Activity Books from Dang Dang-Part 2 & Others

Often I did received readers’ email on how they can help their child to excel or what activities suit their child best. Again I am not an expert in this field. What works for Yvette doesn’t apply to everyone out there.

Usually I will reply their mails but if I do have a bit of time, I will pen down a post. I believe this post will not only benefit this reader. It will benefit some of you too.

Nici dropped me a me asking me whether I have recommendation for her child who is 2+ now. In her mail, she mentioned her child loves sticker book and coloring activity. She quoted my last post asking me whether it will cater to her need because she can’t speak or understand Chinese.

Well I would say some books will suit you, Nici. Try titles like the following:

Here are the samples for 迷宫(3岁) (the  & 剪纸游戏(3岁).

09_Sept 20111

09_Sept 2011

Your child should be able to work on the above books. It don’t require you to able to read and understand Chinese.

Other sticker and activity books in store for Yvette are:-

I got this from ELM Tree Paragon. It only cost me S$2.90.

09_Sept 20113

This Kitchen book cost me S$5.90 with 10% discount. (Provided I buy above S$10 then the discount will apply. But this discount card I have will only last me a year. I got to buy above S$80 bucks to entitle the discount again because renewing them cost me S$16 and it not worth of the money to do so.)

09_Sept 20112

Yvette has a good Ah Yee who love her as much as me. She often will get books for Yvette when she shop. (Yes, she make an effort to shop for Yvette too.) She brought a lot of sticker and activity books for Yvette. However, I hardly blog this. Awww…. I should have gave credit my sister for this. Anyway These 3 Pappa Pig Sticker books only cost my sister S$10 or S$12 bucks. (Think it was having discount when my sister got it for Yvette.)  And here are some more activity books my sister brought for Yvette while I was recuperating.

09_Sept 20114


(I think the price range of the book is about S$4.50- S$5.90 per book. She got this book from shop near Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar.)

Hope the above will give readers more choice and idea in selecting activity books for your child. These books are definitely more  affordable than Kumon. But then I also think it is worthwhile investing in Kumon if your child is really into it.


3 thoughts on “Activity Books from Dang Dang-Part 2 & Others

  1. Hi sunflower, special thanks for this post. Not only you’re very good in teaching your girl, you’re also a kind soul who’s willing to share your knowledge & experience. Really appreciate it! Btw, I overlooked your earlier post about Peppa Pig last time and I just read it. High five!! my boy also loveeeeesss Peppa Pig. He’s crazy about him. Apparently Peppa Pig stuff in UK is so much cheaper than in sg. There’s one time my hb was sent to a short period of job training in UK. He bought 2 merchandises of PP which very worth the money. I ‘scolded’ him for not buying more…hahaha. It’s very difficult to find PP-related book here in sg. May I know more details on the location of the book shop near Raffles Place in which your sister purchased the sticker books from?

    • Nici,

      I can’t verify with my sister now. She is away for holiday. However, my hubby told me there are a few shops in the Raffles Place Exchange and a few at UOB Centre which currently known as One Raffles Place; they are selling Children stuff. You can go there and check it out.

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