Yvette’s Gallery

A gallery of facial evolution of Yvette. I like this idea when I chanced up this blog.

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I did not pen down as much as I wanted for the initial part of Yvette’s growth. I took the opportunity here to show some of her "First" moments and share some of her pictures took by us of her everyday life.

And Her Adventure of A Lifetime Begins Here…


Hubby took down a precious picture of Yvette. On the weighting scale!


6 mins on Earth


Yvette Yawning!


My milk supply only kicked in on Day 5. After nursing her, she still showed signs of wanting to have milk, I decided to give her some formula.

First smile second day of birth

Yvette was smiling on the second day on Earth!


Amazing, she is holding the milk bottle! (First day back home)

Full mth

Her full month was celebrated on the 07th Jun 08.


This is the way Yvette dozed off @ 5 weeks old


First time in dress. (A gift from Stella) @ 10 weeks old


Expressive Yvette @ 11 weeks old


First fever due to vaccination @ 12 weeks old


A smiley Yvette @ 15 weeks old

page 3 to 4 aa

She is not camera shy at all @ 15 weeks


First flip @ 2 days before turning 4 mths old


A sleeping child before cut!


A happy child after first hair cut @ 4th mths old


She flipped and rolled herself over @ 4 mths 1 week old


I started feeding (one feed) her cereal @ 4.5 mths old due to her light weight. (I was really afraid she will be too small.)


Love to suck her finger @ 4.5 mths old


Brought her to the pool @ 4 mths 3 weeks old


Sit without support @ 5.5 mths old


Yvette is a baby who doesn’t like to put on hat. I finally put on for her and quickly took some pictures for memories @ 5 mths 3 weeks old


She started to make funny faces @ 6 mths old

page 6 to 7

I like her in this sleepsuit. (Yvette @ 6 mths)


Yvette learnt to drink from spout @ 6.5 mths


Yvette’s First Oversea Trip to KL @ 6 mth 3 weeks old


Admission into the hospital @ 7 mths 1 week old


First trip to Ikea on Christmas Day 2008 @ 7.5 mths old


On walker @ 7.5 mths old


First night out @ 8 mths old


She attempted to crawl @ 8.5 mths old & started to crawl at end of 8 mths old


How flexible a baby can be? (Yvette @ 9.5 mths old)


A classic picture (Yvette @ 10.5 mths old)


Finally gotten a picture of her pointer fingers @ 11.5 mths old. I remember she could point at stuffs around 8 mths old.

We celebrated her birthday on 3rd May and had another celebration on her actual day!



9 thoughts on “Yvette’s Gallery

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    • The monthly pictures of Yvette is done, yes you are right by window live writer. I created the page and uploaded individually in the page using Window Live Write and then post them on to my site.

    • Elaine,

      The picture you mentioned, I used Photoscape to put them together. It is a free ware, you can just google for it. For editing, I use Picasa & GIMP. There are also free ware, just google!

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