Shopping List

Shopping list - IMG_0036

Ever since we introduced her Snake & Ladder, she indeed easily falls for board game. I brought this a year plus back from Growing Fun and finally I could take it out and play with her.

Shopping list - IMG_0035

The game – To be the first player to fill a trolley with the items on their shopping list.

To play is easy.

  • Each player takes a trolley and chooses a shopping list. The shopping item cards are spread out, face downwards, on the table.
  • They youngest player begins by turning over a card.
  • If the item on the card is shown on the player’s shopping list, the player puts the card in their trolley. If the card is not on the player’s shopping list, it must be returned to the table, face downloads.
  • Play passes to the person on the player’s left.
  • Play continues until one play has collected all the items on their shopping list and filled their trolley.

The winner is the first player to fill their trolley with all the items on their shopping list.

This learning game introduces 32 type of items in the supermarket. This game can play up to 30 to 45 mins as the cards are all facing down. As such it helps to train patience of the child to fill up the trolley.

We been playing this game every night since day one when I passed this box of game to Yvette.

Shopping list - IMG_0034


《食在好源头 II》 Food Source 2

I got to learn about this programme – Food Source 2 @ channel 8 by chance. It is really a gem!


Occasionally, I will switch on the TV to watch 爱. Yeah I like this show too but to be honest, I hardly watch. I just read the synopsis from the weekly magazine I buy every week.

And then on one Wednesday, I keep the TV on and “forgotten” to switch them off. (I don’t why I subscribe my cable TV from Starhub, I have Mio-TV too. They are really under “un-utilised”. We can keep our TV off for entire month.) When I was back to the screen, I was struck. My eye ball was glued to the TV and never want to leave my sofa till it was break for commercial.

This documentary is about the host sets off from Singapore to locate the “source” of the ingredients of the food which is commonly eaten in Singapore. In each episode, the host introduces 3 to 4 ingredients in great details and depth.

I started to watch this programme when Pornsak was in China. From this show, I have learnt so much about sea urchin and 黄花鱼. Currently, (today), he is in New Zealand, I have learnt so much about Manuka honey, kiwifruits, cod fish, snapper, ostrich, cauliflower, cabbage, pumpkin; and I have deep impression about ostrich.

I never know these facts about ostrich and I learnt them all from this programme.

  • Ostrich has no teeth.
  • Ostrich has to eat stone to aid their digestion and has 1kg of stone in their tummy.
  • Ostrich is about 110kg to 150kg and it height is 2m to 2.5m.
  • Ostrich egg can be eaten and can feed 5 families and will take 1.5 hours to cook into hard-boiled egg. And it weighs about 1.5kg.
  • Ostrich is timid.
  • Ostrich can lay 2000 eggs in their lifetime.
  • Ostrich can run 60 to 70 km per hour.
  • A darker colour feather ostrich will be male. And female is lighter feather.

(Read more about Ostrich here.)

Isn’t learning all these interesting? I know there are many such documentary show on National Geographic Channel, but, I am proud of this is a local production.

It is really a good programme, moreover it is in Mandarin, to watch with Yvette. Plus Yvette can be Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic learner, she has picked up many knowledge thru watching this programme with us.

Tune your TV on on Wednesdays 8pm to 9pm. (Catch the past episodes here.)


She loves Maisy, well not as much as toward Peppa Pig. She still loves them. Whenever she caught hold of any books about Maisy, she will beg me to buy for her. (She has outgrown most of them.)

Maisy - IMG_0783

Maisy - IMG_0784

I brought the book below recently. (In Aug) She beg me to buy. Sad smile

Maisy - IMG_0785

Anyway, while searching Peppa Pig in YouTube, she found Maisy by chance.


She was delighted and thrilled.

This post was updated on 11/12/2011. But this event happened in late July. She was not keen anymore now. (I have never seen her watching Maisy anymore. Perhaps she has forgotten. Maybe I should remind her.)

Peppa Pig

About a year ago, I blogged about Yvette doesn’t find YouTube fantastic. This statement doesn’t valid for now anymore. I won’t say she is addicted to YouTube now as she doesn’t ask for it everyday nor I will give it to her but then sometimes if I need to buy time, this will be a tool for me to trade with her at time.

It’s also because we have iPad (so convenient), plus she is able to read and spell (she already memories those key words associate to the video she likes) , she could use the YouTube application to search for video she wants.

And Peppa Pig is one of the culprit.

It started with these 3 stickers book that brought by my sister for Yvette long ago. These 3 sticker books were a hit to her. Why? It’s about pig and it a sticker book.

Peppa Pig - IMG_0782

I didn’t pay much attention to it till I manage to find two books about these characters on the book shelves at Times Bookstore when I was seeking treatment on my own. (I have no idea the existence of these pigs and their friends at all.)

Peppa Pig - IMG_0781

Yvette is hooked, so am I.

I really like the content, the words that are used in these two books. I am curious and like to find out more about them. To my surprise, Peppa Pig is a British animated television series and I found many videos about them on YouTube.


They are award-winning preschool children’s TV show. Each episode is approximately 5 minutes long. The show revolves around Peppa, an anthropomorphic female pig, and her family and friends. Each of her friends is a different species of mammal – their first name starts with the same letter as the type of animal they are. Peppa’s friends are the same age as her, and Peppa’s younger brother George’s friend Richard is the same age as him. Episodes tend to feature everyday activities such as attending playgroup, going swimming, visiting their grand parents, going to the play ground or riding bikes.

To me, Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Their series/books teach good value, about family and it is in British English, I see no harm further introduce to Yvette.

(one sample of series here)

I started to show her how to use the YouTube application on iPad and she was “hooked” The addiction over the show kicks in but then she doesn’t need to watch everyday. Sometimes she only watch once in 3 days.

I also search for the book series and glad to find out a seller is selling one of the popular series via Motherhood Forum. (ops I lost the thread.)

Fast forward to today, I finally received the books in few hours ago and was impressed after reading them.

Peppa Pig - IMG_0623

There were 10 books in this series and their titles are:

  1. Daddy Pig’s Old Chair
  2. Nature Trail
  3. School Bus Trip
  4. Daddy Pig’s Office
  5. Tooth Fairy
  6. Recycling Fun!
  7. Tiny Creatures
  8. Peppa Goes Swimming
  9. Dentist Trip
  10. Sports Day

There is no age range for this set of book but I guess it will suit 4-6 yo. It does introduce some difficult word like “liquid”,”convinces”, “excellent”, “hilarious”, “intercom”, etc.

They also introduce some science knowledge. In Tiny Creatures, it explain the process (in a very simple statement) how bee collect nectar fro the flower and then fly to the hive to make it into honey.

Sports Day is all about “Sportsmanship”! – “Competition is not all about winning that matters but the taking part.”

I really really love reading to Yvette this set of books everyday and Yvette really loves them very much too. We are all hooked.

Peppa Pig - IMG_0632

Books From Happy Cottage

I joined Mums@ Work (Singapore) and I find out many Mumpreneur. Thru there, I found out a websites that recommend Children books.

Happy Cottage not only specializes in providing Chinese Reading materials for young children, they even have little language tips on making learning mandarin fun for kids. Katherine, a mother of 2 young children and a former Chinese teacher personally selects the reading materials featured. She only picks those that are interesting, visually appealing and educational. (Quote this from the latest newsletter.)

Anyway, this is how I got to know Happy Cottage. I clicked on the link and brought me to her site. I was really happy to find some books that I like.

I made my order with her by browsing thru her site and sent her a mail. I order 2 set of 婴幼儿生活游戏识字 (under 0 to 2 & 3 to 4 yo) and a set of 暖房子绘本.关于爱的故事:亲情篇 (8 to 10 yo).

Although I have many books for early reading but I still find 婴幼儿生活游戏识字 useful. There are still some words in the book that never introduce in my collection. And I love the sentence in the book that illustrate the word.



As for why I buy 暖房子绘本.关于爱的故事:亲情篇 – I have this title at home Snuggle Up, Sleepy One and totally in love with the illustration. Then I got this title – 《当我们在一起时》from Kino and totally fall in love with it after I read thru.


Today I finally received her books and was really happy. But there was a small episode of disappointment. She only sent me a set of 婴幼儿生活游戏识字. After reading thru the book, I decided to add on another set. I tried to call her but she didn’t pick up the phone (she did return my call eventually) and at the same time, I sent her a SMS. She responded and out of goodwill, she promised to send my additional order and the set she missed out the next day with free postage.

I hope to receive them soon so that I can pass it to Crystal’s mummy and Stella. (Yes, I brought them for my friend’s children.)

Lastly the only downside of the 婴幼儿生活游戏识字 is, the book is too flimsy.

P/S: I don’t know the seller personally. I just find her book and her service is good for me to pen down my experience.

My Little Buffet Eater

Yes, my child who I have posted many many posts of rambling in this site about how she doesn’t like to eat has finally outgrown this problem. I am glad by allowing her not to sit properly at dinner table, she is finally eating very well (for lunch and dinner) after she turned Two. (Yes, I still allow her to move around at home when we are having meal.)

You might think that since she can’t be at Dinner Table at home, she must have poor table manners when come to eating out. Surprisingly, she behaves totally opposite. Of course Ipod Touch plays a good role of keep her at the table when we are eating out but when come to eating buffet, it is the food that attracts her. Mind you, she can sit on the table for 2-3 hours without fussing and this is not the first time we are out eating buffet.

My niece, Cheryl arranged a dinner date for the family. Although we eat together from time to time, we rarely eat out for buffet unless for celebration. (We had our last buffet in June celebrating my SIL’s birthday.)

Whenever she enters a restaurant that serves buffet, her very first reaction is “wow”! Then she will start to point out the food to us. We will definitely carry her to the buffet counter to show her all the selections of food and allow her to choose the food she wants to try. She will happily choose the food she want, and start to eat.

We were here – Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ at Park Mall. After adding the service charge and the GST, we pay S$35.50 for adult and Yvette dined for free. (They only start charging child with height of 110 cm and above.)


They have 150 delicious dishes and they do look yummy too. But not everything is nice.

Their specialty Mongolian BBQ – So so only.

26 mths5

Mongolian BBQ is a combination of freshly sliced meat, accompaniments and sauces prepared in Mongolian style. Chefs in traditional outfits demonstrating their unique culinary expertise in full view of all our diners at the heart of our restaurant.


The cooked dishes and the Main courses. I didn’t capture everything. I have tried the chilli crab which I think it is value for money. I didn’t have chance to try to pepper crab as it was all gone after it’s served. I like the beef lasagne. I like the mini pizza too. I ate none of the main course so I can’t comment. The chicken wing is great. D & my niece tried the Tom Yam Noodle and they said is great. Love the Mantou. None of us try the Shark Fin Soup. I tried the baked oyster which I think it didn’t get rib of the fishy taste. They are some local delights like Fired Hor Fun, Noodles, which we didn’t try too.

26 mths7

The Japanese spread. The sushi rice is not fantastic but it was Yvette favourite. Yvette like the soba too which I think it is below average.


The Dim Sum. I like the beancurb but I don’t like the porridge which most of them claimed good too. (I wonder who got weird taste here?)

26 mths8

The Sashimi and the Starters are fresh. Base on the price that we are paying to dine on Weekend, it is really worth while.

The deserts and fruits that I never feel like eating. (I think the dessert is good because D & my nieces did try them.) However, I missed out taking picture of the Longan and the Fungus soup.

26 mths6

In case I miss out anything, you can find all the varieties here.

So much about food, let me bring the lime light back to Yvette.

She really can eat a lot. Most of the time I was feeding her and forget about eating. She filled up her stomach with too much food till her tummy started to bulge! My niece taken a picture of it. I hope to get it from her and share with everyone here.

Toward the end of the buffet, she still wants to eat. She finished one sushi after another sushi. And the way she could eat them really freak my niece, Capri out. She separated all of them and ate them individually.

26 mths9

To us, she’s already very very full but she still eye on her Daddy’s dessert till she got a mouthful from her Daddy. Look at this picture, how greedy she was.


Here my favourite picture for the day. Again, Yvette was soooooooo happy!


Maped Kidi Kut

All thanks to MieVee telling me there is  a plastic type scissors that meant for young children, which can only cut paper and not skin in one of my weekly homeschooling post.

Since we were DIY-ing our child’s birthday banner for her coming birthday, while we were in Popular to find the materials, I also look out such scissors.


I am glad it can be easily found in Popular. This pair of scissors only cost me S$1.65. I tried cutting the paper using this scissors. It’s not so easy to operate but it will give Yvette more chance to practice cutting safely.

With this in place, I can at least close one eye when Yvette is practicing the cutting alone herself. And Daddy help Yvette  to practice this motor skill again today.