Shopping List

Shopping list - IMG_0036

Ever since we introduced her Snake & Ladder, she indeed easily falls for board game. I brought this a year plus back from Growing Fun and finally I could take it out and play with her.

Shopping list - IMG_0035

The game – To be the first player to fill a trolley with the items on their shopping list.

To play is easy.

  • Each player takes a trolley and chooses a shopping list. The shopping item cards are spread out, face downwards, on the table.
  • They youngest player begins by turning over a card.
  • If the item on the card is shown on the player’s shopping list, the player puts the card in their trolley. If the card is not on the player’s shopping list, it must be returned to the table, face downloads.
  • Play passes to the person on the player’s left.
  • Play continues until one play has collected all the items on their shopping list and filled their trolley.

The winner is the first player to fill their trolley with all the items on their shopping list.

This learning game introduces 32 type of items in the supermarket. This game can play up to 30 to 45 mins as the cards are all facing down. As such it helps to train patience of the child to fill up the trolley.

We been playing this game every night since day one when I passed this box of game to Yvette.

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We Are Getting Better, I hope (Music Lesson 9)

Haha, I wanted to laugh!

D being extra caution (look after our bread during the toilet break before class) had brought him some unexpected request from Yvette. Yvette  wanted D to accompany her this round. Yeah! I have earned some free time.

Music 8 - IMG_0472

Again, according to D she didn’t give her best. But we know she is learning. She often sing the song, play with the instrument and practice the motor skills taught by Teacher Elaine too. So I think let me not push her much till next term and hopefully I can see some maturity in her.

After the lesson, sometimes we will sit down with Crystal’s family for some snacks. That will took us around an hour including letting our child to roam around in Forum.

We then found this toy at MotherCare. which I wanted to buy sometimes back. Construct-it.

Music 8 - IMG_0473

The above was selling at S$55 at 30% discount. We brought our at S$44 with 30% discount. Although the above suits Yvette more now, we  decided to buy something  cheaper and with more pieces to play.

Haha.. typical… hmmmm…

Music 8 -  IMG_1279

Buying Toys Day

Getting too tired to cook for today, D packed dinner back for us.

I have no energy at all after 5 very busy working days (closing) during the office hours. Moreover I am still very sick. My flu, cough don’t seem to go away. Luckily Yvette is not really affected by my illness. She still standing strong. I hope to see the doctor tomorrow to get some medication.

Somehow I do feel lousy I have to work despite being very ill. Coughing, clearing mucus are part of my daily activity in the office. I know I am not the only one that requires to work when feeling unwell but I just couldn’t not pity myself! And with constant nagging from office indeed bring my morale down.

Anyway, since today is Friday I decided to treat myself a good lunch. As usual, I will eat my comfort food – Soup Spoon for lunch and then headed to Toy R Us to get something for Yvette.

After some struggle and consideration, I decided to ignore the cost and gotten 3 boxes of Sylvanian families for Yvette. However, I didn’t plan to give it to her now. Maybe in April or even in May.

Toys - Mar 2011 Everyday

Fast Forward.

In the evening, after having dinner at home, we went out.

We went United Square to get  Yvette’s 3th Birthday present. Seriously I know it is a little early (another 2 months to her birthday) to get it but then I remembered once I need something from ELC but it went out of stock. In the end, I have to look for substitute. And yes, we managed to get what we want.

Toys - IMG_0936

Better be early than sorry… haha…

She had too much fun in Toy R Us as usual. A place where we often patronise. She was so familiar with it now. Then we moved to ELC to get her present.

Toys - IMG_0931

I thought of letting her to do her art work at the basement but the shop closed at 9 pm. She was rather upset when she learned from me she couldn’t do Art but was then pacified by us with the usual Kiddy ride.

Toys - IMG_0940

After all the necessary was done, we headed Starbuck to pick up my fav drink before we went home.

Toys - IMG_0944

The Outcome of My First Closed Door Spree

Finally after the wait, I received two boxes of toys from Amazon today. And I am very happy with the price we are paying.

5 mummies shared 10 toys and we pay less than 300 bucks where I think we have to fork out much more (20% to 25% more) if these toys are brought in Singapore. There is a two toys that I have never seen it in Singapore before.

Without further ado, here are the toys and the estimate price (including shipping) that brought by us. (I haven’t got my credit card bill but I guess my estimate using the exchange rate will be close enough.)



Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart – SGD 47 (est.) (I never see this toy in Singapore before.)


Melissa & Doug See & Spell – SGD 28 (est.)


Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks & Boards – SGD 28 (est.)


Melissa & Doug World Map 33 pcs Floor Puzzle – SGD 27 (est.) (I never see the same toy in Singapore before. ELC got something similar.)


Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Storing Clock – SGD 20 (est.)

Mummies, wait for my bill ok. Will send out the calculation to you soon. Then you can pay me before collecting.

Thanks for sharing with me.

P/S: The pictures quality are really bad!!! Canon will have produce better quality and close to the toy.