvette measures 73.5cm in height, 9kg in weight and her foot is 11cm long at one. (est.)

She put on barely 1.5kg since we weighted on her 9th month Assessment.  She is a fussy/small eater; active baby and teething (her first molar is coming out soon) could be one of the reasons slowing down her weight gain. Her weight seemed to be an issue to me at least but I know deep inside my heart, she is ok.

She “Can” Motor Skills

  • She is able to sit confidently by herself.
  • She can crawl really fast now. She even tried to climb up a sofa and out of the cot. This is really scary.
  • She is able to pull herself from lying position to sitting position and to standing position. (Using horitzonal or vertical surface)
  • With some help from me, she is able to remove her clothes herself. Today she surprised me by removing her sock all by herself.
  • She can grasp a 1.5L of half filled bottle very well let alone holding her own cup.
  • She is able to drink from a cup by me holding the drinking cup for her.
  • Pushes, throws, knocks down everything in sight
  • She loves to brush her teeth by her own. (I am serious.)
  • Whenever I want to comb her hair, she will reach out for the comb and try to it herself. (Although she is not doing it correctly.)
  • She can wave bye bye, clap her hand (her fav. Action now) and Hi-fi (learnt in GUG.)
  • She “dances” to her fav. music
  • She loves to throw everything onto the floor now.
  • She enjoys imitating people.

She “Can’t” Motor Skills

  • She can’t balance herself
  • She hates cruising now. (After two bad falls.)
  • She can’t walk yet.
  • She is not potty trained yet. (Starting soon. Worry and scare. Haha)
  • She still can’t/don’t know how to feed herself. (She surprised me and did this today. Check it out in next entry.)

Language and Emotions

  • She can say word eg. Star, YeYe, Bye Bye and understand the meaning.
  • She can say “mama” and “dada” to us and knows what they mean.
  • She shakes her head to tell me she had enough particularly on food and water.
  • She split out food that she dislikes and she had enough.
  • She understands and shakes her backside when her papa tells her to do so.
  • She understands “no”.
  • She loves to use her index finger to point to object and onto the floor.
  • She hates to stay in a room without me most of the time.
  • She hates to wake up without seeing me beside her.
  • She knows how to signal to her papa to carry her to me. (She will “throw” herself to papa’s arm and make “rat face.”)
  • She used to smile a lot to stranger, now seldom.
  • She hates water get into her eye. (Sometimes, I still need to carry her when I wash her hair.)
  • She don’t cry for very long when she hurt herself, eg fall, (less than 5 mins) but she can cry for very long when her mood is bad.


  • She got 8 teeth in total. And she loves to bite herself now. (Nightmare)
  • She is able to sleep by her own without me rocking her.
  • She is still having two naps but dropping one very soon.
  • She is not on any TV program yet.
  • She is not focusing much when she is attending class.

Her Food and Her Eating Habit

  • She loves breast milk the best.
  • She loves banana, plum, papaya, white rice and tofu.
  • She hates avocado and formula milk.
  • She only can sit on the high chair for breakfast but not lunch and dinner.

Her Food:

Cereal (Grains):

Frisocrem, Brown Rice Cereal, Nestle Rice (I add formula milk when giving her this), Nestle Gold Oats with Prune, Organic baby Oat from Origins, Nestle Multi Grain & Mixed fruits. (I had just given her this today.)

Nestle Multi Grain & Mixed fruits

Nestle Multi Grain & Mixed fruits


White Rice, Barley, Chwee Kueh, Mee Tai Mak, Zhu Chang Fe, Brown Rice, Bread,

Fine Multi Grains (from Greenmax www.greenmax.com.tw – Ingredients: Australia Brown Rice, Job’s Tear, Sorghum Rice, Barley, Buckwheat, Pearl Rice, Gordon Euryale Seeds, millet, wheat, oat, black glutinous rice)




Avocado, Apple, Apricot (Dried), Banana, Grape, (Raisin), Honey Dew, Mango, Papaya, Pear (Green and Yellow skin), Peach, Nectarines, Orange, Plum, Prune, Strawberry, Rock melon, Water melon, Wolfberries (Dried)

Meat & Protein:

Ikan Bilis ((Dried) as soup based.) Threadfin Fish, Cod Fish, Salmon (Yvette don’t like this anymore), Chicken, Pork, Scallop ((Dried) as soup based), Tofu, Egg-yolk


Gerber Graduates Puffs, Baby Bites, Organix Goodies – Organic Alphabet Biscuits (Given and recommended by my neighbour, it won Mother & Baby Gold Awards for 07/08)

Organix Goodies – Organic Alphabet Biscuits

Organix Goodies – Organic Alphabet Biscuits


Aspragus, Broccoli, Carrot, Cauliflower, Corn, Celery, French Bean, Long Bean, Onion, Peas, Potato, Sweet Potato (Purple and Orange skin),Pumpkin, Spinach, Xiao Bai Cai, Cai Xin, Tomato, Radish


Black bean soup, lotus root soup, Radish Soup, all kind of vegetable soups, potato spinach soup

And what’s Next?
I have added one new type of cereal and one new snack for Yvette. We have decided to give Yvette Supplement too. Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin and Mineral from Vita Kids (They are located in United Square, Paragon o & Forum) and Scott’s Emulsion Cod Liver oil Original. I am still thinking should I give Minty Ginger (Digestive support formula) (This is for child with poor eating habit like Yvette) and Sambucol (Immune Protect Liquid for kids)
Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin and Mineral

Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin and Mineral

I am not going to make many changes to her meal. Trial and error on the food is still needed. Moving forward, I am now allowing her to eat food that I cook for dinner and share food with me. Believe me I can drink coffee without sugar (of course I am not letting her to drink my coffee. And due to breast feeding I am not taking coffee daily too.) Quoting the above, I merely wanted to say, I am someone who takes very little sugar and very min. salt. I will be even being more conscious over those ingredients I used when I cook for the entire family including my precious, Yvette.


Yvette is picking up her words.

She was blabbering mum, ma, when she was 6 mths old. She picked up words such as YeYe, Ba, Bye, Ya, Mai (in hokkien) and even can pronounce ThunderMan. She can recognize and greeted us pa and ma when she was 10mths old.

Currently her fav word is style or star. Which is which? But I will think it should be star. This is because before moving her to the bedroom after the light is switched off by me, she will point to the stars on the wall that was done up by papa several months ago. I will also point that to her and tell her that are stars. I will also bring her forward to let her touch the glowing stars on the wall.

Day by day she is learning new word. I wonder when she can express herself and tell me what she wants.

Well the day will come!