Teeth grinding (Bruxism)

For the past few months, I am concern and worry over Yvette grinding her teeth while sleeping. Initially she did it softly but lately, the sound becomes louder. Initially I thought she is inherited with this “problem”. D grinds his teeth a lot too, till I read this from Baby Centre.

Why does my toddler grind his teeth?

Experts don’t know for sure what causes teeth grinding, but they point fingers at tension or anxiety, pain (from earaches or teething, for example), and malocclusion (a dental term for when the teeth don’t line up just right). Some also suggest that allergies may play a role. And there’s some evidence that pinworms are sometimes the culprit. Finally, your toddler may just be getting used to the sensation of having teeth in his mouth.
Your child is a bit more likely to grind his teeth if you do. He’s also more likely to grind if he drools or talks in his sleep.
About 38 percent of children grind their teeth, according to a 2005 study published in the Journal of Dentistry for Children. The average age for starting the habit is around 3 1/2 years and the average age for stopping is 6 — though, of course, people of all ages grind their teeth. Almost all teeth grinding happens at night.

Is it bad for him?

In most cases, teeth grinding isn’t harmful. It’s very unlikely that your toddler’s doing any damage to his teeth, and it’s very likely that he’ll soon outgrow the habit. Mention it to his dentist, though, so she can check the teeth for wear and any resulting problems, like pulp exposure, cavities, and fractures.

Can I do anything to help him stop?

Although the noise is probably disconcerting, most likely you’ll just have to wait for your toddler to grow out of it. In the meantime, it won’t hurt to work on a soothing bedtime routine — maybe a leisurely soak in the tub, a little back rub, or extra cuddling in the rocking chair. If he’s teething or has an ear infection, consider giving him the proper dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen to ease the discomfort.
Older children are sometimes fitted with a night guard — a plastic device fitted to the mouth to prevent clenching and grinding of the teeth during sleep. But your child’s dentist probably won’t consider this an option until your child has at least some permanent teeth, around age 6.

Before reading this, I thought of getting a night guard for Yvette which I know is not cheap. But then I have forgotten to check with my dentist with this option.


Does your child has this problem?

Will the child finally outgrown this habit?


Anyway, here is a question for you (side track)…. Do you know how long we need to brush our teeth then is “consider clean”???

I got to know the answer from my dentist today.

It is 2 minutes! Bloody hell long….. (He got a tooth brush that has a timer. And he brushes his teeth for 2 mins each time.)

Oh my goodness, now I need to brush my teeth for that long….


Can Babies/Toddlers(under 6) use Adult Toothpaste?

Of late, due to my tooth, I visited the dentist quite regularly. And today, I even brought Yvette to see Dr Alex. I carried her on my arm and let her lied down on top of my body on the chair to let Dr Alex examined her tooth.

It’s indeed Yvette’s first experience with the dentist. She wasn’t very operative and this only last for good 5 mins which I think it’s good enough. (No cry at all.)

She lied on top of my body and was asked to open her mouth. Initially she resisted. Then Dr Alex passed her a mirror. He asked her to looked into the mirror and open her mouth again. It took him awhile to make Yvette open her mouth and she eventually did.

Dr Alex managed to put mini mirror into her mouth to check. Though it didn’t last for more than 20 seconds, I really think it’s a breakthrough for Yvette.

After the examination, I learnt some pointers on choosing toothpaste and giving sweets from Dr Alex. (His wife is a dentist too and they are parents of two.)

On giving sweets, he suggests to give sweet during the meal time not in-between meal to prevent cavity. (Our food create acid as we eat.)

On choosing toothpaste, I was surprised to find out a very small of Fluoride was absolute fine for babies  with teeth /tooth below a year old even as young as 4-6 mths old. He told me there isn’t any medical proof that using Fluoride is harmful to babies, it is the amount we are using. Excessive use of Fluoride is then harmful to babies and toddler. In fact; using Fluoride free toothpaste will not benefit our babies and toddlers’ tooth at all.

For babies & Toddlers below 6, he suggested we can even use adult toothpaste but only a pea sized amount. He reminds me of the Fluoride content in the toothpaste too. We should not choose toothpaste with more than 1000 ppm F. 500 to 800 ppm F is a good range for babies and toddler according to Dr. Alex.

These two toothpastes look about the same. But if you really do pay attention on the packaging and the fine print of ingredient at the back of the box; you will notice the second toothpaste fail the selection requirement. So do read when choosing toiletries for our child, we need to be extra careful.



My take for now, I will stop buying Fluoride Free toothpaste (since it is safe and they are so expensive even I got them online) and switch Yvette to adult toothpaste (if she doesn’t mind using them due to the taste) when the existing tube is being used up. (This site is suggesting we can switch to adult toothpaste at 2.5 years old.)

I am not suggesting you to switch and this entry only serves a source of information to some of you out there. If you are not comfortable over using Non Fluoride Free toothpaste, then go ahead of not using it till you know it will not pose any danger to your child’s health. Always check with your own dentist!

This Review is not an Endorsement too.

Term 3 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 3

We didn’t go for our swimming class today because Yvette is having low grade fever due to teething. The fever came last night with temperature of 37.5 degree and the highest we experienced was 38 degree.

No wonder she been not eating well for the past 3 days. On the first day, I was really mad over it. On the second day, I let go a bit. Yesterday evening for dinner she only ate 1 tablespoon of rice with some carrot & fish.

Somehow on top of my mind, I was thinking our child always show signs when they are not well but I always didn’t make up correctly. If I will have interpreted her lost of appetite is due to teething, I guess I won’t be so harsh on her on Wednesday.

Oh well…

I notified the school that we going to miss the class last min but only could only left a voicemail. I am not sure they will give me a makeup class or this class is consider forfeited.

Teething In Progress


I think it has been confirmed that the four molars are on their way.

Yvette is running on mild fever (temperature below 37.9 degree)  since yesterday during her usual nap time and the fever continues today. I put my fingers into her mouth to feel her gums and indeed they are swelling.

Putting fingers in her mouth, drooling, and sometimes lack of appetite are signs that I have encountered with Yvette months ago when Yvette started to teeth for the first time.  And these signs have been around for 2 months since she was 18 mths old.

As for myself, I am seriously being deprived from sleep. She been waking up at least every half an hour to 45 mins each interval to suck for comfort since yesterday. I hope her molars will appear soon and end all the suffer!

12 hours

After fighting with the infection for 72 hours, Yvette finally won the battle.

The last 12 hours, everything was back to normal. Yvette started to eat although the portion is still not much. But at least she is eating. She has lost a lot of weight due to teething and that horrible fever. Her current weight now is only 7.5kg.

I cooked Kuey Tiao Soup for her as requested by my hubby. (Her daddy is really thoughtful.) And Yvette loves it. (Finally she loves my new invention.)

Kuey Tiao Soup

Kuey Tiao Soup

Here my simple recipe. (Very easy to cook)

1 drumstick (Skin removed)
Half carrot
Half onion
One Tomato
Some frozen peas
30 cents Kuey Tiao from market.
  1. Boil the drumstick to remove the access oil for 15 mins.
  2. Add carrot, onion and tomato. (You can add your fav vegetable too.)
  3. Boil for half an hour.
  4. Run over Kuey Tiao with hot water to remove oil.
  5. After cooking for about 45 mins to an hour. Add the soup to the Kuey Tiao and serve.

Since she was back to normal, she was feeding herself and feeding me as well. To me, one of the most heartfelt moments over self-feeding is not seeing your children manage to feed themselves. It is after they have mastered the skill of using the spoon and fork, they use it to feed us. I am so touched by Yvette today. She was feeding me again.

Medication was immediately right after lunch. I have to mix Hexbio (Probiotic) in the cup with some water. It tastes nice. And Yvette drank that all by herself.

Her expression very funny @_@

Her expression very funny @_@

After our lunch, we played shapes sorter.  This is the only toy Yvette wanted to play for the past 3 days. (She lost interest over electronic toy after she turned one.) And she really improves a lot. The video clip 1 that was taken a few days ago. Yvette will clap her hand when she managed to put the shape in and will shake her head telling us she can’t do it. It’s very expressive over her end. (She will clap for us too when we did something together with her.)

The video clip 2 was taken today. Yvette can identify circle and star very well. She is still best with circle though.

Yvette slept thru her afternoon nap for 3 hours. I slept with her too. The last few days were really tiring.

For dinner, she resumed eating her rice too. Half of her normal portion. Another sign indicating she was recovering. For the past 2 days, she was only eating cereal for dinner.

It had been two nights before she sleeps, she will practice standing up on her own on our king size bed. So far, though she is not walking much, there is no fall when she attempt to walk by herself. I guess it is because leg muscle has already built up via crawling. And she is very careful and steady when come to walking too.

IF the fever doesn’t come back for the next 12 hours, I think Yvette is on the road to recovery.


Dr Y S Teo – Yvette’s GP

No mother will have a peace of mind without knowing why their child is running fever on and off. I am one of them too.

Yvette’s fever came back early in the morning at 40.7 degree. I was feeling very heartbreaking. While I was breastfeeding her, my mind was flooded with plenty of wild imagination. Soon, tear was swimming in my close eyelid.

We were backed to our dreamland and were awaken by a call from Yvette’s GP clinic assistant. Eventually, I was talking to the doctor after speaking to the assistant for about 10 minutes. (Her temperature was back to normal again while talking to the doctor. At 37.2 degree.) Again we tried to zero down the possibilities of why Yvette’s was running fever on and off. (Her fever went down to normal and back to very high yesterday.)

He listed down a new list of possibilities over the phone. I asked could it be H1N1. He told me not possible. No symptoms for H1N1 other than fever. Then we went on. Could it be Dengue? Not possible too. I didn’t see any mosquito bite on Yvette for the past few days. Could it be HFM? Another no. No rash at all.

We discussed more in detail about her teething progress. He highlighted to me baby will easily get bacterial infection via the things they put into their mouth while they teeth.


I think this could be the cause.

I told him I have seen Yvette putting everything into her mouth whenever she could pick up from the floor. She has plenty of bad habits too. She likes to dig her nose and put her hand into her mouth. She likes to touch my sweaty body when I breastfeed her at the wrong time. She will pick up food she had spited out from her mouth and put them back to her mouth. Arr… All these bad habits are piling up!!! So much I am trying to correct her, she is building up more and more bad habits. HELP!

Her bad habits have gotten her into trouble this round!

I told the doctor she was not having fever right now. But once the fever came back I will bring Yvette to the clinic.

Fever indeed came back so I was down to the clinic again.

As we had zero down it could be nothing else but bacterial infection, I suggested giving Yvette antibiotic and he agreed. (Hubby took half day leave to join me to the clinic in the afternoon too.) Hubby suggested doing a blood test too for a peace of mind. We didn’t want to see the PD previous seen Yvette in TMC (Thomson Medical Centre) and wanted to go straight to the lab to do the test. (Currently I see there wasn’t a need to see the PD yet.)

The Antibiotic

The Antibiotic

*Lab test can’t be done without seeing a doctor in TMC.*

He referred us to the lab at Mt Alvern Hospital.

My heart was crying too when they were drawing Yvette’s blood. I wasn’t that brave after all.

She was so consious over the little finger

She was so conscious over the little finger

Yvette was really traumatized after her blood was drawn. She refused to co-operate with us when we were trying to make her peep to collect her urine specimen. (Doing this test to ensure she is not suffering from urinary tract infection.)


We went off without doing it in the end.

We pay S$18.59 for the test and the test result will be faxed to the clinic.

Result was out around 4 plus and gotten a call from the clinic. Dr Teo told me everything was fine except her white blood cell was 20% higher than normal and it indicate she was really having bacterial infection right now.

Phew. Finally we know the answer.

I thank him for the care and concern shown and the closely follow up he had given to Yvette. I wanted to go down to clinic to make payment for his interpretation. He told me he was doing us for free. This was not the first time I received first consultation from this doctor.

I strongly recommend this doctor to all of you out there who staying around Toa Payoh not because he gave us free consultation. He is really a very dutiful doctor. He listened to my view and shared his parenting experience with me too. He is patient and caring. He taken my view seriously and took extra mile to help my child. I feel so safe to let Yvette seeing him.

His clinic is located at:
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-150 Singapore 310177
Consultation Hours:
Mon, Tue & Thurs – 9 am to 4.30 pm, 7 pm to 10 pm
Wed & Fri – 9 am to 4.30 pm
Sat, Sun & PH – 1 pm to 10 pm

Yvette fever did come down for 6 hours after taking the antibiotic. But it came back again in the evening. I guess there is nothing we can do now. We have to wait for the medicine to work together with Yvette’s antibody. Is there anything I could do to help Yvette’s fever? Please do advise me if you think I should do more about it.

Yvette Missed Class for the First Time

No cough, No running nose.

Throat Clear, Lung Clear, Ear Clear.

She is still active, smiling and playing.

But she is running a fever. Not low grade fever anymore. I saw 39.4 degree this morning.

Without second thought, I brought her to clinic. The doctor couldn’t tell what wrong with her and both of us agreed she caught no virus.

I am sharing episode and episode of Yvette’s teething process here not because I need an outlet to vent out my stress over taking care of Yvette in this period. I wanted to share with all parents out there, don’t take teething lightly. Some babies can suffer more than what you could find out in the book or in the internet.

What I have learnt during this period of her teething process:

  1. Give her plenty of water. Never mind of she couldn’t hold her urine. (If you are potty training your child now.)
  2. Losing of appetite is expected. So try to find way to make your child tired and let them sleep. It helps.
  3. Always check your child in the night to make sure he/she is not having fever.
  4. Biting is expected. So be prepared they will be biting you.
  5. It is not true teething is the most painful for the first two to four teeth. Every child is different.
  6. It is true teething causes fever. But don’t take fever lightly.

And yes, she missed her class for the first time today. We have decided to let her continues the next term with JGC. Make up class will be defer to next term. (Actually I am lucky to arrange a make up class tomorrow. But I decided to let Yvette rest on next day. JGC don’t do make up class for end of the term.)

Nothing should come before her health.