Home Learning Week in Review (5th – 11th Dec 2010)

I may not post learning for every week and of course I am not going to post everything like what I did in the past. I still have a fair bit of backdated post and wanted to get it done before I get a job.

I am keeping everything much simple for now. As I am planning to go back to work, I need to figure out what works the best for Yvette and for me too. No lapbook for now but will continue with Geography.

Reading (Story Book, Reader Book) – We started to read Go, Dog. Go! I love The Story of Adam & Eve, simple yet promoting good value.


On Learning Chinese – We still reading 明明 book 6 (in fact, she is starting to lose interest) and revisiting the word card.

On Learning MathsHere

Home Learning Week 5th to 11th Dec 2010 (3)


Handwriting (Including doing activity book associated training pincer grasp.) – Doing Dang Dang activity book.

Practical Life – Nothing new.

Others – Drawing, Spelling & learning her favourite song.


Home Learning Week 5th to 11th Dec 2010

Home Learning Week 5th to 11th Dec 2010 (4)


Learning Maths @ Home

I brought this activity book on 7th Dec 2010 and Yvette completed this book on the same day. In fact, less than an hour, she finished all the exercise in the book.

She loves maths as much as sticker. This book is the right combination.

IMG_0009 (2)

I got this book from ELM in Paragon for S$3.50 but this book was sold for S$1.50 at Suntec BookFest. (I brought Book 3 & 4 but couldn’t find Book 1)

This book provides a comprehensive guideline on how to teach toddler maths. And I love the idea on how to teach the maths concept across. The best part is, it can be easily recreated. You just need to buy a blank exercise book and plenty of stickers. It saves money in long run. (You see the price difference during the sales. I paid 2x more!!! @#$%^&*)

Ok, lets look at the content of this book so that you can start creating your own maths activity book at home base on your tot’s ability.

Home Learning Week 5th to 11th Dec 2010 (2)

Home Learning Week 5th to 11th Dec 20101

Still weak in subtraction.

IMG_0016 (2)

Of all, Yvette is very weak in Odd and Even. Any idea how to teach this?

IMG_0020 (2)

Tot Learning Lesson Plan (7th to 27th Nov 2010 ) – Part 2

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What a long over due post. Actually I got many posts I wanted to update in this site but I am really very busy for the past one week. I been out for interview and one ended up with the second interview. So if everything DO go well, I should be working very soon. And then I will definitely have less time to blog. Do visit me to check out what we are doing!!! 😉



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Tot Learning Lesson Plan (7th to 27th Nov 2010 ) – Part 1

I am trying my best to record everything I did on teaching Yvette to help me to remember.

I have very, very short memory now. 😦

Ever since I gave birth, my memory is failing. I couldn’t remember things like where I put my stuffs, what I need to do next, let alone appointments. I just missed one appointment on last Saturday because I was too occupied with some other things. (Mind you, I was reminded a day before this and yet my brain didn’t have memory space for it.)

So I get very detail in updating my homeschooling post. (And yet in some area I am still not detail enough.) Having said that, each post I need to edit up to 100+ pictures which putting me off from updating them. I am thinking to update them in piecemeal but then still in Thinking-in-Process mode. How I wish I have better camera, better photo taking skill and better software to edit pictures.

Yvette was down for the past one week and we didn’t do much home learning last week. I never plan to do any for this month too. I want to enjoy the year end and Christmas holiday. We can’t go out of town but I wanted to go Zoo, Jurong Bird Park (due to Penguin) and even to Universal Studio in this month but the weather is not in permitting us to go ahead.  Perhaps I should let Yvette skip school in the morning and since it only rains in the afternoon.


Although, there won’t be much plan for homeschooling, I hope I will have time to do some crafts about Christmas and reading books related to Christmas too with Yvette. I hope but so far we only set up the tree, doing reading but no craft.


Although Yvette is “fit” for school, but I still hear her coughing and she only coughs in the middle of the night and is affecting her sleep.This is the longest period she ever fell sick and I hope she will be stronger after this.

Ok, I have side track to much and here the lesson plan for the past 3 weeks.


~Yvette is 2 years 5 mths & 6 mths~

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