Our First Visit to Underwater World Singapore

One of my biggest goals as a parent isn’t to fit my child into an idea of who I think she should be but to expose her to as many interests, experiences and cultural offerings we can within our budget and capabilities. I am constantly thinking where to bring Yvette and will usually responding to her immediate interest.

Of late, she has been very into Fish, Tortoise, Octopus & even Jellyfish. With that in mind, I decide to bring her to our Underwater World Singapore in Sentosa. A place where both of us have not visited before.


P/S: Finally took a picture of Yvette with Mr Singa. This Mr Singa, the Courtesy Lion is just beside the escalator inside the MRT station when we transferred from North Line to North-East line.

We took MRT to Vivo City and took the shutter bus that cost us S$2 to enter Sentosa. We then transferred to another bus, the blue line from Beach Station, to Underwater World that is two bus-stops away. (Alternatively, You can also take the Train Express from Vivo City that will cost you S$3 to Beach station too.)

There is a promotion for the ticket to Underwater World. Instead of paying S$22.90 to enter only Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon; you can buy the promotional ticket that will cost you S$29.90 for another attraction, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom. But we gave that a miss for this round.

And we saw some wildlife before entering.


Yvette was fascinated by the big fish tank upon entering. She kept telling me, Fish Fish.


Then we moved to a fish pond just beside the fish tank where we can feel and touch the Stingray. Yvette was trying to touch them too. (I was worried it might bite!)


There were over twenty five hundred marine creatures falling under 250 species.  And we managed to see most of them too.






There is an 83 meter long enclosed channel that takes us along a submerged tunnel having glass windows through which we can look at the diverse marine life. Knowing the capability of our camera, D took a video clip of it.

(Will upload the clip once I manage to upload to YouTube.)

We didn’t make it for the Dolphin show. But we still proceed to the Lagoon to see the Dolphin. Yvette likes it soooooooooo much that she didn’t want to leave the Lagoon at all. We took awhile to coax her to leave.


Oh yes, I want to share this picture here because I always find D and Yvette really look alike in term of features and expression and my servant always never fail to capture them as well.


I shall sign off here as well. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Our First Visit to Underwater World Singapore

  1. I haven’t managed to watch the dolphin show the 2x we went there. You mean the dolphins just swim in the pool? I thot they are in the pools at the side when there is no show?

    (many years ago, when kids were younger and went with their school, the dolphins were in a real lagoon by the sea!!! haha!).

  2. Oh, i think we should arrange a meet up some day, our initial plan was heading to underwater world last Saturday!! But i changed plan and we went to NLB book sales at Expo!!!

    • Haha.. I wanted to go NLB book sales but then after thinking, (since I always get books at cheap price at the book stall at Thomson Plaza,) I decided to give the book sales at miss. What have you got for Kai Kai.

      Haha.. yeah, I think we should plan one playdate out with your family since we always have like mind. Where are you heading this weekend then?

    • They are so special. We been to the Hongkong underwater world in Ocean park, and I don’t remember I see something like tat.

      Yeah, she look so much like her father since birth.

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