Tot Learning Lesson Plan (26th Sept to 16th Oct 2010) – Part 2


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Actually some of my lesson plan are inspired by this mother. I love the simple way she is teaching her son.

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Tot Learning Lesson Plan (26th Sept to 16th Oct 2010) – Part 1


~Yvette is 2 years 4 mths~

We took 3 weeks to complete (our first lesson) all the learning activities I planned for Yvette for 2 weeks. Mainly because Yvette was unwell, as well as I am still figuring out a lot at my end on what to teach her.

I am not leaving the ABC out. It will be part of it. The ABC will mainly on worksheet. (To practice her pre-writing skill.) I have removed the Alphabet Activity Theme and was replaced by two lapbooks. (What is lapbooking?) I am using Thematic approach to teach Yvette this round. I also want to focus on  Pre-writing (which I think she is ready now), Reading, Learn thru play and not forgetting the practical life.

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