Atopic Eczema Attack!!!

I thought I have taken the necessary steps keeping Yvette’s delicate skin as “clean” as possible. This Pot of Gold has indeed help me in doing this job. Rarely I do see much rash on her skin after we consulted the doctor at National Skin Centre a year ago.  However I know Eczema is something that is not easily able to “treat”. Sometimes it will stay with the child forever and ever. And after a year, it really come back to hound us again.

Atopic Eczema Attack - IMG_0938

For the past one week, Yvette had been complaining to us, the itch on her thigh again. (It is always this area that is most easily affected. I guess it is due to she will sit anywhere in school or sometimes even when we were out in the bookstore; she actually sits in front of the books to read by herself.)

Atopic Eczema Attack -IMG_1341

Sigh.  This is something we can’t ignore. It is affecting her so much. (The rashes are not apparent when I am taking the picture. Actually only part of the rashes are red. Some part of the skin are rough but not able to capture down with my iPhone.)

Sometimes she will wake up in the middle of the night –  crying; telling us how itchy it is. I gave a call to National Skin Centre and wanted to book an appointment for her but the earliest appointment I could get was – One month later with the same doctor; 4 days later with another doctor. Woo… that is a long wait!!! As such I posted on my Facebook to ask friend to recommend me good skin doctor.

I managed to get one from my BFF on Facebook. (Actually I got another two recommendations from colleagues too.) I decided to go for this doctor because it is located in neighborhood and the wait to see him is so much shorter. (He allows patient to walk in. As for the other two, one at Paragon. Another at Mt E.) I took half a day leave to bring Yvette there.

This clinic is located in Ghim Moh and this doctor has “strange” operating hour. (Two slot. AM is from 9 am to 2 pm, PM is from 4pm to 8 pm.) We picked up Yvette at 3pm while she was still napping. We decided to wake her up because we didn’t want to obstruct the lesson. (Another reason is, I think having two hours nap (nap time is 1 pm to 3.30 pm) will be sufficient for her already.)

His clinic impressed me. There are a few piece of toys in his glass cabinet and a few more robots inside his room. He is a “weird” doctor (in the way he speaks and of course the setting of this clinic) but he has proven he can do the job. (He is highly recommended by my BFF because 3 of her classmates are using him for their children.) He also shown us picture he had taken on how he had treated some children with even more serious Eczema problem than Yvette. 

Atopic Eczema Attack -IMG_1322

He told us Eczema is generic but it is not true for our case. None of us has Eczema and neither of us has sinus in the morning. Oh well, nevertheless he will have to treat her.

After spending about 15 mins in his clinic, after some discussion, we were given one bottle of wash, two bottle of cream. And all these cost us S$135.  Honestly, I didn’t find him expensive but I am not too sure for now, will his medication works for Yvette.

Atopic Eczema Attack -IMG_1323

I shall not disclose which clinic we went for now and only reveal when the medication is taking effect on Yvette. 

Hope it works. 



13 thoughts on “Atopic Eczema Attack!!!

  1. Indeed, eczema can never be cured, only managed. And when it itches, it’s terrible!

    I’ve been haunted with eczema and sinus problems (EVERY morning) since young. They miraculously left me after I turned vegetarian 3 years back. Then recently, back again, perhaps due to pregnancy. And I’ve passed eczema to my boy who flares up due to food allergy.

    Perhaps Yvette is more sensitive to dust mite? If so, then no sitting on carpets and mats (especially outdoors). Maybe pants or longer dresses than mini cute dresses will protect her better.

    It’s also important to teach her how to protect herself from sensitive environment since she’s a sensible girl now. (For e.g. my boy now recognises and understands that he cannot eat tofu, mushrooms and berries or he’d feel itchy.)

    All the best! 🙂

    • For food, I think is it not easy for us to switch now.

      And you are right. The doctor actually did issue me a letter for me to bring school stating Yvette should always sat on the piece of towel instead on mat or floor. But since I dress Yvette on long pants under her dress and also I don’t think the teachers will have the time “to pay special” attention on her, I have decided not to give the letter to the school.

      However, we have long educated our girl but sometimes, eg, like playing slide, and some other form of play will inevitably affecting her.


      I got to be mindful and dress her less in the mini cute dresses. (awwww…)

  2. I suffer from it and now poor Max as well. His joints were all red, itchy and dry. Finally I bought a mild steroid cream from the pharmacy and it seems to work. Hope Yvette gets well soon!

    • Apparently, mild steriod cream don’t work for Yvette! 😦 Now I have to depend on the cream given by Dr John Chiam.

      She is better after I apply the cream on her.


  3. Hi, recently my 1 mth plus gal also has this Atopic Eczema on her face, almost the whole cheeks. I went to see a GP, he said this is common for babies. He had prescribed Hydroderm to her. I dared not apply much as this is too strong for her tender skin. i apply california baby (for eczema) instead. though the red patches are gone, but the face still has small pimples here and there. Her face also quite rough.
    Any idea to solve this skin problem?

  4. Oh, perhaps just leave a clean towel in her bag and remind her to sit on it when needed.

    For me, I’m sensitive to dust mites too, so need to wear gloves even when dusting the house, else hands and in between fingers will be super-itchy.

    Not all eczema’s linked to food, so don’t need to change diet unless you see a pattern. Mine’s prob due to seafood and chicken.

    @Elaine: are you breastfeeding baby? My son’s eczema badly affected his cheeks (especially left side) when he was a baby. Had to use steroidal cream (mild to mid strength). By chance, I discovered he had soy allergy. When I stopped eating soy for 1 week, the rashes went away. Then no more cream needed, not even moisturizer. Btw, we tried California Baby, but skin specialist commented it has too many ingredients. If baby is allergic to one, hard to know which one. Most importantly for eczema is to find the root cause and avoid it.

    More of my sharing is at:

  5. Hi MieVee, i am half breastfeeding and half formula. Now her face is better, no more big red, dry patches. However, she keeps having red pimples and the face is rough when see under the sun. Btw, i am also wondering whether she is allergy to breast milk or formula? How you find out yr son is allergy to soy milk? did u breast feeed him?

  6. Elaine: My boy was exclusively breastfed. Rashes started at 5+ months, very bad especially on one side, so itchy that it disturbed his sleep and he’d rub against the pillow or scratch till it bled.

    At about 14 months old, I offered him a little bit of beancurd as a new food. Immediately, the area around his lips turned very red. This confirmed soy allergy, so he can’t take any soy products and I couldn’t eat soy when breastfeeding him too.

    For a young baby (before weaning) whom you suspect food allergy, may have to visit a paediatric dermatologist for a prick test to check allergy for several allergenic food items.

    Otherwise, can try eliminating suspected food items from breastfeeding mum’s diet. Eliminate one at a time for 1-2 weeks and check for improvements. Common allergenic foods are diary, eggs, soy, nuts and chocolates.

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